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  1. The 90% damange falloff on the Astilla with its tiny AoE is ridiculous and makes it practically not an AoE weapon at all. Please revert this. It was not even close to overpowered before, and it's just not fun now.
  2. The weapon UI looks great! Now all we need to make this screen perfect is getting rid of the diorama with the frame and replacing it with just the weapon model on your chosen UI background that we can rotate and zoom as we please.
  3. Fantastic thread that has almost anything I currently find bad about the new UI explained. There is one thing however that I see almost no one mention that annoys me to no end, and that is the weapon dioramas (both market and codex). I absolutely despise the weapons being held by a warframe, the whole thing rotating and zooming in with no ability to control it. You can't even see the weapon half the time, and if you can it's tiny or covered by various warframe bits clipping into it. Instead what it should be is the weapon alone, on a background fitting to whatever UI style you chose, as a 3d model that you can rotate and zoom as you please. This could be extended to warframes, maybe with a toggle from the current preset dioramas but at least for the weapons this is objectively the better solution.
  4. I remember when emotes first came out and you made it a point that they would all be free and how silly it was that Destiny was selling them. You made fun of the paid emotes of that game. It was great publicity. How times have changed.
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