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  1. Been a while since this happened to me but i was able to get back to me rank without a second donation... It just put me back to Max and i could do more syndicate standing farming. I don't remember if it was my pc or xbox account.. Was about a year ago.
  2. Get the microsoft adaptive controller for disabled people... Can play with your feet if you configure it right.
  3. Not an option. Per my post i could not do transferrence again.
  4. This one really upset my son - he was saving his coupon to buy wisp - not having enough plat to pay full price, then bought a weapon blueprint for credits that consumed his coupon. Lucky for him I have plenty of plat and bought wisp for him.
  5. agree - have posted the same - its particularly bad on the Void tile set on any ramped surface
  6. The new UI is terrible. This is on XBox so not sure if all this applies to other platforms. Relic Refinement: You still have to tediously refine one relic at a time. Huge missed opportunity to streamline. If I select a relic and have 1400 traces, I should be able to select up to 14 of the same relic to refine in one go like purchasing 14 items at a time Lets say I RB to Meso relics. I then scroll around to find the relic I want to refine, I refine it. Then there is a slow-assed animation and worse yet, it reverts back to the <ALL> category rather than staying on Meso Relics. So then I RB to Meso again, slowly scroll around to find the next relic I might want and repeat. Horrible. Relic Selection - If you are in a squad, and not host, it is WAY to easy to enter a mission without selecting a relic because accepting the mission defaults you to the stupid "are you sure you don't want to select a relic" instead of immediately presenting you with the list of relics to choose from. Reward Selection. Why do we have to hover over each reward to see how many we own or what the ducat value is? There is plenty of room to add those two critical pieces of info directly overlaying each reward. upper right corner: 15 owned, lower 45 Ducats. Done. one number and one word is all thats need for each.
  7. My son was messing around with wisp and the fulmin shooting some arid heavies in captura. after casting a few abilites and toggling to camera mode and back, suddenly screen went crazy technocolor, then XBOX crashed (full console crash - not just WF)
  8. Doing Hostile Mergers, did transference to operator then after transferring back to warframe (using ability not getting operator killed) I was unable to do anything but move around. Could not use weapons - primary, secondary, or melee Could not use warframe abiliites could not do transference could not bullet jump - could only regular jump (was in warframe not tenno). No jump animation played. no running animations played while running - warframe just moved around but was not animated I was able to switch between weapons and it showed that animation but couldn't use any. I tried jumping off map and using unstuck to reset but nothing. Enemies weren't high enough level to kill my inaros so I had to extract. ( I was NOT host).
  9. Loki can't use archgun launcher while invisible - he has to wait until invis wears off, then cast then can go invis again.
  10. chroma + sniper + zenurik to slow them makes it trivial. catchmoon/tombfinger also effective but after the first shot taking the plate off the leg, I always found the rubico easier and more consistent.
  11. i'm surprised people are doing anything with abilities and/or energy. I never bother with his abilities in arbitration. Umbral Fiber/Umbral Vitality/Prime Vigor/Gladiator Resolve/Gladiator Aegis/Adaptation/ Double R3 arcane Grace/Magus Repair for survivability. Since he cant die with the above under two hours which is as long as I'd ever want to stay, the rest is preference - aura of choice - I use Steel Fiber. Vigorous Swap because I like it. And Prime Sure footed because why not.
  12. just happened again - same loadout, again was host, Lure at end of lake.
  13. Building every weapon is your own goal. this has absolutely nothing to do with DE. No one said you need every weapon. Stupid arguments are stupid. If consuming tons of nitain wasn't DE's goal, they wouldn't have made the build cost 10 nitain.
  14. I needed 150 nitain just for the 15 aura forma's I built. This is a bandaid because they didn't have season 2 ready when they should have. Some people are still new. And some people made (Erroneously obvisously) the assumption the next season would start right away so didn't stock pile but rather purchased other things. Not a crazy assumption IMHO - seasons usually start when the last ended - except in warframe land apparently. Well bully for you. 5 nitain a weekend doesn't even cover the rate I'm (or was) collecting aura formas. And, believe it or not, there are still new players joining - new players who didn't get to participate in NW. And there are players who didn't have time to do as much NW as you. That's because clearly all you think about is yourself. I don't need it having had a stockpile before NW even came around I could throw at my aura forma - but I can easily see how it could be an issue for others. Maybe if you stop to look around and think of others you might understand why some people have issues with it.
  15. Four times, Four different lures in Three different runs wouldn't follow me after hacking. I shot them, hacked them, then void dashed away - they stayed and wouldn't follow. Picked up different lures that would follow. Returned to the stuck ones - its interface said press x to hold, so I pressed x to tell it to stay (it was staying anyway), then prompt changed to press x to follow, so I pressed x again, and void dashed away - wouldn't follow. Repeated above but this time used archwing - still wouldn't follow Repeated again but this time just ran away as my warframe - still wouldn't follow. tried to get them to follow even though the prompt said press x to hold position thinking maybe the text got it backwards. Still wouldn't follow. killed an eidolon, returned - now it was charged - still wouldn't follow. In all cases I was Trin/VS/Lockdown. In all cases, other lures worked fine. (although in one mission TWO lures got stuck this way). In all cases I was host. I believe in all cases lockdown killed them. (although it also killed the ones that worked properly.) Three lures were at Geyser pond - two close to door, one ocean side. The fourth lure that was stuck was at the lakes edge. wasted minutes &#036;&amp;*^ing around with them.
  16. The one X is faster than the one/one.s loading the plains. I have all three Xboxes and timed the differences. Sadly, it is still an absolute snail when compared to PC which I also have. Xbox X is at least 4 times slower than PC - probably more. Xbox X is about 30% faster than the other two xbox variants. I like the individual extraction. The part I quoted was where they continue to remove aspects of individual extraction in attempts to minimize the number of potential host migrations. I want them to focus on FIXING host migrations - regardless of why they occur (host wants to leave early, host disconnects for any reason etc). They don't ever even acknowledge that they are a problem - and I have never seen a patch note indicating anything was done (other than when they added the ordis special delivery on relic runs which doesn't give you the part you wanted if you chose someone elses and can happen even in the absence of a host migration)
  17. its a rare extraction tile. not much to suggest other than rescue/capture/sabotage since they are all fast missions. Also be very careful to skirt around the left side of the tile should you finally get it - sucks to accidently trigger extraction solo and have to start the misery all over again.
  18. Looking forward to the update but how about fixing host migrations instead of continued attempts at painting over rotten wood like this and arbitration revives.
  19. Its not just oby - I've been randomly one shot in scenarios that shouldn't have happened - one of the most memorable was Mirage prime- 1 and 3 active, 300% power strength buff, full 900ish health, full 1500 volt provided overshields, in a darkish tile, airborne, with adaptation and Arcane Resistance. about 8 minutes in infested survival so enemies weren't even high level. I've had no issues going an hour plus with the same setup - but this was just out of the blue. There weren't even that many enemies around. I had recorded it and watched it back a few times - nothing there should have been a threat and I couldn't see anything that should have hit me, much less killed me.
  20. Doing sortie today - got to boss fight room. was working on one of the hynas - he charged at me and he and I ended up 4 rooms away, towards extraction. The result was, after I killed him, I couldn't get back into the room to kill the other one since the door was locked (as it was the door that would normally be locked preventing heading to extraction). We didn't fall through the floor, we were just suddenly 4 rooms away. I was host, initially by myself, and I think the teleport happened right when a rando joined the squad. He also joined on the wrong side of the locked door. I had to use synthesis scanner and punch through to shoot him through the door, after killing him the door unlocked (although we didn't need to go through it since we were already on the extraction side).
  21. There is no good reason for the long delay between seasons. As flawed as season 1 was, they could have made a few tweaks and let season 2 come out slightly less flawed - at least it would be something. The alert code is still in game - certainly on xbox we still get alerts for either special items (like the ones after the last devstream) they could certainly have added back in regular alerts until season 2 is ready for release. "the game has to paid for somehow" rings hollow when for 6 years they had an alert system that trickled out rewards and didn't bankrupt them. I personally don't NEED any of the alert stuff, but I would be annoyed if I was a newer player. But even I am getting short on Nitain I'm down to 31 or so left thanks to 12 Aura forma's burning through 120 of my reserves. I rarely ran nitain alerts seeing as how having 150 seemed like a good stack given everything in the game prior to NW only required 170ish.
  22. I'll be all for this when they add explosives by enemies damage enemies but more importantly all weapons do friendly fire. all abilities should do friendly fire. Get rid of self revives - it doesn't make sense - how exactly does someone revive themselves (and even if they could, artificially limit that to 3? might as well make it infinite or get rid of it. get rid of teammate revives. like the above, It also doesn't make sense you can magically hold your hand out and pick up someone that was blown to bits or shot or burned to death. falling off the map should result in death not some magical respawn. Bullets, arrows, etc don't discriminate when shot through something. The idea of no friendly fire on such weapons is ridiculous. Make players pay that much more attention since otherwise everyone will quit the game entirely. just like with cooking, if you can't handle the heat gtfo. Luckily the above is a terrible an idea as increasing self damage.
  23. the blocking animation. two easy examples 1) Exploiter orb machine gun when trying to throw the canister while still in Deck 12. This doesn't kill me since I generally just face tank exploiter, but it is exceptionally annoying to be stuck there doing some jedi sword blocking spamming right stick press trying to throw the canister. 2) something (and this one actually perplexes me a bit as to what she is blocking since vomy's don't have machine guns) gets my trin into a blocking loop during tridolons. its not the stagger animation, it is clearly blocking - swinging the melee weapon around - although I don't know what I could possibly be blocking for so long (2-3 seconds). when it happens, I can't use any abilities or move and just watch as she blocks something and her health goes to zero. never happened before the last melee changes and doesn't happen if I just say eff it and don't bring any melee with me. case 1 I just tolerated but don't really care that much about since I have no reason to fight the orb again case 2 is annoying and I've tried a few different things (like no melee - works but then no shattering impact,maxed pain threshold in case it was a stagger and it was just the wrong animation playing - but no difference, primed sure footed to see if it was a knockdown but wrong animation - but that made no difference). there are plenty of other cases where the blocking prevents me from using abilities until it decides it blocked enough - so I just want a toggle in options to disable it and allow me to manually block when I want. a less desirable (or perhaps even in conjunction with the toggle) solution would be to ensure that in all cases, any action performed supersedes the blocking - be it ability casting, movement whatever. I haven't played on my PC account for 8+ months so don't know if the issues are as bad there as on xbone - but even without it getting stuck in the blocking, I also want the ability to manually block when I want to block without resorting to ONLY equipping a melee weapon.
  24. Is needed. Badly. Getting effectively stunlocked until dead, unable to do jack squat sucks.
  25. Neo Fissure/Uranus 4 person squad, two people extracted after first round host migration I was not host post migration - when I spawned in, game was mostly frozen - couldn't move, use abilities, no enemies spawning, almost no inputs worked. The only things I could do was bring up start menu and toggle map between small and overlay. Couldn't type in chat. I could see the other players icon on the map - who was not moving. No enemies spawning. Couldn't type in chat. Had to dashboard game.
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