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  1. Not that I really want this patched, as there is no reason to buy a shock prod - and certainly no reason to USE a shock prod that just makes it more tedious since you have to spear it AND wait for the electric charge animation to deliver the charge. Much faster just to use the regular cheapest PoE spear, and spear the fish and immediately grofit on Venus In fact the only reason I'm posting this is maybe then you'll notice:
  2. Ever since Sisters of Parvos this has been particularly bad on Xbone - 50% of the time the game now just dashboards. (was well under 10% before SoP.) Even if they are never going to get rid of the peer to peer, they should at least be able to failsafe fallback to you are the host playing alone. But seeing as how they don't seemed concerned with the player experience around this, I dont expect a resolution in the next 7 years any more than in the past seven years.
  3. Results - full loss of all rewards/resources (except maybe relic rewards - but even those will be incorrect if you had selected anyone else's relic reward but your own) XBox One X (not new series X). Really became an issue for me ever since SIsters of Parvos update. Seems to happen regardless if I am the only one staying or if others besides the current host are staying as well.
  4. Do all above posters having game crash use the new Series X? It loads for me but I have the Xbox One X (not SERIES X). Also, still no fix to remove the occasional self damage from the game :sadface using Ogris, Kuva Ogris, Tenet Envoy (and possibly others).
  5. NIGHTWAVE: I got credit for getting 40 Headshot kills in a mission for a nightwave challenge. But on the summary screen I got 1 headshot for the entire mission (which was more believable than the 40 the way I was playing) ACHIEVEMENTS: Jugger-Not: I have killed countless juggernaughts on Cabrion Drift. never had any progress toward this. However I played an Infested Disruption mission on Uranus, and got credit for the achievement by killing juggernaut demolysts. Was definitely not on cambion drift. Strategic Development - I have completed all corpus railjack nodes including SoP final fight (40+times). Star chart progress shows 233/233 complete. No nodes blinking blue in railjack on any planet. Achievement shows missing 2 nodes (92%).
  6. Actually there does appear to be a bug here: If I hit the max button it says purchase 6.226407e+08 for 622,640,704 credits. but I don't have that many credits - i only have 622,640,693 - so I guess it would loan me the missing 11 credits? 😂
  7. Still waiting for this to be fixed on console as well. Its annoying to die in a regular mission by self damage when it was supposed to have been removed from the game. its exceptionally annoying to kill yourself with self damage in a squad during an arbitration, then burdening your team to revivie you It is game breaking when you die in arbitration when you are solo as you lose the rewards It is game breaking when you kill a mobile defense or defense target because you self damage proc radiation (if so equipped on the ogris or envoy- perhaps other explosives as well but those are the two I most notice this bug on), then kill the defense/mobile defense objective. Its only potential saving grace would be being able to kill your teammates and grief them if you could reliably proc it, but thats not an option as I've yet to be able to find the exact conditions that cause it. (yes this was a bit tongue in cheek - the ability to grief teammates should not be a saving grace). But when you self damage, yes you can proc radiation on yourself, then (if you didn't simultaneously kill yourself because your weapon is modded poorly with low damage) you can set about killing your pets and teammates. Or if you have the ogris with Nightwatch Napalm, the residual fireball can kill your team even if you did kill yourself quickly. I'm sure if shield gating were not a thiing, far more people would notice and complain but it will kill frames with no shields (Inaros, Nidus (or consume stacks if sufficient to use be saved by Undying) etc.
  8. Have this happen with annoying frequency as well. Playing solo. Visual and sound effect are stuck until you extract (Which, since it gets really grating really quickly, tends to be rather soon)
  9. I got in a Dargyn on today's primary-only sortie on PoE. After I got out (Dargyn was not destroyed,I exited it) I had no weapon for the duration of the game. Pressing switch weapon button did nothing, nor did going to operator.
  10. Magnetize effect? or something like that. the one where tendrils emanate from or to you and it makes a sound similar to mag's magnetize bubble. Multiple missions I've had that applied, and after killing the alcolyte, the visual and special effects remain until I extract. Its very annoying and grating. Not a host issue as I am always solo.
  11. Title. Did the shotgun alert 8/27/2021, completed the mission, got the reward screen saying I got the riven, but its not in my mods, and the alert is still active. Game didn't crash, no host migration (I was host anyway).
  12. haha or ust use titania. she'll glitch through almost any map tileset.
  13. Ever since SoP update, this has been horrible. It doesn't seem to matter if its host migrating to me or someone else (ie if I'm last person trying not to extract so it could/should ONLY migrate to me) or if two of us stay and just the host leaves. of course it always results it loss of times, items collected, resources used. This seems to have replaced the "migration failed, you will be returned to orbiter" or whatever used to happen where you just got rudely bounced back to the orbiter (and still lost everything). but I haven't seen that happen since SoP - now it just dashboard crashes the game. I'm on Xbox One X (not series X). No idea if the hosts leaving are on One, One X, One Series S, or One Series X. Map doesn't seem to matter, nor does frame. I would say its more likely on fissure missions - but that is likely because I all but avoid public matchmaking anywhere else and play solo because it sucks wasting so much time. And if you can't fix the mess of networking, consider "banking" mission rewards, xp, cryotic/kuva, and collectibles and have ordis deliver that as well the way he does relic opened rewards at each rotation so as not to be so punitive to the players for the poor host migration handling.
  14. If the spy vault gives a credit reward, I don't think it shows as an Identified Item - so one of your vaults probably gave that oh-so-rewarding 2,500 credits. I don't remember exactly but the same might happen with the equally 'rewarding' 200 endo Kuva Fortress/Pago (Spy) Rotation A 2,500 Credits Cache Uncommon (14.29%) 2,500 Credits Cache Uncommon (14.29%) 200 Endo Uncommon (14.29%) 200 Endo Uncommon (14.29%) Steady Hands Uncommon (14.29%) Stabilizer Uncommon (14.29%) Power Throw Uncommon (14.29%)
  15. TYPE: In game PLATFORM: XBOX (Posting here because no one at support, forum admin, or community inbox seems to want to move my forum account back to xbox members, so I can't post in the appropriate forum)DESCRIPTION: Doing Assault (Koro) the Dargyn's will teleport from exterior areas to internal rooms where they will be attempting to fly through halls, clip through walls, etcVISUAL: Since warframe appears to be bugged and won't capture more than 1 or 2 seconds, I have none.REPRODUCTION: Do assault, ignore the enemies on the explosive charges section. Once enough Dargyns have spawned and the door opens, proceed inside.EXPECTED RESULT: Dargyns to only teleport to areas where it makes sense for them to be flying around.OBSERVED RESULT: They teleported to interior rooms, halls, etc along with all the other ground based ignored enemies as I ran through the map.REPRODUCTION RATE: 1 for 1
  16. Now if they would just fix the subset of xbox users that they mysteriously moved to pc members group so we can go back to posting our bugs in the xbox forums instead of the pc ones.
  17. I'd just be happy if they'd allow us to instantly delete dogs from the sisters out of the foundry. after claiming, then deleting the first 8, then searching inventory for their associated weapons to dump those, i stopped bothering. Now I have 40 dogs in my foundry cluttering it up.
  18. TYPE: In-Game PLATFORM: XBOX - note I'm posting this in PC bugs because someone at DE or the forum admins randomly moved my account to pc member group so I can't post in the xbox forums. And despite trying to contact forum admins, forum moderators, etc, I continue to be stuck in the pc group. Have also spoken to several other forum members who were randomly moved from xbox to pc member group in the past two weeks. DESCRIPTION: Equip warframe with invigoration and go to simulacrum. Note the circular buff icon in upper right. Use arsenal to switch to a frame that doesn't have an invigoration. Icon will still be there.REPRODUCTION: follow instructions in DescriptionEXPECTED RESULT: Buff icon to not be present if using a warframe that was not 'invigorated' via the helminthOBSERVED RESULT: Icon is present after first using an invigorated frame. note the buff is not actually active.REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time.
  19. Elites should just be elite with more stats than normal AND allow you to freely move ALL their stats, not just the 3 you can "train" with. For 4million credits or whatever, just let us redistribute and make our own perfect crewman.
  20. Have been complaining about this on xbox bugs for months. have tested with radiation kuva ogris, kuva ogris magnetic (no radiation on mod config), heat ogris, heat envoy, magnetic envoy. But I have yet to figure out how to reliably reproduce. can go many missions with issues, then randomly it starts happening again. Friend also experiences the same, and he has reported to me it will even kill through rolling guard. In below I had surmised maybe nightwatch napalm was culprit, but that was before I experienced it with envoy so clearly that is no that issue.
  21. Yeah - sometimes the overflow is awarded, sometimes its lost. I haven't been able to track it down to specifically daily, weekly, or elite weekly, or if only happens when there is a specific amount. my micro management on console to minimize the impact of it, is always try to do missions that exactly get me to the next level, or as close to it as possible so if the bug happens, it doesn't cost me too much standing.
  22. There is a bug (on xbox at least) where depending on your remaining standing to complete a rank, and the amount of points given for a mission complete, you are not given overflow credits. so for example: you are at 8000/10,000 on rank X. you complete a mission for 4500 points you SHOULD be at 2,500/10,000 on rank X+1, but instead you end up at 0/10,000 on X+1 and lose 2,500 standing. it doesn't happen every time but I have noticed happening many times over the various nightwave seasons, and have reported it in Xbox bugs - but our bug reports basically get ignored so perhaps a pc user could report it in PC bugs and maybe it will get addressed.
  23. Still a problem after the last update (new Nightwave "season" /intermission. 3 out of 4 host migrations resulted in the the game dashboarding and losing all progress. (I've only attempted 4, its not a guess or approximate number). Have returned to playing all content solo. Xbox One X (not series X), open nat.
  24. While I look forward to these changes on Xbox, somehow my forum profile got changed to PC Member instead of Xbox member and can't comment on the associated Xbox update notes (nor in the xbox bugs section) 😅 Happened in the last day or so as I was correctly affiliated two days ago. @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca
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