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  1. Hello, I noticed the rescue target's transmission window glitched while attempting my Sortie's second mission on Umbriel. (Uranus) I did verify my game-client data via the options gear-wheel on the launcher before playing 'Play', so I don't believe this was a data corruption issue despite installing a Windows 10 Preview build today before playing the game. Below is a cropped screenshot for reference. Hope I helped!
  2. Hi everyone, When playing the Grineer Disruption mission on Odin-Mercury, I attempted to reload while sliding while I was knocked-down by a Heavy Gunner's ground-slam and ended up mounting a rampart, which caused my controls to become unresponsive. I was able to solve this issue by pausing and unpausing the game, but other players may not understand how to regain control of their Warframe when the /unstuck console command is unavailable due to the chat interface also being unresponsive. Hoping this info helped!
  3. Hi everyone, I wanted to voice my opinion regarding a lack of mission options in the game retaining qualities of Sorties, such as enemy-level, enemy-count, and mission conditions. I understand how mission conditions being added to regular mission environments could present issues, but Sortie enemy-levels and counts would produce median missions that could bridge the gap between Normal and Steel mission environments. Please consider including this option to gameplay in the future. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, As I was playing some Steel Path missions alone today, I encountered the Shadow Stalker. While in the Ani Survival mission, the Shadow Stalker became stuck in water pool areas and no longer had a delay when using his Teleport ability, resulting in an enemy pool and a death from a Crewman unit. I attempted to use the Operator's abilities to reduce the Teleport spam every two or three seconds, but it didn't function as it did several minutes earlier. I compiled the logs from this session, too, if necessary. Hope I helped. 🙂
  5. Hi everyone, I was playing The Steel Path Assassination mission on Jupiter against the Ropalolyst alone and was on the final dispatch sequence after 47m and 11s against the Battlelysts and the fully-targettable Ropalolyst and was greeted by the "Eliminate Mission Targets!" on-screen prompt meant to prevent excessive abuse of idling in missions, but instead failed an active player who was fighting strategically against enemies requiring an adaptability reset or continuing to spar, but inflicting a mere fraction of potential damage. Please address this issue given the difficulty of the mission and conditions included; this seems unbalanced at the moment considering The Steel Path is a new addition and requires constructive feedback. Thank you.
  6. and recognized it as a parking meter; that is all.
  7. Hi, I was playing a Spy mission on Neptune several moments ago when I attempted to quickly solve a cipher. When I approached the middle ring to finish it, all clicking input was non-responsive in turning the cipher wheels, but I could still move my cursor fine while the timer continued to count-down. The 'Escape' key still functioned at removing me from the solving minigame, but caused the terminal alarms to be triggered. I felt this was something to be aware of, and I hope this helps in addressing the issue. Thank you.
  8. Welcome home! You've arrived! Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Inaros Prime!
  9. A new challenge awaits! Thank you.
  10. Ticket #2194325 Breaking resource containers in this tile that spawn Ayatan stars usually prevent a player from collecting them. Hope this helps!
  11. Ticket #2194300 An Ayatan star became stuck under this pathway on Eris' Kala-azar. Hope this helps! 🙂
  12. Update: this issue has reoccurred as of three minutes ago.
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