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  1. Thank you for politely referencing this issue, as I am experiencing it as well.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Peregrine Axis (Orphix, Pluto) Finished the third Orphix to extract, with no Warframe visible and keyboard or mouse input received affecting the window in any way other than chat (even Esc). So, I typed my /profile, clicked Enter, clicked the top-left Show Profile button, pressed Esc, and Abort Mission, which recalled my nonexistant Warframe to the railjack and awarded me, but stated I had failed the mission. I was unable to see anything or move, but pressed Esc to leave my dojo and the Orbiter loaded normally. This all occurred during Hotfix 29.10.9 . VI
  3. I'll try for a while longer, but is there a chance I may be compensated for the Vidar Plating Mk III?
  4. I have also encountered this issue in Seven Sirens of Pluto's Exterminate mission.
  5. I felt I should ask for an in-game prompt to be added regarding the Dome Charge use for Tenno that miss the audio/text cues, possibly due to life circumstances or background noise, and thank you for the knowledge.
  6. Hi all, Recently, I chose to forma moas that I bought when they first debuted, and I still debate their capabilities in comparison to sentinels, as those have a wide availability of mods to prevent their destruction, and even revive them indefinitely, in respect to Djinn. I felt like posting an opinion about moas in comparison to sentinels, so I have.
  7. I encountered this issue recently. Not a single Data Key crewman spawned.
  8. I have had this issue since the Orb Vallis debuted. Here are screenshots of the issues only minutes ago.
  9. Hi squad, If any of you read this, I received a "Host Migration in Progress" loading screen and was left alone in the Plains of Eidolon. I'm sorry I couldn't continue to assist you. Thanks for playing and I hope you get the Nightwave gear you would like!
  10. I love the idea of receiving questions from the veteran Warframe community, Call of the Tempestarii's Corpus variant looks like loads of fun previews/demos, and I appreciate the opportunity to see, hear, and chat with Devteam. Looking forward to Friday, and thanks for the update!
  11. Reference: Ticket #2427412 When the Warframe bullet-jumps upward through the ventilation shafts near the mobile defense console, the metal shaft allows the frame to phase through the metal where it is 90 degrees vertical. Glad to help.
  12. Hi everyone, I noticed that enemies can override cipher-solving in Razorback missions, causing the UI to remain in a zoomed-in state until the user pauses the game or finishes the mission. When the enemy completes the hack, the solving minigame disappears, but the zoom-state remains. Thank you for your attention, and I hope this solves a QoL issue for other players in the future.
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