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  1. Nezha Prime and the new incentives for mastery ranks look cool! Much appreciated, DE Warframe team!
  2. I agree in regard to the movement instability after fighting them and they rebuild their armaments. The AI is very inconsistent and sticks to the terrain, at the moment. (Heart of Deimos 29.0.7)
  3. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: The UI indicator occasionally becomes absent for Latrox Une and Deimos Saxum Rex. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: The above screenshot is my second attempt of Anomaly Retrieval at 6:38PM EST 2020/4/9 , and after returning to the Necralisk, selecting the mission a second time, and playing to the third stage, Latrox Une's UI element disappeared. EXPECTED RESULT: The expected result would have been a clear user-interface indicator marking the location of Latrox Une to continue the bounty. OBSERVED RESULT: The actual result was an absence of a user-int
  4. I can confirm this occurs after Hotfix 29.0.1 . Thank you for your report.
  5. Looking forward to reading the patch notes in their entirety! Thank you very much for your effort, DE!
  6. Hi all, The Riven mods with the condition to complete a level 30 or higher survival mission without killing anyone provoked my thought when I disabled a Corpus security camera and invalidated the challenge. Are the robotics actually...alive? (just some comic relief for the weekend, albeit dry) Thanks for reading, and take care/keep safety in mind.
  7. Hello, I noticed the node named Kadesh of Mars' Kuva Lich-controlled UI menu option is mislabelled as Infestation rather than Grineer when a player has an active Kuva Lich. I hope this helped!
  8. Thanks for the preview, and looking forward to the update when it is ready! I appreciate the perseverance. :)
  9. Hello, I reencountered the bug where the UI aiming reticles disappear for the Pilot and Gunner positions on a Railjack. Previously, I played multiple Empyrean missions in succession without departing from the Clan dojo, and subsequently encountered this issue. However, after ensuring I played 3+ Empryean missions with spacing between each by boarding my Railjack from the Orbiter's UI menu, selecting Ruse War Field, completing the mission, returning to the Dojo by node, exiting the Dojo to the Orbiter, and boarding the Raijack through the Orbiter UI option two more times, this issue
  10. I can verify this issue is occurring as of PC Update Inaros Prime, 28.2.1 , as well. Thank you for reporting this issue, fellow Tenno.
  11. Hello, I noticed the rescue target's transmission window glitched while attempting my Sortie's second mission on Umbriel. (Uranus) I did verify my game-client data via the options gear-wheel on the launcher before playing 'Play', so I don't believe this was a data corruption issue despite installing a Windows 10 Preview build today before playing the game. Below is a cropped screenshot for reference. Hope I helped!
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