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  1. Yeah, I do. But the Kohm is not OP. There are multiple weapons (without Riven) that are better than the Kohm (with Riven). I don't really care if Kohm rivens get nerfed or not, but they aren't going to because it's unpopular. Because it's not good enough. Hey, here's an idea: if you think the weapon is too OP, stop using it. Problem solved. Or are you upset that your friend uses it, and you just want to nerf your friend?
  2. A potential 90% damage reduction is governed by a nerf-o-meter, and forces you to use abilities when not needed or when not desired. Got it! Meteor shower is going to be disappointing. It will be like dropping plushies onto your enemies
  3. Server upgrades? That doesn't help anything. They are still going to use the same overworked hamsters in the new servers. Come on guys.
  4. With the abilities I saw in the devstream I don't think she'll have any place in sortie or arbitration. That's what I really want, I don't even want her to wipe out maps like Saryn or Mesa. The main problem is that her meter contradicts her own abilities, and she has no ability that offers regen, buffing, or utility. I'm just picturing Ember in a situation with a high meter being forced to use her third ability to decrease it. Now that the enemies are spread all over the map, her fourth ability will be useless. That's how I think of it, at least. While we are forced to use her third ability I see the new Ember as annoying to play and annoying to play alongside.
  5. Bitter Vet-itis. I think the worst symptom is coming to the forums to complain about subjective and vague problems without examples or reasons.
  6. If we can't have another Saryn or Mesa, I'm fine with that. But Ember, after her rework, isn't going to fit in anywhere. Gauss, for example, doesn't fit in anywhere. He doesn't buff, doesn't tank, doesn't do good damage, and he has an annoying meter. That's the direction Ember is heading. She'll be annoying to play while providing nothing to the squad. She won't wipe a map, she'll annoy people by pushing them back with her third ability, and she won't be tanky (still). So no one is going to play her unless they want to troll their squad with her third ability. None of her new abilities stand out as class defining. She'll just collect more dust and wait for another rework that may never happen.
  7. I usually pick weapons that compliment each other, and it depends on what mission or map I'm about to do. As an example, if I'm on the Plains of Eidolon, I usually use a Corinth, or Synapse for Primary along with a Sicarus Prime for secondary. I'll use the Sicarus on long range targets like distant turrets on the ground, or the turrets on the airships that shoot at me. To be fair, a lot of missions don't require you to switch weapons. Another thing, I usually make sure one of my weapons is ammo efficient and the other one might not be. Astilla, for example, can run out of ammo. But if I have a Catchmoon secondary, I won't worry about it.
  8. Nice argument there. Thanks... for... posting that? I guess?
  9. I really don't know what I just read. I think it's some kind of fan fic where someone..."cut open her head and drink the blood for sustenance
  10. This sounds pretty urgent. Better post this in feedback. Fix it DE.
  11. I dreamt that the bank made a mistake in my favor, giving me 4300 plat and a Khora Prime. Tennogen 18 has multiple skins for Khora and Gara.
  12. Thanks to all video game support staff, you are the best of us.
  13. Any time I don't play gara in arbitration defense we fail. Also, people get killed and insta quit all the time, if that counts.
  14. I grouped with a limbo that had about 10 second duration on his 4th, and because he couldn't cc, we had to revive him 3 times (arbitration). He got right back up, and started spinning to win every time. Finally we just left him for dead and extracted. I think the moral of the story is that crowd control makes a lot of frames viable and can contribute to the squad. It's also useful for protecting stuff like excavators, or defense buddies. I don't always play crowd control frames, however. There are times when it isn't necessary. I honestly prefer a more diverse squad makeup, and I don't want to be in a squad of four people all playing inaros with an atterax. I guess that's the meta if you really want it, but I'll pass.
  15. Maybe a new game mode could be interesting. I wouldn't try to ruin current content, however.
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