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  1. This bug has been here for a while. Thought it would be hotfixed but it wasn't so I made a detailed post along with videos explaining it.
  2. Sorry the link didn't show up earlier. I edited it. So it should be there now.
  3. Love the remix. Also I barely played her because back then when I got her I thought she is just sit in middle and do nothing kinda frame, but you managed to make 9 builds for her so now I am quite interested. And you said you like to implement the melee, this is gonna be so much fun cuz I prefer melee playstyle too. Anyway I was wondering if this song would is doable. I'm sorry if it was asked before, I just returned to Warframe after months of break xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7coUG8N6MY
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