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  1. 300+ people are more than enough to make a game but i won't stand there.This is a measly update and it was been developed for more than 2 years.They broke it in how many parts?1 liches 2 drydock 3 main ship and flight 4 will be that squad link crew etc?5 next batch of enemies and probably goes on?Even in parts, they came out unfinished, unpolished, buggy and broken.Anyone thinks that the next part is gonna fix the whole thing?From my experience it won't. It doesn't get any more "We took our time and made it more easy for us to release" than how they got it and everything came pretty bad.In my books it doesn't get any lower than this, i mean this is no man's sky low.If you guys are ok with this fine but i don't see the game getting through 2021 like this.
  2. Orokin dig site.Have a forgotten underground Orokin civilization, progress through the dungeon fighting Orokin machines, reach the end fight the boss get your drop.Quests as go there do that have your reward that will make you stronger and help you on your next quest, go to that other city/town help that guy there and get that quest.That's what open worlds are all about.Those "Open worlds" that WF has are called instances in other games.
  3. Literally i'm playing Digimon Monsters:Ultimate evolution right now.Even if the game has P2W elements and timewalls you can keep playing all day long with managing your resources ,earn in game currency and still be better than P2W players because you put more time to it.
  4. No you can't rush something unless there's a way to rush.Those tricks are on the devs, they allow them in the first place(their fault for having the community as testers). A skill tree for example, tie that with some new nodes, missions, difficulty and quests, not quest, as you progress and you get something that can last a year until your next update.Pretty simple and effective.Have dungeons instead of empty caves in open worlds, have quests in open worlds, there are plenty of things they can add instead of a timewall.And yeah i agree people don't want difficulty because every update till now comes in their plate, everything is open at MR5 because that's how they got the big wave of players and now they can't put something that needs progression out without backlash. Again their fault, they wanted new people to bring in cash fast and this is the result, they could have worked their way up to make the player wanting to progress further in the game and reach points like open worlds etc but hyping the new updates and making new players literally start from them seemed better to their wallets.
  5. People can't rush anything.The game maker is the one who decides who long something can take to complete, sure there will be people that can finish the content in 2 hours and others in 5, in the end though the content can be finished in 2 hours and that's on the devs.Now if DE wants free beta testers instead of testing the game themselves then they are the last that can blame beta tester/player for finishing the test in 2 hours. DE created hype for nothing.Take last few weeks for example.Mass advertisments, paying gamespot for interviews and putting nomination for best expantion 1 month before it was releaed, on every channel on youtube"Warframe is amazing...This video is sponsored by warframe", on game awards, keep yelling come it's free, it's free, we got 50 mil registered players(doesn't matter that less than 10% keep playing).Oh get that free toy with this and that."NEW WAR" "CHRISTMAS 2019"."RAILJACK WILL TIE EVERYTHING" "LICHES WILL BE UNKILLABLE" "NOT ANOTHER ISLAND" and my favorite from last year " Ayatans will play a big part in The Sacrifice, the market will explode"(still wondering what that was).Should i go on? And no we don't have timewalls because of players.We have timewalls because of lack of content.You can slow down a player with putting more things or harder things to do rather than tell him you played enough for today come back tommorow.I've played mobile games with better timewalls than WF and that says it all.
  6. So is this the part that i am supposed to get sentimental and pity them because of the pressure?Who created the content drought?Who created hype for nothing?Who decided that puting timewalls and monetizing every little thing in an update instead of putting more effort to it and support it's content to make it last was a good idea?That's how you get droughts, angry communities and people leaving like rats on a ship and when you wet your bed you lie in it.
  7. People screamed and cried but railjack and liches were in the works for 2+ years, not 6 months.Full games with more content and less bugs can be and have been made in the same timespan.
  8. Ah another thread picking on the OP instead of admiting that the devs yet again didn't test their game before stating the above.OP is the true beta tester and you guys with the 10 wives 152 children and 89 jobs need to understand that you just got old, go play checkers between your medication hours and telling stories from the war or something.
  9. The best choice would be intended, while exploit should be a bug, an overlooked mechanic or hacking the code/using tools outside the game.I like though how DE who built this game around such overlooked mechanics like 70%?, blames the players for "exploiting" what they aren't willing to fix(or didn't know how to make in the first place).
  10. 1 There's a difference in p2w and paywall and you describe a paywall.P2w is considered anything that gives you an advantage in game(not necessary against a player and not only pvp) there for anything that isn't pure cosmetic is an advantage in game(pay to skip, pay to rush, pay to whatever, boosters, weapons, frames, resources, slots). 2 There's pvp in the game as well so if 2 players just started the game, try conclave and 1 of them bought some prime access(which btw costs more than a full AAA game) for example and got than new prime weapon then he would have an advantage against the other player.But let me guess because conclave sucks and DE don't know how to make a proper pvp mode we dismiss the whole thing like it doesn't exist 3 Most free to play games are like WF which by itself got it's f2p system and ideas from other games (Drakensang for example)and those games still are called p2w.Games that were true not p2w were games like Nosgoth which only had cosmetic purchases and the only games that have paywalls nowdays are those generated in and for the asian market. 4 And this is very important!:The catch with WF is that platinum trades mascarades the whole p2w thing.There's no way to earn pl by any means other than bying it.Sure you can trade it after but if none buys and everyone spends what they have the market collapses.So maybe you have not to buy it but others do it for you and the rest of us and it's mandatory to continue doing it And that's how games that have premnium currency which can be "earned" in game or bought to skip that part are called p2w but WF pretends to stay in the grey zone.
  11. Games don't work like that, thus they are called games.There's no game in the history of gaming that you can do whatever you want(aside glitches), some games are pretty linear and some others have the ilussion of choice which still is predetermined from the game designer.The problem here is that DE doesn't predict what the players can or can't do because they simply have the players for testers.If they want an update to last they must make sure that people can't rush it not by setting moral rules but as to implement in-game restrictions(and not simply stretch the content and raise a wall)
  12. You are looking at the moral side of the matter, i'm talking about the technical one.It's DE's fault, they could test their game and find out that "you know what if we do that then the player can do this".Another example?Summer beach event.They released an event that the players could literally afk after 1 kill, a laughable flaw that any man that has ever touched a game would have realised and fixed first thing.And that took them 5 days and a few hundreds of people complaining to fix.
  13. Yeah going by that logic i dare you to go play Tetris and win 1 stage by placing all the blocks outside the designated area, but you know what?You can't and you can't because the game designer "designed" that game as to you not having a choice on the matter.When you understand that we can continue.
  14. That was for the music to emphasize that someone doesn't have to be a musician.It wasn't a hidden hit for the game.
  15. What's the personal opinion on the matter?Company makes product costumer critics it.Always have, always will.
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