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  1. Not totally true.I was at enrichment lab and after i disabled security i woke up a sentient.Lotus appeared and gave me instructions.
  2. That.I was just hoping that all those empty sites would have some quests and a bit of lore to make them useful.
  3. Well i don't want to be biased since i have yet to max out the standing to see if there is something else hidden in Fortuna but as of now i am disappointed.4 times a world doesn't make a difference if it's as dead as the previous inside.That's all i can say atm.
  4. If u go to one of those npcs that slam in the middle you can replay the intro scene
  5. Still fps issues and high GPU usage after Hotfix 23.10.4.Orbiter(arsenal, navigation, foundry) practically whenever something pops up.Plus at the start of every mission or Cetus(minimizing to desktop and back solves it but it happens too often).TXAA looks worse on than when it's off.
  6. After the update dropped the game was more smooth.After the first 2 hotfixes that smoothness disappeared and after the latest hotfix the fps problem in orbiter(navigation screen, arsenal, foundry etc) has appeared again.Constant 20 fps in orbiter and high GPU usage(only fix is to press the window key and go in the game again) The anti aliasing needs some tweaks also.TXAA is broken and looks worse than when it's low or off.
  7. Pros of the update: Mini quest Game runs much smoother Cons: Anti aliasing got messed up even worse than before Fashion for operators is beyond ruined Kubrows hair looks like underbrush no matter the skin Polearms sound like whips Scarab syandana, kopesh skin and sugatras for skiajati are still untouched in favor of a moa noggle(seems fair) Well about 90% of everything else...
  8. It was hinted in an interview that the ayatan sculptures hold memories and that someway this had something to do with the sacrifice, yet we didn't see any of that.Are there still plans for them, maybe with the fortuna update?
  9. I know that these are pure cosmetic but can you look at: ki'teer sekhara-They are broken on warframes, pets and articulas. Scarab Syandana-Revert back to mat? Nekros Mesh-It's a mess his mortor binds are out of place and his arms pass through his wings. Articulas space cost-Need to cost about 50 space instead of 100 imo.
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