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  1. Turn on High Dynamic range and Adaptive exposure.
  2. No i don't, of course in 18 years i have tried other decks and other card games as well but the fact that i can still play with the deck i want without any problems proves that the gameplay can stand on it's own.Never complained for lack of content in a card game.
  3. As a Yu-Gi-Oh player, i'm playing the same Dark Magician deck(with some add-ons and changes through the years obv)from 2001.Still playing to this day.
  4. It's the opposite, the goal is different but the gameplay is identical.In TCG your goal isn't to collect everything, just what you want or need to make the deck/s you want to play with.The gameplay is the same in both, you duel with somebody and try to best him, but every time there are so many combinations to do or paths that a duel can take, so the game doesn't have the need to update it's content so frequently.
  5. Yeah but conclave isn't pvp, it's an attempt to one
  6. This is so wrong.You are confusing TCG with digital CCG and even then, the nature of card games are pvp, so even without anything new for long periods of time they still are more viable than pretty much almost any other game genre.
  7. Too bad i've graduated in game design, so now that i have the right to comment, find me my next flaw, so you can defend more poorly made choices.
  8. So New War and Railjack don't have cosmetics or items to be designed?Plus all the current items that are visually broken for months/years.I think instead of another floof no one asked for, fixing them would be a priority if i was a dev.
  9. If they ever do that, i'm blaming you.
  10. No, it doesn't have that much of a content, it just isn't put in order or locked.All the content (beside weapons) is open to anyone after MR8.This is why it's overwhelming.
  11. They drop 5 pigments each but they don't have a high drop chance.
  12. After the new loadout screen the next step should be to address the arsenal screen and it's loadouts. My idea is to get rid of every single "visual only" abc loadout(weapons, frames, accessories, companions, operators) and replace them with infinite loadouts like this: On the arsenal screen replace the a/b/c with save/delete/load buttons. After we customize frame/colors, weapon/colors, accessories/colors, companions and school, we save the selected scheme which goes to the load category. From there we can select an infinite amount of saved compinations without the need to tie every single item color to only 3 options. Same goes for the operator screen.This way we can also have different amps/colors tied to different loadouts.
  13. 1 pearl decoration=500 pearls
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