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  1. DeathDweller

    What if [spoiler] is really [spoiler]? (Stalker)

    Doesn't make sense cause 1 Ordis was a mercenary and not a low guardian and 2 the Stalker became a warframe after the attack on the Orokin and since Ordis became a cephalon way before that they can't be the same person.
  2. I find it ironic cause as you said you are new to the game and instead of playing it yourself you ask the pointless question, what others find to this game.Which will be x amount of answers and in the end you still have to find your own.I gave you mine and you wrote a wall of text telling me that you disagree so what's the point? And no, for me games don't change lives, they just add a bit of happiness like many other things we do in life but if some think that they do because they find comfort or refuge from their real life fine by me. Most wouldn't read a book or see a movie without an ending or a continuation, same goes for games.Now pvp games you mentioned, those are played for the competition and that's feeling of accomplishment.Sure the gameplay can be good or whatnot but take out the pvp element and see how many would play the same thing over and over again.
  3. I find the whole topic ironic and a bit pointless but i'll answer: Games are meant to be played either for fun, the feeling of accomplishment or now days for the stories they provide. The only games that lead to something are the single player games(complete the story, beat the stages, feel accomplished, move to the next). Online games never lead to anything cause their only true ending can be their cancellation/shutting down. So what do you expect to get out of Warframe or any other online game that will enrich your real life idk. So in the end, fun.
  4. DeathDweller

    GB lotus

    Not totally true.I was at enrichment lab and after i disabled security i woke up a sentient.Lotus appeared and gave me instructions.
  5. DeathDweller

    Do you want more of the open-world module?

    That.I was just hoping that all those empty sites would have some quests and a bit of lore to make them useful.
  6. DeathDweller

    Do you want more of the open-world module?

    Well i don't want to be biased since i have yet to max out the standing to see if there is something else hidden in Fortuna but as of now i am disappointed.4 times a world doesn't make a difference if it's as dead as the previous inside.That's all i can say atm.
  7. DeathDweller

    Fortuna opening cutscene

    If u go to one of those npcs that slam in the middle you can replay the intro scene
  8. DeathDweller

    Red Cult is summoning you

    Well they say Thursday but at my timezone is always Friday.Win win i guess.
  9. DeathDweller

    Next Open World: Does Lightning Strike Thrice?

    Tired of open worlds?no.Even with the minimum interaction that there is atm anything new will be welcomed but tired of all the things that going on for it to release like droughts(lore, mechanics, content)?yeah. What i would like after Fortuna?Quests and lore for past and present.There are so many things to explore that are left untouched.New star chart at Tau maybe. Even if they're going to bring another open world i'd like for it to get the classic rpg treatment.Main story quests with progression, side quests and leave the bounties for what they already are, dailies.And npcs oh god i never thought i'd ask for more npcs in a game.Cause as it is so far there is only 1 main quest as introduction and then bounties in a dead world with a sprinkle of boss fights till you die of boredom waiting for the next one. Hopefully some of the above have been implemented in Fortuna, guess we'll see.
  10. DeathDweller

    Solaris United ARG

    Well we can go to sleep now.See ya when they announce the delay for Fortuna.
  11. DeathDweller

    Solaris United ARG

    Dang it i was 3 minutes late
  12. DeathDweller

    Solaris United ARG

    Well we got PPRFFTTMMLOE. If we have in mind the Corpus writing and the 2 letters missing we can get: TEMPLE PROFFET considering that the two last letters are both E which could be the final name for Shrine Profit shown in the map
  13. DeathDweller

    Solaris United ARG

    yeah that's shrine to profit indeed
  14. DeathDweller

    Solaris United ARG

    doesn't open for me
  15. DeathDweller

    Solaris United ARG

    So what's the point to make us find a name that will only appear after launch?