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  1. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    I only got 15/17 noggle .. Missing Nova and Volt 🤔 🙏
  2. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Missing Mastery Profile UI For K-Drives

    you mean this ? 😛 plz MOA too !
  3. Unfortunately, I do not see any parts of the individual MOA and K-Drive. PARA MOA LAMBEO MOA OLORO MOA or BAD BABY FLATBELLY NEEDLENOSE See only MOA and K-DRIVE
  4. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Update Failures

    I mainly play warframe without steam. Yesterday I wanted to look at the tennogen design and had a mistake. I just copied my not steam warframe cache folder into the steam folder. That's how it went *google english 😛
  5. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.9.1

  6. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.16.0

    Added “Mission Time” to the End of Mission screen under STATS. BEST!!!!!
  7. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Warframe Drop Rates Data

    because it is only ENDO not 15 Endo. 50 Endo or 80 Endo .. only Endo and all Endo together are 27.30% chance I dont know why DE do it so but is correct .. (this is by all enemys are drop Endo, all Endo Chance are together)..
  8. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Dedicated Conclave Servers

    so my goal 100k full...was funny ..
  9. where im put this line? " Warframe.x64.exe -log:DS1.log -allowmultiple -applet:/Lotus/Types/Game/DedicatedServer /Lotus/Types/GameRules/DefaultDedicatedServerSettings -instance:2 " in the ds.cfg , ee.cfs or in a shortcut ? shortcut im get a error : /Menu/Generic_Error /Lotus/Language/Menu/Framework_MustRunFromLauncher
  10. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    The Glast Gambit: Update 19.9.0

    Glyph Display not realy new feature ..
  11. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    April 27: Update Info Thread.

    18 = Chrome and 10 = nickel steel .. i think chroma get new skin -.-
  12. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Hunting Memory Leaks

    the bug is the sigil ur frame has already a Sigil = nothing ... BUT > change the Properties with the mouse, the game Read/Write the pic or a other file in the ram again and again [64K file] [if u click on Deflaut Properties also nothing] u must change with ur mouse ur frame has not a Sigil = nothing ... BUT > add a sigil and the ram goes up maybe this clear the bug more ... and sry for my english or what this is :) Aka: BierWurstGER (Dataminer)
  13. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    yeah i know it little bit :) if u see my zone Database u can see it is a sequence .. and so i know it can only be "shipyardsCap06". but i dont know we can get grineershipyards get from other planet or so .. but okay we have now all :)
  14. -TSA-BierWurstGER

    Oddity Thread (Gotta Find 'em All)

    i think we cant get 11-1 because the room what a mean never spawn .. after 100 runs this room never come .. gg DE i mean "ShipyardsCap06"