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  1. Clan name: Golden Crown Clan tier: Storm Clan platform: PC Clan role: founding warlord Feature image: This is the main hall. Here is where all the players appear. There are 4 laboratories, a trading post and the treasury of the clan. Each laboratory is also made in the Orokin style. This is a hall of fame and a modified statue. Here we write the names of the best players in clan. Results are summarized monthly. This is Tavern Yeol. Here we are holding social events - fashion frame, quizzes and more. This is our modest Observatory. The main part of the decorations were used to make space and the control Bridge of the warship. We are on the warship's deck. The guns are loaded and ready for battle. The first operating portal, which you can REALLY enter without a transporter. With the help of the portal we get to another part of the star system to the Golden Dawn space warp-station. Every corridor, and every corner is decorated. We have no unfinished sites in the dojo. From the intersection, you can go straight to the Great Hall, to Tenno apartment buildings or to the technical compartment. Residential buildings of tenno - this is a living place for the Tenno in our clan, it is divided into 5 thematic blocks - Oberon, Omut, Stalker, Flame, Profit. Clanmates can choose a theme and build their own room there. The room will be signed with the player's nickname. Great Hall - Wonderful Forest. Pristine forest with a magnificent tree Yggdrasil in the middle. Behind the tree we can see the petrified Orokin wyrm from the "War Within" quest. We can also go up to the Teshin meditation mountain. It is so high that we touch the clouds and see the snow. Two handmade obstacle courses start from this hall - one for the Warframes and one for the Operator. There is also a classic one and a duel arena with custom rules for balance. Technical compartment - area for loading and sorting cargo and goods. To make it easier, we took the technology from the Corpus, assembling a loader and a crane, and Grineer gave the trolley system to us. After all, our Dojo is a ship, and in order for the ship to work and move it needs fuel. We get the fuel from Sylvia asteroid. This is a real drifting asteroid of the solar system. The temperature on the surface reaches -150 celsium degrees. To get to the depths and resources, we landed on the surface and drilled a hole inside. As it turned out, inside there are not only the resources, but also remnants of the ancient Orokin civilization . The reactors are hidden on this underground floor, so as not to spoil the overall look of the dojo. We can also go to the surface of Sylvia using the transporter. Eternal cold, eternal ice.
  2. I write through Google translator. The textures of the Christmas tree in the dojo are gone. Why my tree is black?
  3. I am from the Russian region. I am writing through Google translator. Sorry. Below are those bugs and inaccuracies that have not yet been fixed. Obstacle course: 1. Cylinders disappear when colliding with a camera in construction mode or a warframe that is not even going through the test. 2. Mannequins can still be killed by another player while passing the track. 3. Ammos are not replenished after passing the track. It is necessary to use the item to restore the ammo or go back to the dojo. 4. After exiting the track, you can be thrown into any random room in the dojo. I think you should appear right where you were before entering it. 5. track coloring can only see the host. other players see standard coloring. 6. the reverse side of the laser disc does damage if you jump on it or crouch to jump. 7. It is still not possible to make an obstacle course only for the Operator, by removing the opportunity to choose a warframe. 8. The energy of the Operator during the course is not visible. 9. There is no device with the help of which it is possible to interrupt the passage ahead of time. Only death. 10. If you passing the obstacle course by the Operator, then the passage can not be interrupted, even by the death of Warframe, since he becomes invulnerable. To interrupt the passage of the obstacle course for the operator is only possible by going to the dojo. 11. Solo mode does not work. Players have to wait for their turn to pass the obstacle course. Dojo: 1. Old jewelery still requires 3 points of capacity when new ones are worth 1. 2. For jewelry purchased from Business, Ticker, Baro and purchased for platinum in the store (I play at the RU, the names may differ), you still cannot change the size in the dojo. Why do they have a capacity of 20 if they are so small? 3. The teleport still does not support the Russian language. Russian players are forced to write Russian words in English letters. FIREWORKS IN DOJO! Why not make it possible to let fireworks into the dojo? We could celebrate holidays with the clan and friends. Concept attached below. fireworks at the dojo
  4. Where are the dojo decorations? I can not find the holiday boxes that were last year !!! 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 I am writing through Google translator. Sry.
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