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  1. Give us some nuddle so we can smak them to the ground or charge the nuddle so we can lunch them into space and see a litle star.
  2. Can we talk about arbitration drop chance? just did 25 rounds on interception all I got is endo! there is nothing rewarding about this "End-o-Game"
  3. Can you add the ability in the foundry to stack craft gems?
  4. Based on the current velocity of releasing frames and weapons MR will be capped soon, how do you plan to address MR once it reaches rank 30?
  5. @[DE]Drew Curious thing I have already notice with the arbitration emote, people would gather around it and join in the meditation. Kind of makes me wounder what if it would be an interactive emote like a hand shake, or more even a way to join arbitration by summoning the emote. Just a thought.
  6. Amazing thank you DE. on the side note: Enemies no longer drop Reinforcement Beacons at excavation? Can we atleast have them on tier 5? the high intensity is fun!
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