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  1. Now we are ready to head to the vail Weigh, hey , jump and go! Our fish and our whale are all in the pawn To be grinded and Blasted in the void hole! The red sea full of pirates boarding our deck Weigh, hey, kill them all! Harpun all those snail ships to give us reward We want those reactors, G-point will be stole!
  2. Just had another fun thought. Can we get the mechanic of the void hole to do gravity seed boost when you flying around it? like a slingshot around a mass (rocket science stuff).
  3. End reward drop is terrible especially when it comes to the reactor. Very drop chance, very big range of stats end to end. Why is it I dropped maybe 5 Vidar reactors after HUNDREDS of missions and they are WORSE then my Zekti one? If its a Tier 3 reactor in no way the lower end stats be lower then T1 reactor. Now I understand that this mechanic of random stat is a new one, so I do have a suggestion. Why not use the Dirac that we accumulated so fast to be used to roll our reactors stats to a point. I have already 250k Dirac that I don't have nothing to use on. More so... RJ "Refine" bottom doesn't server any real porpoise. Yes, I understand you can only use 200 of your resources at mission, and yes, I understand you gather more resources beyond the cap level you see. And yet same action can be achieved automatically by docking RJ in the Dojo. And if you say "But I need to leave *what ever reason* " and refine you are rubbing an opportunity for the crew members to continue to the next mission fully stocked. However "Refine" button can fix a different problem we currently have in mission and its sharing resources between players. Sharing resources in mission might be a problem right now cause of different instances it generate in mission, but what if we could simply bank the resources from instances. For example, right now no resources shared between players in the base and players in space. You could say that players in base can gather resources separately and bank into the "forge" once you on RJ. That way other members of the team can focus on performing other task knowing loot will be shared at the end of the mission. Activity log should be kept running during this time to read what resources been pick up in case of hots migration happens, and if a player disconnects a "bag" of loot will drop that a different player would pick up and bring it to the ship. This mechanic can all so open opportunity for new mission mechanics like a "heist" etc.
  4. Hello dear DE, sorry if I'm re-posting things already been said. Few ideas about the Railjack I would like to share. RJ Cofigure UI: Avionics - Make it so we could move mods by drag and drop between slots - Make 3 more sorting lists for no-school mods, Battle mods and Tactical mods. Payload - Have a toggle option for auto reload all the payload, so we wont need to do it manually when we dock to port. Components and Armaments - Stock pile all same sort of part on to one pile - If we want to scrap let us select several items at the same time so we wont need to manually remove one by one. - Make a sorting list for each school - Remove the cap of how many items we can have. There is no reason to do so, if we can have unlimited mods / weapons / frames / resources why putting a cap on amount of items we can hold in the hanger? Serves no purpose and some people would like to collect all the items. RJ Crafting - Can we please have an option to load some resources on to RJ to kick start crafting right from the start? Mission Intrinsics and resources: - This is a big one, intrinsics should be equal to everyone base how we did in the mission as a team not an individual. Resources collected in the base should be shareable same as we collect everything in space. Other wise you removing the aspect of team effort. - If leach players are a problem that causes this throttle they can be dealt with other creative solutions. Thank you for reading.
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