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  1. Quindecillion

    Operator Body/Clothing Feedback + Changes!

    Update: Now with the new update in place you can see that the circle is missing. For me personally, the problem with this is that it makes non-bulky suits such as the Manduka Suit look wierd without that circle. And the chain from the Saita Prime suit doesn't look right on non-bulky suits. Edit: Looking back now I see that a lot was removed from Hood. I guess with the new mesh update it wouldn't be possable to bring back some of that stuff but it really does hurt the fashion for this Hood.
  2. Please keep this circle thing on the Saita Prime Hood. I don't have screenshots of the updated mesh version but you'll still understand what I mean. Here is the operator with nothing on: And here is the operator with only the Saita Prime Hood: As you can see it has a circle on the back part of it. In the mesh update they removed that making the fashion potential much lower. For example I loved putting the Commodore Prime Cuirass with it because the chain would go into that circle. And this is just another random example of how good it looks.
  3. Quindecillion

    New Contest: Captura the Moment!

    Linkin Warframe: Hybrid Theory ONLY A 90's KID WILL REMEMBER