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  1. Ye exactly. I never said delete his exalted blade, just make him not use it as a main melee weapon with his 4 skill. His 3 other skills would still use it (well, also the 4th counting my idea), so it would still make perfect sense that its in videos and lore. He still has it, he still uses it. @Sonicbullitt I can totally understand that a founder with excalibur prime (i assume) would be against most changes, as i said, its a difficult topic for this frame, as hes the only one that has a version noone can get again. But honestly, the way he is right now, do you, or others, enjoy playing him? The thing i just dont like the most is, you either use your normal melee weapon and ignore his skill, or you just use his skill and ignore his melee. I cant imagine anyone that swaps between both in a mission. I mean you could, but... i just wouldnt do it. At least not until i run out of energy. But, i just had another idea for a change to his 4. Let him keep the blade as his 4, but remove the energy drain, but make attacks use energy. Kinda like Ivaras bow, which maybe isnt that strong, but id love the idea for using energy on attacks instead of a drain for all exalted weapons. For exalted blade specifically, i would make every attack cost a LOT of energy, like at least 50, but make it extremly strong. So you cant spam it for long, but you can use it for big groups, or tough enemies, like in my opinion it should have been designed. An exalted blade that you just can use 24/7 in a mission that shoots energy waves, but cant reach the damage of a normal melee... just doesnt sound too exalted to me. If i wanted to use a gun, i would use a gun.
  2. First of all, i didnt not expect this many comments, and positive ones at that. I counted on getting absolutley stomped on for daring to even mention sweet baby excalibur. I didnt know that his 1 had an older version, that sounds also really good if that would come back. I cant imagine why they changed that, it sounds so much more useful. Also i like the idea of his 3 being changed to blades cloaking him for resistance, reminds me of skills in other mmos, which isnt a bad thing. It would make sense to give a melee frame dmg reduction, theres no reason not to if mesa has it for instance, while not even being near enemies normally. I still would like that when you activate it again, the blades hit enemies around you and drag them to you, something to get enemies to you would be very useful for a melee frame.
  3. First of all, dont take this too seriously, im just a normal player with a limited understanding of most things in the game, i just wanted to make a list of things i think could improve Excalibur, since right now he only exists on his 4, like many other frames. I know he is the mascot of warframe, and very important to everyone, talking about changes for him wont sit right with everyone and would have to be done right, but this is my feedback, so ye. I will just make a point for all of his skills: 1. His 1 is very unreliable and pretty much never used, maybe as a bad gap closer. Everyone can see that it doesnt work right, sometimes it hits one enemie, sometimes multible... sometimes none, even in big groups. It also is pretty slow if you decide to use it, and when it hits multible enemies, can become a death trap. Now, i would change it somewhat like this: You can only use it on a target, so youre guaranteed to hit it. If you press 1 just once it will hit only one enemie in a quick sweep as a gap closer, but if you hold it, it will continue to slash between enemies in the area, for an energy drain per enemie. This would serve the same function as it does now, but... better, and with more options in my eyes. 2. The blind is actually his second best skill and i dont know how to improve it much further, so imo that can stay as it is. 3. The 3 is at least as underwhelming as his 1, it also serves the almost same purpose, hitting multible enemies for very little damage. On very low levels it will stick enemies to walls, which is... fun i guess, but extremly unnessecary. On even medium levels it will do absolutley nothing but stun enemies a little bit. In which case youre better of using his 2. This skill is imo never worth using in normal gameplay. My idea for a change would be, first of all make the animation quicker, and after enemies got hit by the javilin, when excalibur rips his sword out of the ground, it pulls all enemies hit by javilins towards him into melee range, just not from extremly far away. Which would make sense for THE melee frame. Kinda like Nidus 2, but centered on him. 4. Now, for this one... i know this is the bread and butter of excalibur right now, and the almost only reason of using him imo. But i would love to get rid of this skill entirely. I like the idea of some frames having their own weapons they can summon and use, but... this game has enough weapons, almost all of them worth using, and sadly, almost always better to use then exalted weapons, because of mod limitations, energy drain etc. Excaliburs is i think the best exalted weapon in the game, because its actually strong. Wukong, Ivara, Garuda... they all are atm better off using other melee weapons then their 4, which is ok, but kinda wastes their 4th ability. Maybe i will make another thread on exalted weapons in general, now back to this one. So heres my idea for this one: Dont make him draw and use his exalted blade. Instead, make him ram it into the ground, and project a buff aura, that gives a buff to melee weapons for you and teammates in the aura, at a constant energy drain. This buff being, either sending out energy waves like his 4 does right now, or just massivley increasing melee range, so youre able to hit enemies way outside this buff circle. Could even work with his Chromatic Blade augment, just give the elemental buff to the other weapons too. Maybe the initial strike can push enemies away (since his 3 would pull them in now), and he can recall it at any time by pressing 4 again. When the sword hits enemies on its way back, it could deal massive damage, it would be tricky to use, but give a worthwhile reward for using it. The main reason i came up with those changes is, that id love to use Umbra with his signature weapon Skiajati... but he just almost never has to use it, in almost every mission his 4 is just on constantly. And i find that a bit sad. Same with Wukong, IF you wanna use his staff and build it for dmg, you probably wont use your normal melee weapon, at least not much. So in my mind one way of making him use his Skiajati, or any other melee weapon, is to not make him use his exalted blade at all time, but make it buff other melee weapons, and itself can still be used for his 1 slash. I know, those changes arent perfect, or even thought through, i just wrote this out of my mind. But id still love to hear comments on this, positive or negative. I just wrote what would make me use Excalibur a lot more again, probably even main him. He is strong right now, but in my eyes not for the right reasons. I like using multible, if possible all, skills a warframe has to offer, insead of just using one which also replaces your melee weapon, and just destroys everything. But, that could be just me. Lemme know what you think. Also, sorry for writing this much, but as you can maybe tell, since i came back to this game a few weeks ago, i really care for it now. Id really love to see it get as good as it can.
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