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  1. When I was playing consistently (stopped after I read/disliked the recent update) I noticed there weren't near as many people playing. Trading was scarce, clan recruiting near impossible, fissures with only yourself, etc). I think it has a bit to do with the lack of updates and Destiny 2 going free to play. Consoles haven't had an update in nearly two months. I think that's a big part of the lack of players.
  2. This thread is 40+ pages and I haven't read every post, but I've read a good portion of them... I have probably 800k melee kills (I'm sure there are plenty of you with way more than that). Needless to say, I really enjoy melee combat (even if it isn't perfect). That said, alot of these melee changes really do seem great. I love the direction it's going. However, as someone that enjoys the occasional 3+hr survival, I am concerned with the mod adjustments. I know endurance runs aren't really what DE cares about, but how am I going to reliably kill 3k+ enemies without the scaling of CO + BR (especially if I am solo - which I usually am)? Without both of these, I'm not sure I can make it that long... I know I'm not alone in that fear, but I'm sure it's a minority opinion. I hope the part of the game I enjoy the most doesn't inadvertently get 'removed' because of these changes. I guess I will just have to wait and see how things play out... Also, unless DE decides to change the way hordes of enemies are coming at us, I'm not sure how heavy attacks are going to be all that helpful. We need consistent dps... I guess it's possible they are trying to bring CC back into relevance... On side note, in a long survival, I don't enjoy that I have to slog through 90+ mindless minutes to get to the interesting combat. Any way we can do something about that (I know that has nothing to do with this thread)?
  3. Quick tip. Take Ballistica Prime along with you. Scan as per normal, then kill with ballistica, then scan the ghost variant as well (but be quick about the ghost scans).
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