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  1. Warframe Builder

    Bug report: -Streamlined Form, isn't being counted as an Exiles mod as it should be. Also, there is no option to see how Health Conversion and Energy conversion affect your build. It is hard to tell how much net health your frame has wich each stack of Health Conversion. Just noticed, energy conversion is already calculated.
  2. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    How can I track what idea has the most votes?
  3. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    What is that circular thing that you show in the picture next to it?
  4. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    Oh, I get it now.
  5. Warframe Builder

    Oh, too bad :(
  6. The Best Defense - Melee Creation Contest!

    I think this should be a pike, or a spear not a Polearm.
  7. Warframe Builder

    I was just wondering if it would be possible if some day people could comment on your build, I think if people could comment on builds it would make it easier to see what problems people are having with them and help improve upon the said builds. Many thanks for making this wonderful tool. I hope this project continues to expand :D.
  8. Warframe Builder

    OK thanks :)
  9. Warframe Builder

    When will the Aklex Prime be added? Or is it possible for a community member to add it really quick?