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  1. ignore this please
  2. Never mind, I found out the mistake I was making with the other equation. But it stands the same that warding halo can have 16k armor max. Rino can get a max of 18592, with the same build on, that with the argument would be insane.
  3. No one has an opinion on the subject? :O wow.
  4. My point is, I don't think that the base health of these ability are affected by their armor as explained in the equation.
  5. Well that's how it is if you take into account the armor modifier that is supposed to be affected by power strength. P.S, if I'm right, Rhino's Iron Skin is more powerful than that.
  6. The wiki says warding halo has an armor multiplier. I have noticed also, that the equation for Warding Halos health is an (unmodified-by-power-strength multiplier times armor), plus health), times power strength. Is the end resultant health affected by supposed (armor times armor modifier), or is all your armor converted to warding halo's helth? I would have thought that Warding Halo health is just the base warding halo health times power strength and that all the new health is affected by the damage mitigation from the newly multiplied armor. For example, this is the equation that I would expect for the health. 900 (base health) x 2.49 (power strength) is 2241 health. This all being affected by 175 x (2.5 (base multiplier) x 2.49) = 6.225 x 175 = 1089 armor, wich is a ~77 % damage mitigation. A net health of ~9700. What do you guys think.
  7. Bug report: -Streamlined Form, isn't being counted as an Exiles mod as it should be. Also, there is no option to see how Health Conversion and Energy conversion affect your build. It is hard to tell how much net health your frame has wich each stack of Health Conversion. Just noticed, energy conversion is already calculated.
  8. The damage that mallet has built up disappears when you put down Resonator. Doesn't it?
  9. Is it worth combining mallet with resonator? I have found that it doesn't help resonator much if at all and resonator doesn't help mallet ether. Also, is there any situation where you would prefer resonator over malle. What is the point of mallet except to be a little funny? I mean, if mobs could shoot while they were charmed by resonator it would be different, but what would happen to resonator if everything was shooting at it... Any tips or trick for using resonator effectively in other words.
  10. PM your offers. Hornet Strike, Primed TT, Primed PG, Pathogen Rounds, Lethal Torent, Baral Diffusion, Hollow Point, Riven will bring up your DPS up to about >40k and with 70% status and corrosive damage. I think it is top tier
  11. :O that is is true, why didn't I look it up sooner LOL. THat's nub of me. Any suggestions on the other builds, like the Venka prime build?
  12. Are any speed mods necessary on the Telos Boltas? I haven't gotten it yet (though I plan to soon). So I haven't been able to test it out well yet and it makes it hard to make the right choices.
  13. Did you not read my reply, If your argument is true, then get rid of Primed Pressure point; Primed Pressure Point says weapon damage to. I have looked it up and people who have tested it say any mod that brings up your "Weapon Damage" brings up your base damage. Look it up for yourself. As for your build, you got ofly close to the combo counter build that I have suggested in the description of the Galatine Prime build.
  14. In this thread I would like to ask anyone who sees it to tell me what they think of my Bleed Out Builds and ask for advice on how to improve them, any use full feedback is much appreciated. Here are the builds : Venka Prime Dual Kamas Prime Atterax Galatine Prime Nikana Prime If you would like me to try making this build on any other weapon of your choice, I will accept those requests.
  15. I will be moving focus to another Thread to get more advice on other builds like my Venka Prime, Telos Boltas or Dual Kamas Prime builds. The new thread will be called the Bleed Out Build DIscussion Thread.