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  1. I went to do the mission as a solo (invite only). Went to the cave, killed 6 guys, found the dead quill and then jumped on the rock to fish. When I hit the fish and succesfully cought it the screen went black and stood that way, being forced to restart the game. Was using Gara and had no ability active, Opticor Vandal, Catchmoon kitgun (haymeker/splat), Atterax and a Helios Prime. That's all the information I can give, hope it helps. Thank you, Kamsa.
  2. Hello, I had this daily to do just now where I was sopposed to kill 150 enemies with my secondary weapons. I've noticed that Mesa's regulators count towards the kill counter therefore I have went to Hydron to get a quick 150 kills whilst leveling up my new crafted sword Cobra&Crane. During this mission the host has left on wave number 3, after that we left at wave 5 concluding the mission with success. Went to the Nightwave menu and before opening up it froze for like a second or two. Before I did the mission I was at 9450 points, but now I was at 10450. Kept exiting the menu and going back in, the freezing kept happening, no level up, still just 10450 points. I've decided in the end to restart the client to then log back in, go to the menu and see that I was back at 9450 points. Tried to give as many details as possible, there's really nothing more to it than what I've specified. I hope this helps leading you to fixing the bug. Thank you, Kamsa.
  3. Kamsa

    Update Failures

    For me it says Update failed.. and just stuck there.. Tried all the stuff they say on their support page, now just simply reinstalling and hope it works. Feels bad for the waste on the 30 day boosters.
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