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  1. With the addition of Sevagoth, we can see what Inaros Passive should have been; Inaros passive is actually useless. To make his passive a bit more useful i thought we can make suggestions on how to improve it. - Faithful Swarm: Inaros converts into scarabs and starts seeking for enemies and damaging them for 5 secs. The damage dealt, fills a bar that will determine the amount of health that inaros will have on the autorevive. This will have a Cooldown of 4 minutes. In addition to this, wukong needs a small buff for his passive too, maybe removing the limitation on times he c
  2. Cannot find the railjack monument bp on foundry or inventory.
  3. I know a lot of people will disagree -without having excalibur prime-, so if someone see another person being hater please just ignore him, here we dont have to discuss why yes, here we just need a good answer about WHY NOT. Because before was logical for both not be compatible, but now we are seeing Umbra Forma on game, a powerful tool that can be added to any warframe on the game and was suppossed to be exclusive from umbra weapons and warframes. So, once again, we need to ask for it. Isnt anything hard, i dont see a reason to keep it like this. Thanks for reading
  4. I already claimed the Unreal Skin and i got all the skins, but for some reason the Synkra Syandana isnt on my inventory.
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