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  1. On Ananke, Jupiter the lich spawned off map and just constantly fell and reset position. Video clip
  2. So, what I gather from this is that the statement about the changes being reverted by Rebecca was a lie? ("We are restoring the loot mechanics to what they were before The Jovian Concord - Warframe Loot Abilities will again be able to yield multiple-drops from already looted corpses.") Since this is not reverting the changes, just toning back the nerf and allowing certain synergies. This is very disappointing given that a fun playstyle would be to have a Nekros with a Chesa if you're a solo player, or a Khora Hydroid death ball combo. I completely understand the exact same effect not working multiple times on a single loot instance (IE: 2 Chesas not looting the same body/body part) but I don't understand why there would be a statement about reverting the changes and then doing this instead. Unless those combos were removed prior to the major loot synergy nerf with Jovian Concord and I just didn't notice because I had already finished my painful Hema grind.
  3. This right here has changed my mind and made me want to actually buy this prime access and actually makes me happy for the mod boosters being added. Also it gives an actual purpose back to Hydroid, Khora, and Kubrows for farming purposes since post-nerf, Nekros just outclassed them all to the point that they didn't matter (Thus still removing the choice for optimal farming anyway since it became "Kill everything as fast as possible and have Nekros afk somewhere nearby with high range" which translated to "Saryn, Nekros, Smeeta Kavat, Trinity, Rhino/Mirage/some other damage buffing frame"). Thank you for listening to the community, although I wish it hadn't taken so much outrage over it seeming to be a shady cash grab for us to be listened to when so many of us vocalized our distaste for the looting nerf in our looter shooter that we've all come to love. EDIT: after reading the hotfix notes for the reverting of the loot nerf, it appears to have just been toning back the nerf, which is still pretty shady since it was stated that the nerf would be reverted not just altered to be less extreme.
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