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  1. Hi! I have a bunch of prime parts, but not enough shiny ship decor. Just let me know what ayatans you own and what primes/prime parts you desire. Cheers -Halvkyrie
  2. I'm aware of that yes. I played back then too. I'm trying to point at how things are now.
  3. Dear DE. I can't help but wonder why missions like Marduk aren't available as void fissures, when they are in the void. In addition, why not let us run all 4 tiers of relics in the void, not just neo and axi? Not really sure what else to say. I think it would be a simple change, and appreciated by a fair bit of players. Sincerely, Halvkyrie.
  4. Really appreciate moving the mods from the necramechs to Loid <3
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