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  1. How is it a fallacy? I don't undermine anything in the argument. Balanced is exactly what it would become, but would it be fun, probably not. But then again I never said anyone should have a 'delete the map' button. Are you saying Khora has that atm? It doesn't become competetive because 3 other people can't do S#&$, then join a different lobby or play with different people. It's a fundamental game flaw. The game is not hard, in any way, shape or form. The ammount of enemies you get when in a full squad, you could up that 100x and it would still be a cake fest for most frames
  2. Why is the solution to nerf something in a none competitive game. It's purely a PvE game, (yes we have conclave, woopti #*!%ing doo) so why is the solition to nerf something that is fun, instead of buffing others. So becaues of a personal bias to a Warframe you perhaps enjoy more, like Hydroid, or some other garbage frame, your solution is to drag the rest down with you, instead of lifting the others up.
  3. So you would rather they nerf all warframes and weapons, instead of buffing them. So Khora is fun, and strong, LETS nerf her, and make her less fun and less powerful. Instead of buffing the other warframes and weapons making them more fun and viable... Most moronic thing I've heard all day. It would have some merrit if it were a competetive game, but it's not. I'm quite sure the Grineer or infested doesn't send letters to DE complaining about how OP players are.
  4. This style of play is completely dead atm. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature at this point, hard to tell the difference these days with DE. But as it stands, Khora is dead. Jumping normally, bullet jumping, sliding, about 40% of the time, my whip just misses the target, even though he's just standing right there in front of me. I can proceed to whip the same target 6-7-8 times, nothing happens, then the 9th time it will hit him, and I did nothing different compared to the first 8 hits that completely missed. It just makes ZERO sense.
  5. Neither do I. But imagine being in solo mode, fishing on Deimos for about 2-3 hours, then suddently you can't move. And those 2-3 hours have been a giant waste of time. This happens regularly for me, or issues of this scale. Where I'm left just asking myself, "why bother, why do I even bother playing anymore" I'm happy you have no issues, really, I am. My hope has always been for a good running game, capeable of gathering an even larger audience, so the game could truely unlock it's potential.
  6. I can somewhat agree with you, but I kinda enjoy the power you have Warframe, that feeling over being completely overpowered at times. I don't think the feeling of being extremely powerful excludes something being difficult, they just need to be more creative. I can't speak for consoles, since I only play Warframe on PC. But on PC I have multiple issues even when put to solo mode. But I will say that some bugs are exclusive to playing in multiplayer as well. Often times loading issues with textures, doors, enemies showing up on your screen, but not on a friends, enemies bei
  7. Having played Warframe for 7 years or so now, since Beta. I have no clue where this game is going or if they even care anymore. I know we've always had our fun and called Warframe for Bugframe, because it has always had plenty of bugs. Imo they have all been something I could live with. Over the past year of playing, it's just been going downhill. I have more and more bugs everyday, every missions tbh, and they range from minor inconveniences to completely game breaking bugs that cause you to basically just waste time, in the form of AI #*!%ing up, not spawning, objectives not getting compl
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