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  1. So we can be the Megatron to their Inferno, yes.
  2. Thank you so much for the update; I can't wait to experience it all. I know a lot of players were hoping you wouldn't release it on time, for some reason, but I hope that they will enjoy it, too.
  3. So long as the update comes out before Friday, it's going to meet DE's publicly self-imposed goal of October. That said, if you are so committed to despair, then it is certainly your prerogative to wait two months longer than the rest of us!
  4. That’s wonderful. I tried to reply with “What happens when Luis gets his pills” but it’s not on YouTube anymore!
  5. I recommend that DE start releasing snippets of the patch notes using letters clipped from magazines. I’ve already left my plat at the dead drop! 🤪
  6. If it ends up releasing next week, that is still within their October goal; it is also only possible for them to “DElay” anything because they are willing to share their development progress, which a great many developers resist doing due to predictable negative feedback. I sincerely thank you for quickly bringing news from Emisión to everyone’s attention - I speak castellano but did not know about the program -, but I feel that repeatedly expressing disappointment in this way is unkind to the human beings doing their best to make the mainline update and it risks being unkind to ourselves. We can’t control when they finish the update, but maintaining a healthy mindset will fortify our patience as well as our ability to enjoy the new content 🙂
  7. I am ridiculously amused that they hid such a goofy dirty joke in that name.
  8. I was dismayed for precisely the same reasons - I got a Dual Decurion riven recently - but fear not! I found that the UI works if you attempt to modify the archgun from its regular location directly below where you equip your archwing.
  9. Oh, dear! My wallet has been dreading the release of TennoGen Round 17. I don’t buy a wide variety of luxury goods, but high quality, digital hats are my biggest weakness.
  10. The aura mods are really niche, some much moreso than others, and several of them are particularly appealing when more than one person has them. As such, I worry about the suggestion to relegate the auras to the store because it might make it harder to ask party members to stack a certain niche aura if so few would bother to buy it, let alone upgrade it. Perhaps the concerns about diluting the loot table could be addressed by having the mods rewards be bundles of 2 to 4 different auras, or by having them drop from arbitration drones?
  11. I knew I’d be spending a lot on this round; I look forward to doing so! Congratulations to all the winners!
  12. Thanks for all the hard work everyone is putting in to get out the mainline update! I don't follow your inner workings - so hopefully this request is already fulfilled - but I wanted to implore you to forego the "crunch time" that too many developers subject their employees to. I am more than patient enough to wait for updates that are produced humanely! Regards, A heckin' chonkwhale
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