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  1. The melee system is fine for me and far less clunky than it use to be. It fits my playstyle and I too am often a melee main. I also re-configured my controls like the second day I ever played Warframe, making it closer to what the COD, Destiny, and Apex games control schemes are. It's a very fluid system that reduces much of the inconvenience in the previous iteration of melee. My concern now is all the other stuff they're looking to implement later. I'd be satisfied if they just left it as it is now.
  2. Now that makes a lot more sense. And with that being the case it does sound like bad design on DE's part then.
  3. I just attempted to do the Thermia Fractures event. I queued up 10 times, but was only able to complete 3 runs. This also isn't the first time I've experienced this. Now, I can't say that this is an issue on DE. From what I can tell this seems to be a growing problem, or rather a risk, that occurs when matchmaking with randoms. I honestly don't know why so many players are leaving before even grabbing a canister. Then there are the low MR players that are attempting to take on content they should know they can't handle. Then we have the bane of all our open world maps, the players that ignore missions and just mine/fish instead. All of this contributes to issues of host migration at some point. Yes, all of this can be solved by joining a clan or finding dedicated players in chat. But at the same time I believe there are ways to correct this that might improve the QOL when playing with randoms. One suggestion I have is that Thermia Fraction events, and other events like it, have a perimeter players must stay in. If they are outside that perimeter then they do not receive the rewards of that mission. Or they are simply booted from the squad after X amount of time, which could allow another player that wants to participate to join in. Or some other reasonable punishment that happens to players that are not fully participating as they should. With low MR's in places they shouldn't be, maybe it just isn't clear enough that they are dealing with content that will be more difficult for them. Perhaps information about enemy levels and such should be displayed as well with these events. This also reminds me of the surge in players, usually low MR, taking on relic missions with no relics. It may be time to not allow players that don't have relics to participate in Fissure missions.
  4. I'm now beginning to think NW's back fired. It sped up the burnout for many players. They found it unsatisfying as the grind stretched it out unnecessarily and then were told they would have to do the same all thing over again. Indefinitely by the looks of things. 10 weeks to move forward just with the story and then all the grinding in between just doesn't seem productive in the long run. Perhaps a better approach would of been to let NW be similar to how Syndicates are. No more Wolf Credits. The challenges players complete award standing that can be used to purchase Daily Rewards as they progress or stack their standing to unlock the next Rank/Episode of NW. Players also then earn a lore appropriate reward from Nora, similar to how players get a free reward with other factions. Once at max rank players could unlock a node that's an Assassination Mission with the Wolf. In post gameplay players would then have the ability to do challenges at their leisure. A mix of challenges awarding high or low standing then determine what/how many Daily Rewards a player can purchase that day.The daily standing cap could also be applied here. The theory here is that this method of NW could keep the player engaged with the gameplay they like, invested in story that delivers as they progress, and provides incentive for the time they spend as they rank up. Doing all of this within a more comfortable time frame so that fatigue and "rushing to get them all" doesn't compromise the experience. The story portion would all be with the initial climb up to max rank, then lets the pursuit of Daily Rewards take a far more passive role once players have achieved max level and the NW arc is completed. However, for this idea I would also suggest getting rid of some current rank up rewards and only keeping the ones relevant to NW's lore. I don't think it would hurt to allow Nora's awards to continue to rotate and change, though.
  5. I agree. Her deluxe doesn't scream "dominating cat-woman" and definitely looks more like something that would be for Saryn. Maybe had those petals and flower stuff been replaced with some BDSM accessory stuff. And some fur trim perhaps as well. I also say that cause I wonder how the game would handle fur texture on a frame.
  6. I question this as an "end game" reward for players. Most of us have already found ways to work around re-polarizing our frames as needed. Most of us already have the build(s) we feel is best for our frames. Most of us have learned how to min-max to compensate our builds before this new forma came around. This appears to only grant us a one time convenience as it will be consumed once used and the grind has to be repeated. Very useful new addition to the game, but I think "end game" players will be able to polarize a frame faster than it takes for this to drop and craft. Or maybe make it a reusable blueprint instead of a one time consumable.
  7. Yeah, I'm enjoying the melee as well so far. Good job.
  8. Has anyone considered what the multiple energy colors could do for Chroma? Like give him secondary elements. Cool idea, right?
  9. I don't think it's a typo. The "towers" are actually called capsules in the game. Ivara or Loki, don't kill any one, and don't open chest/lockers. Just sit invisible hopping capsule to capsule, I guess. Capsule and modules seems to be thrown around interchangeably over the net. But apparently, the challenge is referring to towers.
  10. To be fair, looking at the offerings, it seems players may be able to purchase quite a bit once they attain 100 creds. The 5 Nitain for 15 Cred looks most appealing, so I'll probably stock pile that. The full Vauban set should be attainable as well. And at least two weapons or 3 different skins or 4 mods should be accessible. Or whatever combination you want. All that in addition to the tier rewards. Potatoes are plat items so I don't judge them the same. I don't appreciate the new grind for these items, but within a week or two, a player could possibly make some gains. Maybe more than before.
  11. Maybe a bug. Mine carried over, resetting me to 2k/10k after reaching tier 2. Unless there's a limit to how much is allowed to carry over? Speaking of, I will say that the cap not increasing at the next rank was a welcomed sight. Hopefully it stays that way.
  12. This new system almost reminds me of Destiny 1 and it's Vanguard bounties. Only thing I see worth my time is the tier rewards. Maybe nitain, if and when I need it, but it'll become an after thought. I do believe that Elite Challenges should reward more standing in the future with respect to the activity. Especially, something like hunting Hydrolyst. 15k to 20k is a more suitable amount given the amount of effort it takes just to even be able to complete that. 5k sounds like something a single Eidolon would be worth in standing and even that may be too little. The players are mostly right, though. This new system is not an improvement over alerts. It is a very large step backwards to make something slower than it original was. That is the very opposite of progress. And this notion of wanting to get rid of the "snooze you lose" aspect of alerts, but then replace it with a "use it or lose it" system has no symmetry to it's logic. With old alerts the chances of obtaining a missed item were higher as it rotated more. With Night Wave it rotates less, but is gated by an significantly longer grind. With a game economy that resets. If the intention was to make something that looked too easy more difficult, then yes, Night Wave is currently a success. Those are my impressions so far. It would be worth consideration to see if this increases or decreases how these awards are obtained, compared to the old alerts that is.
  13. I also noticed that in ESO. My end screen said 85 eximus killed. However, my Eximus Challenge was still at 35. I don't know if it's a bug or if ESO eximus not being counted was a design choice on their end.
  14. Question: With the zaws and kit guns now a thing, are we gradually moving to making our own warframes eventually? Also, has there been any thought to rivens for warframes?
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