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  1. It's a serious problem that a person can play this game for years, stack hundreds upon hundreds of hours, have hundreds of thousands of kills of a certain enemy type, and STILL not have gained every mod that enemy type drops naturally. All that 0.5% drop chance stuff is just horrible game design and a "booster" is just greedy way of offering a solution. This especially looks bad after nerfing the farming frames just months before. This new booster is just telling people to pay for rng, a slimy GAMBLING practice that companies like EA, Activison, and others have already faced backlash over. I definitely wouldn't buy this booster off of principal alone. After all this time and investment, I generally don't care about anything in-game that I haven't gotten by now. Suggesting I pay for the CHANCE to MAYBE get an already rare item is just another waste of my time. Get rid of this booster, reverse the nerf to Nekros/Hydroid, and readjust the drop tables to something reasonable is my feedback.
  2. Great suggestions. I'm not opposed to something that still allows us to view and appreciate our ships, but the look of the load screen needs an upgrade. Destiny 1 and 2 load screens were very nice for their ships. And Apex has game art as part of theirs, another cool feature. Just some examples, cause it feels like something is needed in this area.
  3. Update after update, year after year, the game changes. It's made significant strides since it's initial release in every aspect, except the load screen. We need something that doesn't look like our lisets are dangling on strings against a cardboard drawing in a live action muppets show. It's outdated and a bad representation of the high quality DE has shown they are capable of. Dare I say it even looks lazy and just neglected at this point. Maybe a new loading cinematic? Or maybe a slideshow of warframe art? How about implementing some kind of restoration for the old ready up load screen? Feel free to add more suggestions?
  4. Yeah, I'm enjoying the melee as well so far. Good job.
  5. Has anyone considered what the multiple energy colors could do for Chroma? Like give him secondary elements. Cool idea, right?
  6. To be fair, looking at the offerings, it seems players may be able to purchase quite a bit once they attain 100 creds. The 5 Nitain for 15 Cred looks most appealing, so I'll probably stock pile that. The full Vauban set should be attainable as well. And at least two weapons or 3 different skins or 4 mods should be accessible. Or whatever combination you want. All that in addition to the tier rewards. Potatoes are plat items so I don't judge them the same. I don't appreciate the new grind for these items, but within a week or two, a player could possibly make some gains. Maybe more than before.
  7. Maybe a bug. Mine carried over, resetting me to 2k/10k after reaching tier 2. Unless there's a limit to how much is allowed to carry over? Speaking of, I will say that the cap not increasing at the next rank was a welcomed sight. Hopefully it stays that way.
  8. This new system almost reminds me of Destiny 1 and it's Vanguard bounties. Only thing I see worth my time is the tier rewards. Maybe nitain, if and when I need it, but it'll become an after thought. I do believe that Elite Challenges should reward more standing in the future with respect to the activity. Especially, something like hunting Hydrolyst. 15k to 20k is a more suitable amount given the amount of effort it takes just to even be able to complete that. 5k sounds like something a single Eidolon would be worth in standing and even that may be too little. The players are mostly right, though. This new system is not an improvement over alerts. It is a very large step backwards to make something slower than it original was. That is the very opposite of progress. And this notion of wanting to get rid of the "snooze you lose" aspect of alerts, but then replace it with a "use it or lose it" system has no symmetry to it's logic. With old alerts the chances of obtaining a missed item were higher as it rotated more. With Night Wave it rotates less, but is gated by an significantly longer grind. With a game economy that resets. If the intention was to make something that looked too easy more difficult, then yes, Night Wave is currently a success. Those are my impressions so far. It would be worth consideration to see if this increases or decreases how these awards are obtained, compared to the old alerts that is.
  9. I also noticed that in ESO. My end screen said 85 eximus killed. However, my Eximus Challenge was still at 35. I don't know if it's a bug or if ESO eximus not being counted was a design choice on their end.
  10. Question: With the zaws and kit guns now a thing, are we gradually moving to making our own warframes eventually? Also, has there been any thought to rivens for warframes?
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