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  1. Wanted to suggest that upon achieving max ranks, players should gain access to all of the bounty rewards from the vendor through them being purchasable with standing. Similar to how Syndicates are currently designed in game. I don't believe having max rank offers enough incentive to keep players coming back. But the large list of rewards in the bounty pool offers many rewards that will provide a more satisfying experience for players to continue doing bounties. Players may prefer a better investment of their time actually knowing what and how they can attain these rewards instead relying on rn
  2. I want to say that I like the token system. We can play bounties and stack tokens up even after reaching our standing cap. This gives incentive for playing after you reach the cap at least. The next day, I can just turn in those tokens to get my next cap/rank instantly. This is a quality of life improvement for standing I appreciate and hope to see continue... until a progression system better than standing is introduced, but that's another thread. I do agree that forcing fishing and conversation was a bad choice for main game progression. Luckily, depending on how you look at it, I was a
  3. Genuinely excited about the list and everything else. Which does say something since I'm one of the people that left the game during Railjack. This is the type of content I like to see so hopefully the time away and other new stuff makes grinding for Deimos standing, or whatever it'll be called, interesting. Or at least tolerable.
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