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  1. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    Venetian Carnival Contest is Live!

    Here's my submission.
  2. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    End game help

    First thing is to decide if the weapon is fun and the frames play style is something you enjoy. The next thing is to decide if the weapons stats are worth it and decide what direction you want to build the frame in. With weapons I generally consider anything with less that 15% base status and/or Crit Chance fodder. If it excels greatly in one of those categories with higher than 15% base status and/or crit chance it will likely have more potential. But something you can build as a hybrid with at least 15% for both base status and crit chance is preferred. So far I prefer weapons where the status is higher than the crit chance after modding. I'm not sure what to tell you about melee weapons since the combo multiplier is about to be redesigned along with a lot other incoming changes to it. Frames are more subjective. I prefer melee friendly frames which seem to tank easier, but there are certainly cases where a specific frame excels more at certain mission types. Then there are some you may not be interested in playing with, that's up to you. Prime versions are desired. Rng is rng so expect to be frustrated. Trade chat is it's own thing. And if you're comfortable with buying primes in the market do you. It's up to you how to get them. Do not sell any of the free weapons you get from Log-in Rewards. Have patience and save your starting plat until you just have to have that thing. No crazier feeling that paying full price for something in the market just to have a discount coupon popup in your login the next day. But what you should buy now is mainly weapon slots and frame slots so that you can own more equipment. Also that free plat can only be used in the market place, cannot be used for trading or buying tennogen. Maybe restricted in other areas as well, not certain though. Anything you don't understand in the game Google it before you commit too it. There's likely already a discussion or some media on it that has the info you're looking for. You'll save yourself a lot of regret, wasted plat, expended resources, and loss time with some research.
  3. It's not even about the mod cap, one simply cost less and the difference is trivial. That extra 5% isn't even worth a forma.
  4. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    need to start over.how much will this cost?

    In my 4 years I'm certain I've spent close to $300 total up to now, so maybe some where in that area.
  5. One has a cost of 9pts (Rage), the other a cost of 11pts (Hunter Adrenaline) when modding. I honestly don't consider a mere 5% difference worth the extra 3 points of modding points. I go with Rage every time.
  6. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    Can't Find Fishing Hotspots in POE

    This is the area I usually get them in, I farmed them all last week in fact. There is a set of giant gray rocks that slope into the water right along that very coast line. Also, in that spot the water appears to be the clearest allowing you to see all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor. Use the murkray bait as the fish does not spawn without it. Now from what I can tell, the fishing spot is only active for a certain amount of time. And it may or may not become active again once you've fished there. My solution to this was to exit and re-enter the POE, it appeared to "reset" the fishing spot allowing it to become active again. Once you arrive to begin fishing hold the aim button till you hear the water bubble sounds, expect to wait. I think the game has to load the fish or something, cause the spot doesn't always become active instantly. If it doesn't trigger after maybe 3 minutes (1 minute if you're impatient like me), you need to reset it again. And do not use the Murkray bait until you hear the water bubble sounds Not ideal, but it's the best we can do with what they've given us.
  7. From what I remember it was suggested that the Channeling function would now be combined with Blocking. But we'll see how that goes. I like most of the proposed changes, definitely want would like to see better combo inputs, and with my controller setup it SHOULD be a graceful transition if Channeling is combined with Blocking. I just wish they never thought to mess with the Combo Multiplier. What was that even hurting in the first place?
  8. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    "Only purchased platinum can buy this item"?

    I was under the impression that platinum was platinum, but seems I was wrong. If there is an in-game currency of plat that's going to be under restrictions, what we essentially have here is a separate economy of mtx. I am a player that has traded plat, received offered free plat from game, and purchased plat through the market, it appears to all be bundled together. Since there is a restriction on certain kinds of plat, there is currently no way in-game for us to know how much of our plat is affected by this limitation. What I suggest is that this restricted plat is given it's own label and it's usage is explained. It would be clearer if it's differentiated so that users are made aware of which plat is which and which plat can do what.
  9. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    incomplete ESO (Elite Sanctuary Onslaught) runs

    ESO as a leveling spot fits far better IMO. What it could benefit from is some type of communication so that players know when others plan to leave. You could do this yourself though chat or ask/wait for DE to implement something that does it when matchmaking. But my main gripe with ESO and SO as well is that isn't doesn't build standing with Simaris. It is a syndicate activity and I believe it should do so as the rest in the menu. And if Simaris was a vendor that offered some of the rarer mods/resources in the game for standing... you get where I'm going here. It's all about incentive.
  10. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    Limbo causing players stress

    While we're at it, I've seen the same issue with Nekro's 4 and Revenants similiar ability. What worst is that Revenants controlled enemies can be killed. I don't know how that frame works exactly, but I do feel a slight bit of guilt after accidentally killing those turned enemies. Also, it makes me wonder if that ability is really of any use since the player minions are subject to friendly fire.
  11. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    What are you looking for from end game?

    Personally, I'd love to just sit back and play an unending list of Sortie missions that always gave rewards from the Sortie pool. Maybe they could even add some of these super rare mods that I still haven't seen after 3 years as possible rewards. That would fill the end game void I have at the moment. ESO also seems cool, but the efficiency thing is hindering it I think. I don't even see the purpose of having a good grade at the end of every zone. Maybe have your ability to stay live tied to how far you can go through it instead. Let your efficiency be tied to a reward, or allow booster bonuses, or something that actually rewards KPS to stop you from playing. Love how affinity works in SO/ESO, don't change that. It's a lot better than going to Hydron for the thousandth time.
  12. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    Can We Stop Catering to New Players?

    I agree with Fortuna catering to new starting players and not powerful veterans. I expected nothing more than another POE with this update and so far it seems I was accurate. It is not "end game", thus should be within the realm of a player with max level weapons and frame to complete with the mods accessible up to that point. However, I do believe there should be content based in Fortuna that the player can return to after they progressed more. That is when the more "end game" challenges could be implemented. I think the veteran players are just thirsty for more content and that's why the Fortuna nerf is such a problem to them.
  13. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Question: With the zaws and kit guns now a thing, are we gradually moving to making our own warframes eventually? Also, has there been any thought to rivens for warframes?
  14. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon Update 22.3.5 (LIVE!)

    Digging the updates, especially the stuff about leaving the plains. That was my main gripe with POE so far.
  15. (PS4)FatMacBrbn

    Riven Reward for "Chains of Harrow"

    Why do people keep telling this lie? I havent gotten a riven from a sortie since rivens launched. Things must be different on PC.