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  1. Yes, I’ll second the observation of the textures on the Jet Sentinel wings still being misaligned.
  2. I’m enjoying the new update, while waiting for Fortuna to drop on consoles and decided it was the perfect time to update my dojo, especially with all the new colors, objects, and effects. After fiddling with many of the new construction option for about a week, I believe the dojo system as a whole is almost perfect, but could use a few tweaks. 1) If we’re going to be able as players to use all of the new objects we’re going to need to be able to manipulate those objects with more precision as it’s incredibly frustrating because the objects cannot be set according to actual numerical values along an x, y, or z axis! It would be extremely beneficial if players could set the numerical values so as to greatly reduce time wasted trying to set said objects! 2) It would be awesome if the new lighting system had sliders to adjust lighting intensity. Especially for colors such as Tower White as the glare produced by the lighting is incredibly bright. Using a slightly less intense color like Wisp Gray does not produce the same results as the entire lighting color scheme is different. The “fog” effect would also benefit greatly as with certain colors it doesn’t so much as add a fogging effect as override the lighting and colors all together, which is a shame when players put so much work into farming pigment! 3) Finally many of the rooms although different don’t apply lighting the same way and it’s incredibly frustrating trying to set lighting color schemes when various rooms display the applied colors differently. Hallway pieces are a prime example as they only apply the correct color key to the ambient lighting and not the actual light source, which is odd, to say the least. This is in contrast to the gardens and Main Hall-type pieces that apply the color key to the source lighting. 4) An option to toggle color schemes to the static object displays. An example would be the option to turn on/off color schemes from applying to the Infested in the Bio Lab. It would also be of benefit to be able to apply coloration (toggle on/off) to the various faction specific platforms and walkways so they correlate to the room that they are in. I’m also enjoying the first weapon to be upgradeable beyond rank 30, the Paracesis!
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