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  1. Twitch Prime is somewhat of a joke, but it serves its purpose of generating advertising through Twitch AND providing bonuses for those who support it. All in all it is a win win for DE and Twitch, regardless of any potential negatives in the value of the platinum player market. The net gains are far more beneficial than minor hiccups due to players selling a few Frames for less Platinum because of free gear for only those who use a tertiary streaming service.
  2. I don't really see an issue because there are quite a few blatantly disrespectful Tenno out there in any of the chats; which frankly is sad. The main problem is the severity of the bans in the time limit of the ban. The ban should be long enough to make people think, but severe enough to stop people from causing continual cancer on any of the chats. A ban of 2 hours for the first offense is acceptable except for an the occasional WTS/WTB shenanigan. A second ban would be a week. A ban received after that would be a permanent chat ban. There isn't any place for continual disrespect
  3. Ha ha ha, Elephant Prime! It's just a 3D elephant model shrunk down to human size and then shot-gunned with random gold bits! Buy the Prime Accessories Pack now and you'll get instant access to Trunk Syandana; Elephant Prime's signature Syandana! In addition to Trunk Syandana, you'll also receive the Tukuk Sugatra! This Sugatra was originally ivory jewelry reserved only for Orokin Master Geneticists! You'll also receive 1300 Platinum! Warframe's premium, in-game currency! Also included are 90 day Credit and Affinity boosters! Hilarious!
  4. On multishot my opinion is it shouldn't increase status and should simply do what it says it actually does... If the mod says 90% multishot then it should put another round out with 90% of the damage as the original round fired, but with the same status and crit-chance. I understand how multishot works and the damage output (Total Pellets = Weapon Pellet Count × (1 + Multishot Modifier)), but it seems very inconsistent. (So, extra rounds + % to fire another round = extra damage. What this means is that it is also RNG as to how much damage is generated.) So, as stated above, I
  5. I like the ideas proposed as RNG in combat should be more for turn-based games as you can't actually aim in those... The only thing I don't agree with is the multi-shot with rifles and the crit-chance with melee as both again should not have extra gimmicks on whether I'm going to give an enemy a critical and then reset... Again, this should be more about where you aim. The real problem in this game is the hording of enemies (and the exponential growth on armor scaling). This only gives you room to use a lot of AoE abilities and weapons that really rely more on RNG than aim (Miragul
  6. Or, "I see you you main a Limbo that looks like a Voodoo priest; I'm going to assume you're a Jamaican, because you Jamaican me crazy, Tenno"!
  7. I agree! Simply having a notification would be great! I also think that voice packs for platinum would be a terrific idea as well, such as Ordis with an Arnold (Der Schwartz) voice, Sgt. Johnson (Halo) voice, NanoSuit 2.0 (Crysis) voice, or anything else! It would be nice to see more Operator dialogue as well, like for killing a boss or discovering an Ayatan, etc... How cool would it be to have Ordis scream, "Get to the Liset"!?
  8. Indeed, I wouldn't have ever bought it except for the fact that I received a 75% off, didn't want to waste it, and it was the only weapon I would probably never get from farmin'! Now I can Forma it up faster than the Hema can devour my health! I think I still have my principles intact...
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