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  1. Continuing to bump this thread so it doesn’t become, “just another dojo thread.”
  2. I agree with everything here! Three additions: -How about the ability to set the x, y, and z axis numerically as opposed to the abhorrent amount of fiddling that is required to actually place an object? -The ability to toggle on/off the coloration of room artifacts such as the Infested in the Infested Lab. -The ability to adjust lighting intensity, some colors absolutely don’t work due to the brightness, even through they are the color that you wish to apply. It’s very annoying because the amount of work required to apply specific colors only to have them not work due to complete over-saturation. (I lied here’s a fourth idea.) -A map room would be amazing! A room where you are able to place and design the dojo conceptually. It would also serve as a main hub to name teleporters and rooms, globally.
  3. I’m enjoying the new update, while waiting for Fortuna to drop on consoles and decided it was the perfect time to update my dojo, especially with all the new colors, objects, and effects. After fiddling with many of the new construction option for about a week, I believe the dojo system as a whole is almost perfect, but could use a few tweaks. 1) If we’re going to be able as players to use all of the new objects we’re going to need to be able to manipulate those objects with more precision as it’s incredibly frustrating because the objects cannot be set according to actual numerical values along an x, y, or z axis! It would be extremely beneficial if players could set the numerical values so as to greatly reduce time wasted trying to set said objects! 2) It would be awesome if the new lighting system had sliders to adjust lighting intensity. Especially for colors such as Tower White as the glare produced by the lighting is incredibly bright. Using a slightly less intense color like Wisp Gray does not produce the same results as the entire lighting color scheme is different. The “fog” effect would also benefit greatly as with certain colors it doesn’t so much as add a fogging effect as override the lighting and colors all together, which is a shame when players put so much work into farming pigment! 3) Finally many of the rooms although different don’t apply lighting the same way and it’s incredibly frustrating trying to set lighting color schemes when various rooms display the applied colors differently. Hallway pieces are a prime example as they only apply the correct color key to the ambient lighting and not the actual light source, which is odd, to say the least. This is in contrast to the gardens and Main Hall-type pieces that apply the color key to the source lighting. 4) An option to toggle color schemes to the static object displays. An example would be the option to turn on/off color schemes from applying to the Infested in the Bio Lab. It would also be of benefit to be able to apply coloration (toggle on/off) to the various faction specific platforms and walkways so they correlate to the room that they are in. I’m also enjoying the first weapon to be upgradeable beyond rank 30, the Paracesis!
  4. Nice, the Imugi Prime Armor shoulder pieces did occlude the screen! Chroma Prime and the Imugi Prime Armor both certainly look the part of Golden Dragon Warrior!
  5. Fantastic update! The “quest for Revenant is somewhat poorly done as returning to the Plains between acquiring parts isn’t specified and Konzu doesn’t have much to say regarding either the mask or the new Warframe, which is frustrating and a little sad. The new Vauban Deluxe Citadel Skin is great, and really accentuates the “Booben Train” vibe in proper steampunk fashion! His weapon skin is also great, but the color channels do not translate when applying Warframe colors. The antique, metallic sheen is also NOT present on the parts of the weapon skin that have direct counterparts in the Warframe skin. It really ruins the overall look of the entire set. It might have “supposed” to have been designed that way, but the overall “alabaster” appearance doesn’t look very good. The real problem is that this is a deluxe skin bought for the soul purpose of how it looks. This problem is very similar to the Inaros Ramses bundle with the Scarab Syandana and Kopesh Greatsword skin at first not having the appropriate metallics on the skins. Thankfully these were quickly fixed, but the Mortier Heavy Blade Skin AND Marquis Sugatra in the Citadel Collection have yet to be! The problem is the Primary color channel on both the Mortier Heavy Blade Skin and Marquis Sugatra don’t have the antique metallic effect similar to the Tertiary color present on the Vauban Citadel Skin. I’d like to list the actual differences between the two skins and their color channels, but everything except the Accents and Energy portions on the appearance tab for the Mortier Heavy Blade Skin are wrong. It would be great if you could have someone look into it otherwise keep up the great work as Fortuna looks extremely promising! Congrats on the Chroma Prime release as well! In my less than humble opinion it would be great to change his #1 to something that doesn’t tickle the enemy though; more damage please!
  6. So, it's been awhile, but here are a few changes that need to happen to a few Warframes before Fortuna drops. 1. Ember: PLEASE look at the range reduction on her WoF and consider giving her an energy cost reduction as well. Give her World on Fire flat damage and percentage based damage so she can stay relevant in higher levels and not literally burn through lower level content. Right now she's a closet Frame because WoF is what keeps her alive and it simply doesn't work. 2. Limbo: it isn't that difficult to enter and exit the rift, but not being able to banish enemies who are on another plane than you severely handicaps him and forces him to overly rely on Cataclysm. It's frustrating when his entire kit is made irrelevant because of one power. He also should be able to use Banish on targets inside Cataclysm to remove them from the rift as well. After the rework he was much better at CC-ing and killing enemies, but pre-rework he was much more fun to play, which is a shame. 3. Banshee: PLEASE change her Soundquake into a power that increases interactivity as opposed to encouraging player stupidity. It has now become a spam power which is worse than before! Make her stationary again, but let her pulse every few seconds to stagger enemies. Give her directional control over the damage that increases the damage the longer the you aim in one direction. Enemies hit by the pulse are also staggered and you can increase the frequency of the "stagger-pulses" by sweeping the aim around. Give her bonus damage against enemies who have been affected by Sonar. 4. Chroma: could you look at tweaking the duration of his Vex Armor? It's recastable, but this leads to some odd modding situations where the result is spending too much time maintaining the power instead of taking advantage of it! His Spectral Scream is still worthless and would greatly benefit by implementing a much higher base damage value that only scales by a fraction of Vex Armor to keep the damage from reaching rediculous values? It would be a shame to have his Prime release and him still suffering from these two issues. 5. Oberon: any chance of giving his Hallowed Ground more duration? All of the mods kind of work against him in that if you want to mod for specific powers his other powers go unused. This is seen most dramatically in Hallowed Ground which really take advantage of duration. It seems like a power that is meant to be fired and left alone, but it doesn't last long enough to really take advantage of unless you build for just Hallowed Ground which makes the rest of his kit suffer even more! Having a minimum duration of 25 seconds that won't drop below that would solve a lot of issues as their isn't enough space for mods to make all his powers synergize well instead of working against each other. Thanks, DE!
  7. Great job, dev team! My two cents: 1. Melee rework sounds great! The only thing I worry about is having too much forward momentum and missing swings with your weapon. Any melee combo that requires pushing the stick forward often causes you to target enemies beyond the target you originally intended to strike! Actually, one other thing that I have concerns about is the removal of combos specific to stances. I really liked the different button combinations, the two things that were really problems were the timing windows for button presses being too small to execute certain maneuvers with a pause in them and being locked into the animation which is something that is being addressed, hooray! 2. Huzzah, more single handed melee weapons joining the dual-wield secondary category! 3. Booben rework! Really he only needed more damage for his Tesla Grenades. Oh, AND his passive should give him a substantial armor increase per ally and have a corresponding visual to go with it; something similar to the effects of the mod Energy Conversion would be nice! A bonus of a flat 100 armor would be terrific and would not turn him into a tank (even with Arcane Guardian maxed he's a squishframe)! -Speaking of "squishframes," Ember still needs a tweak to World on Fire, she eats too much energy and has too little range to effectively deal with threats AND have to constantly toggle WoF on and off. She also deals too much damage to low level units, but is put down quickly by high level units. It wouldn't really be an issue if players didn't want to play as their favorite Warframe across all levels of content. As it is now, Ember players are almost encouraged to troll others across the lower end of the Starchart, especially those Tenno who are still new to the game, by playing super aggressively to kill anything. -Nyx really needed something other than Psychic Bolts and her #4 really is both underperforming and underwhelming. Her Mind Control was also a little lackluster because simply proccing radiation status on an enemy is more effective. Maybe if she could control up to three targets? A command function would help greatly. -Khora also would benefit greatly from a better command function for Venari with the target marked using aim plus the ability button as opposed to not being able to aim and having to press and hold the ability button and then press the button mapped to Venari. (On console) Frankly, the feature of marking targets for Venari is wasted in the chaos! All pets could benefit from an aim and mark feature! Which leads me into: 4. Love the new Doggos! 5. Parkour! 6. Really looking forward to the new Sentient themed Frame! 7. Looking forward to Marty McFly-ing around Venus!
  8. Did you intend to actually provide an intelligent critique or demonstrate your lack of knowledge by being disrespectful, to your fellow Tenno?
  9. Interesting! I really am liking the Equinox design! I still wish Tennogen creators had a little more liberty with the body sculpts similar to helmet design! The amount of time it takes to create skins or anything within digital sculpting is intensive. I'd like to add some designs to Warframe, but thought differently when I saw that there was no way I could without quitting my day job! I ran into previous problems when I would paint figures and sculpt. Apoxie Sculpt is still one of the mediums to sculpt besides actual clay! I've really wanted to make maquettes for some of my Warframes. I really didn't like the one's endorsed by DE. It takes so long to make them as well! Jewelry is the same, but at least with jewrlry you can make a profit to pay for bigger projects. Great work as always, HitsuSan!
  10. After reading through the thread and having awhile to contemplate on melee in its current state and the changes that want to be implemented, here are a few of my thoughts! 1. Melee should always have been blocked by solid objects! The change to finally stop melee passing through, well everything, is long overdue! 2. "Spin to Win" has also been long overdue for a rework! The mechanic is okay, but the combination of ranged melee weapons, weapons passing through objects, and the ability to mod for insane damage on spin attacks really made it the go to way to dispatch hordes of enemies! The main problem really comes from the ability to slide attack and roll, slide, and bullet jump indefinitely. Dodge mechanics would be a non-issue if they didn't cover more ground than running and the enemies weren't so spread out! Decrease the distance dodge maneuvers cover, but only decrease bullet jumps a little! An overall decrease in distance would actually let us benefit more from mods that give us bonuses for dodge mechanics! 3. Percentage based modding can be a major issue in a game where a spin to win melee is a problem. Giving us a percentage based system allows us to reach absurd damage values and can cause us to abuse the system rather than use the system. I'm not going to go into the calculations, but when you have higher number values, any increase by percentage will provide significant increase overall to damage values. Adding in Maiming Strike which gives a flat 90% to be a critical hit on top of a high range, high damage, high critical chance, high critical damage, combo counter building, Blood Rush modded Atterax; you could easily get damage values bordering on the absurd! Maiming Strike isn't really the problem, the combination of all of these things (percentage based damage values, range, combo counter, etc...) plus Maiming Strike has put us in the current "Spin to Win" situation. The only way to fix this is to give us one system of modding that doesn't use a percentage based system that compounds the problem by using more percentage based options! We need more flat numerical additions as opposed to exponential increases! If I need to do x amount of damage I don't need to (insert convoluted Blood Rush critical chance damage value calculation here)! 4. Channeling shouldn't be combined with blocking, but should be integrated into more mods to give it an actual use. 5. Charge attacks are okay, again, when it is easier to slide and spin, the feature won't be used. Really, the main issue is the modding system giving us increases to damage values that are already good and not increasing damage values that aren't very good. Mods like Maiming Strike help bad weapons become better by giving us a flat increase instead of a percentage. All of the other issues such as channeling and "spin to win" really are just symptoms. I've tried to offer my opinion on changes, but frankly any rework that tries to fix things that are cheese (spin to win) and fix things that are niche (channeling) isn't going to change a thing until the mod system is looked at! I sound like a broken record...
  11. I really am liking the finished Nekros Graxx skin! Too bad you had to resculpt and resubmit it, it feels like 30 different times! It's always frustrating when your work needs tweaking and then more and more... Now you're working on the "Rift Walker" I see!
  12. So after using the cursor since it was implemented, I have a few more thoughts on how it could be improved! +Better cursor speed dynamic! The cursor is slow for use on console, even with a slider to adjust speed. It needs a better threshold to increase in speed over large areas while maintaining a slower speed in areas with lots of options! The issue is glaring for consoles because (as previously stated by multiple Tenno, ad nauseam) we don't use a mouse! It could be solved by making the cursor faster over areas with no selectable items and slower when over those items. -The threshold for the speed of the cursor increasing with the length of the stick being held works, but it works against console users because when items are just far enough away to make the cursor speed increase, the item is often glossed over by the cursor and it complicates ease of use. Again, having the threshold for increase in speed be determined by whether the cursor is over selectable items would solve the problem. -The cursor also sticks too much over selectable options and makes it more difficult to scroll through lists. Although this is a different issue than overall dynamic cursor speeds, it frustrates the player when looking at inventories that have items extending beyond one page. -The current method of increase in speed as stick is held and sticky reticule over selectable items is a bandaid for now. +UI selection buttons should be the same across the board. I shouldn't have to double-click one option using the A button and then goes to a screen to select something and use the X button. -Double clicking is fine, but should be implemented across the board for selecting and equipping if this is the intended goal. -Using 2 separate buttons to select and then equip is odd. I can understand having a different button to preview an item as opposed to selecting it, but if something like double-clicking is now in the game, it should be used instead of using another method to select and equip. -An example is the Arcane selection screen when compared to the Warframe selection menu. I can preview a Warframe's appearance on the menu by pressing X and then or I can press A to select it. Arcanes have a different method in that I have to select them using A to preview them, and then I select them by pressing A again to equip. It would be much less complicated if I could just use A to preview and then press A again to select across all menus! Another 2 cents in the machine!
  13. What is the theme for the Equinox skin? I really like the helmet pictures, by the way!
  14. Equinox would be a fantastic addition to the Hitsu San line-up! I love those tiled PBR bits and the color-gradient bits on each of your designs! I should post some of the schemes I use on your skins, but alas imgur is a finicky site when not used on a computer. The new Equinox helm by DE is fantastic as well! It's always a conundrum when you have to design 3 different skins for one item, though! Challenge accepted, I assume?
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