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  1. “In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened...”
  2. I would have to agree with others here, a Kuva version of the Sobek would be most welcome. It should have the usual direct stat upgrades and a bonus similar to Zhuge Prime were pellets explode and have a chance to set enemies ablaze (without the associated self-damage of the Zhuge Prime). The second weapon should be Kuva Gorgon with either innate overheat and punch through or aoe corrosive procs. The third could be a new hand-held shotgun similar to a single Rogga, but with a longer stock and a stylish Grineer-baguette guard that runs under, parallel to the barrel. It would have 3 rounds with the alternate fire launching a rocket that shatters upon impact into shrapnel that doesn’t deal self damage. It could even just be a Kuva Kulstar that’s deliciously more deadly to the user than the original following the footsteps of the thunderously stylish, suicide device known as the Kuva Bramma. After the mentioning the Kulstar as both a personal aside and a segue into the last entry because both weapons are present on the Grineer Sealab Tileset, I think another addition I’d like to see would be a Kuva Harpak. It would be full auto and have an alternate fire that launches an exploding harpoon that no longer pulls enemies, but detonates the other rounds fired either detonating up to the last 10 rounds fired or rounds within the explosion radius of the harpoon.
  3. There’s no reason the Zundi pistol skin shouldn’t be available for dual pistols. The skin looks like a sub-machine gun and I’d love to see it applied to something like the Afuris.
  4. The new additions are fine, but I have to agree with some others and say it’s odd that Revenant still doesn’t have a decent skin. I’m always glad to see another of HitsuSan’s skins and the Oberon Youkai, I feel was a long time coming. The one piece I very much like is the Sclera Oculus by kakarrot2812 as the Corpus design was very well implemented; and besides looking cool, I shouldn’t have to mention the additional bonus of wearing the Oculus, which is that I can now pretend to expel Exergis crystal shards from my eye sockets at my foes while void-dashing about!
  5. Radiation status definitely has troll potential, but as others here have already stated, it’s a very rare occurrence. Two suggestions to keep the irradiated fratricide to a minimum: 1) make sure all maverick Mesas are stored properly; namely in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children, unloaded, and with the correct locks, 2) turn off Netflix.
  6. I really believe the Acolytes should be present within the main game proper, outside of the event. The Acolytes should either spawn with a very limited chance within any mission when you’re marked by the Stalker or have a chance to show up in the Stalker’s stead.
  7. 1) Silva & Aegis Prime (even with the choppy Final Harbinger stance) 2) Dakra Prime 3) Glaive Prime Honorable Mentions: - Paracesis - Gazal Machete
  8. I would agree that the “grapple-maneuvers” within the game can be obnoxious to infuriating, especially when still starting out. I don’t think it would be a good idea to make various movement options in Warframe immune to the grapples as it would not fix the problem and would incentivize DE to go further into “tentacle land” than they already have. The best way to fix the issue is to adjust the enemy targeting to a narrow cone directly in front of the enemy, where if the player were to cross out of it it would no longer connect. There is also the fact that the grapple is a delayed hitscan projectile in which, if it looks as though it might hit you, it will. A simple fix would be to make it non-hitscan.
  9. I would have to agree. The inability to color the running lights/engine lighting when it seems to be an intended customization feature is embarrassing and does nothing to dissuade people from believing Empyrean to be a rushed mess.
  10. I rather like the new Intrinsic System as it resembles crew rolls and skill sets on an actual ship. After spending a bit of time with the Railjack and the various systems associated with it there are two areas within the Intrinsic System that could be improved and lead to a better experience overall. 1. Provide additional bonuses that encourage one role, similar to focus schools. Having access to the bonuses across each intrinsic category are overall incredibly useful, but it would be nice to have a specific bonus or set of bonuses when performing your given role while on board. They could function similar to Focus Schools with additional school specific passives while still providing the benefits of all the other Intrinsic categories. An example would be additional heat capacity and armor while you’re in a turret with the Gunnery Intrinsic as your primary focus. It might also be an added bonus to have a any extra skills function similar to Aura mods in which the Intrinsic category selected, provides a stackable bonus to all members. Another option would be to allow for specific presets of Intrinsics across the board similar to mod capacity with a set amount of space for bonuses. 2. The inclusion of Archwing bonuses within specific Intrinsic categories is a welcome addition, but feels like an afterthought. It would be even better to provide a separate Intrinsic category specifically for Archwing. (Another related question is: where are the Archwing mission related enemy types?) As it stands now, one might think that the Intrinsics for Archwings are simply a band-aid which only can only hint at one conclusion moving forward. Will there be an Intrinsic option for my Warframes and weapons tied to Mastery Rank to provide additional bonuses across the board in the future to streamline (read: “band-aid) the Warframe experience? Warframe has desperately needed a passive stat-boost function to round off a few edges for every piece of gear as well as provide a purpose for Mastery Rank to actually impact the game more than beginning mod capacity and bragging rights. Why not have the option (beyond Operators and Focus Schools) to fully integrate the Warframe experience?
  11. Posting this in this thread as I don’t believe it will actually be seen in another. Could a toggle be implemented so that the NPC’s in the Dry Dock would remain uncolored when using a polychrome on the room? Even better yet, how about having a toggle for all rooms with the additional color-able objects such as the Infested in the Infested Research Room or the plants in various others? Overall, it’s irritating and has been an issue for years which leads me into another problem that falls into the same category of being a long unresolved issue. I speak, of course of the parent/child room relationship and the need to address this infuriating issue. The inclusion of the Railjack within the confines of the Dojo proper really drives home the need to have a Dojo Editor Room in which the room itself functions as the parent to all the other rooms of the Dojo and individual rooms can be set as either parent or child to allow various construction options to be available. In regards to Railjack feedback, I’ll report that using resources found in mission to repair your Railjack when you lack those same resources to actually allow progress, is infuriating and insulting to the player, especially those players (read: every player) whom are just beginning their Railjack journey. Pustrels are especially irritating as they drop in such low amounts and are used for everything that by mission’s end, you have none whatsoever to use in construction of new consumables much less upgrades. Who thought this was a good idea? The second point of feedback I’d like to present in regards to Railjack is that of the controls. Archwing has always been a mixed bag as on paper it could have been fun, but it’s execution always left something to be desired. The new controls are quite snappy and responsive, but I do miss the 6-degrees of freedom that the old system had. While it’s sad to see the ability to maneuver in any direction disappear, it would have been nice for the continuation of momentum to have been kept, but with the added ability to thrust in the opposite direction to halt said momentum. That’s all for now, but overall excellent job on releasing this newest expansion, even if it’s off to a rocky start! (PS: why didn’t the cockpit of the Orbiter receive a visual overhaul as well? Oh well, I’m sure that’s somewhere down the line...)
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