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  1. There is no particular weapon.. If the armor was stripped then you'd notice at least an increase in damage. I have never stripped armor & a tusk bull goes down fairly easy, the regular thumper depending on the situation atm can typically go down in about a min. No warframe abilities, just primary or secondary with high puncture and rad. Switching between operator & frame is primarily my tactics.
  2. I absolutely love Garuda. I think she's all around well balanced. I've used her on every mission type from lvl 5 thru well over 100.. even keeping myself and my cat alive throughout. Lol the razorback event is going on right now on xb & her weak poor little front shield😉 can damn near 1 shot the razorback. What I think 😤 is maybe learn the frame & get a better understanding of what it's about before running here to complain. Have you used this frame? Or are we just saying what "other people" are sayin.? Cause what I know is from My experience with this frame & can say my success can be counted on both hands and feet.
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