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  1. Pvp in warframe could be amazing and fun if done right. I'd like to see something similar to the solar rail, dark sector battles. No mods on weps-frames. Instead reward power or wep damage with a pick-up or a certain type of kill for so many seconds. I've also said in the past that if DE brought the bigger squad back, a regular map would be great. I was thinking similar to battlefield and the conquest or rush modes.
  2. Yeah chat don't work like that tho, unless this was the only person posting period. But hopefully that day never comes..however I came here to post that I had figured it out. It was xb live settings.. figured it out earlier today when I created another account and everything worked as it should. So thank you as well for the link..
  3. The image is while in my orbiter. Live is good- if it wasn't I wouldn't beven able to even play wf or any online game. Also look at time stamps on the post. And yes I've asked everyone if they're experiencing any issues with chat and nobody else is.
  4. My problem is for almost a week now I haven't seen any activity in chat except for friends or clan members. 1st couple days I thought chat was down. Then when I saw clan/friends in chat I thought wth is going on. So I thought chat ban? But if this were the case which not likely, I wouldn't have access to any chat. So I went to wf site to see if I had any strikes. Zero! As I expected- so wth is this? How to fix? And if your experiencing this speak up.. Ok so I've looked, searched this to no end and have come to dead ends. I've seen forum post on here posted throughout the yrs with this very same issue, but no answers, no solutions.. so am I just screwed from chatting or trading with non clan-friends? https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahdnuvj9Gx6dhFnHqnZaDEfvzkYU?e=QeMhPB
  5. Ive taken out around 15 with 4 being converted due to already haVing that weap. Now idk if this a coincidence but I tend to use many many frames in my runs. So the 4 dups I got, I was running that same Frame as before. Try another frame & see.
  6. I've been saying for the longest that we should at the very least have to ability to craft in bundles. If I've got 25 forma and want to craft all and wait the 24hrs then I'd be cool with that. Or maybe limit it to 5 at a time Idk but yes it's pretty annoying and mostly where all my plat goes.
  7. Growing power is a nice little bonus for exalted weps.. Lol- I would also add that status weapons benefit other frames as well. Also I'd add that these other auras are beneficial as well Combat discipline(in co-op)-Empowered blades-infested impedance when running peaceful prov. on infested enemies.-Emp aura is actually effective esp combined with coaction drift -mecha Empowered +set is amazing- all amp mods lol cause who don't want more damage & again coaction increases the effectiveness of these auras.. Shepherd is great but only with frames that have high armor, link mods.. aerodynamic is great as well for those who like to move around alot & is a nice touch to the proton, aero & motus sets.. bye
  8. 1st of all not everyone plays public or in a squad and 2nd not every frame has armor stripping abilities. You obviously haven't played long enought to know how important armor removal is. Otherwise this post wouldn't exist. an experienced player would know the importance of cp. Ya know cp. Stacks with other squad members lol & combined with coaction drift, we'll you seem to know it's only for 4+ hrs runs- it co-op! New players that have a couple hundred hrs should really stop with the "I know everything" I see it in chat, forums, youtube ect.. just stop.. and just to clarify what weapons have armor stripping capabilities? Oh yeah all of them but ya gotta mod for what? Corrosive! Ya pRob knew that tho.. exactly why Ive played solo for 4yrs, unless it's clan or coordinated.
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