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  1. *cries in Rune Factory Special* You could definitely frame this as an attempt to sidestep the problem of constantly being asked to rework X, Y and Z frame. It might even turn out to work well. God forbid I tender my opinion that it probably won't. It puts me in mind of the way WoW: Cataclysm broke a lot of the old system structures open, technically allowing for a lot of new possibilities. The end result was a lot of unsatisfying choices that just made the game more difficult to parse and contributed to what became (I think) the largest six-month sub count drop any game had ever see
  2. Basically this; we're just going to end up with another Mandatory Mods situation. Credit to DE for trying, but at some point you've destroyed so much category structure that the whole thing becomes a soupy mess. This doesn't sound like anything that would make me want to pick up the game again.
  3. The engine is a mess; it reminds me of FF14's launch. Texture clamping is a bit pants as well. All in all, this game winds up hogging and wasting a significant portion of your system resources. Then, there are the memory leaks and crashes. It can't possibly be any fun at all to play without buying Patron status. You'd be waiting for hours just to get into the game, and free players receive no labor points without logging in. A couple of my friends convinced me to buy a month of Patron and play with them. I really regret it. This is a VERY eastern-style, grind your face off kind of game
  4. Was that supposed to be some sort of deep wisdom? People give adolescents too much credit these days.
  5. Well, I watched a few minutes. Not my style. I don't really have anything positive to say about this type of "horror." It's really only tolerable when parodied.
  6. I had a devil of a time trying to make the old UI work with a gamepad. I'm not too bothered with the new UI, really. I think some parts of it are ugly and clunky, and it's obvious that compromises were made for Console support. What really gets me is the FoV stuff. Everything is pushed so far into your face that it feels like you're being attacked by posterboards. Sure, I can navigate it, but I don't like how it feels. The form-to-function ratio is all out of whack now, if you ask me. Not to mention that many players are now suffering the effects of just how much their body hates t
  7. Whoa. There's a lot of self-important nonsense in this thread. Simulation sickness is a thing. There are some pretty sciency concepts involved, so I suppose I can't really blame the average internet citizen for just naming body parts and saying it doesn't exist because they can't see it. DE has been called out for prioritizing Console users over PC before. The Darkness 2 and its notorious FOV is a good example. I could have believed that 2k was calling the shots that time, but now it's happened again with Warframe. I'd be interested in Sheldon's thoughts on the matter, because he might
  8. It's likely that this has already been specifically addressed by DE, and if anyone can point us there, it might save us all some time. There is an FOV slider in the "Display" tab of the options menu, but this slider only affects the FOV in missions. To me, that's not good enough. The FOV in the Liset is too small, and I'm not even a little surprised that it would make people sick. Apologies in advance for any stern wording, but this happens to be one of those things I get very grumpy about. Humans are built to live in about 180 degrees of visual input. Typically, videos games show
  9. The "protestors" are uneducated and undisciplined, like nearly every-friggin'-body in the U.S. seems to be these days. Everyone's just looking for an excuse to vent their frustration because nobody in this country feels in control of their own life. The police are being given tools they aren't trained to use, and everyone is shocked when violence spirals out of control. Major media outlets fire up the Metatron one more time, and the tail wags the dog some more. People get scared, and ask the federal government how much control it needs to make the scary man go away. Curmudgeons lik
  10. Bless the long-suffering folks like phil who still believe this game can match what we all hoped it would be. I kinda don't anymore. I know that I don't, because I don't feel like mustering the energy for long posts about anything these days. I still intend to hang around and see if things don't start improving, but I'm spending way more time playing other games now. When I look at Warframe right now, I feel like it's slowly being left behind. Either that, or I have to face the fact that I'm just not part of this game's core audience and move on. Feels bad, man.
  11. This is a good idea, but I'm afraid of what DE might do with it. As long as the mechanic doesn't ultimately wind up taking advantage of players' enthusiasm (read: excessive/abusive grind/rng), I think I can get behind it. Little bits of "recovered logs" would be awesome. Could it be worked in as some sort of mini-game that players can access when in the Liset?
  12. I wasn't referring to this new wing business specifically, but even then I think we're looking at it from different angles. For perhaps the first time, I actually don't even feel like investing the effort to engage in debate on this one. It's a sucky feeling, but I think everything I could say has been said many times by many people. I don't feel like going another round in that ring.
  13. They look seven different kinds of weird these days. I bet they scare children.
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