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  1. Can confirm this is also happening to me. My archgun modding screen shows no build, no mods and no stats now.
  2. Generally, when the connection is bad you'll have some indication of it before trading. I haven't played on console, but at least on PC the game has built-in message dialogues alerting you to anything the game thinks is "poor connection quality." At least in my case, the last time I bumped into this particular oddity there was no indication of a bad connection. The game squawks at me whenever ping times go over 300ms, and in this case it didn't do that. Yeah that's a possibility too, which is why I'm not jumping all the way to say this is always 100% definitively a case of someone trying to cheat the system. I just have a pretty good idea of what it typically looks like when trading with high ping, and this looked quite different from how that normally goes. In my conversations with others, the attempted cheat I'm proposing has been put forward as a possibility. That's part of why I wanted to ask about it here and see if people on the forums had any information about it.
  3. That's a good point for people who know about shadowplay, but many nvidia users don't know about it. At least one of my friends didn't know about it until I specifically brought it up. For people with AMD GPUs, I'm not really sure what the equivalent would be. I also want to tackle this question from the perspective of the people who maybe don't know quite as much as you seem to, because I think the bulk of Warframe's user base consists of people like that. That's what I was thinking. If someone used a macro to change their offer, it should be reflected in the manifest one way or another. Any item or amount of platinum received in trade carries a minimum credit tax associated with it. This "credit shadow" would be a nice additional point of reference to figure out what went down in any given trade.
  4. Hmm, and support wouldn't have any other way to look into this? Let's say for example that a player doesn't have video, because most people don't run capture software all the time when trading (or even just playing). I would think support might at least be able to look through manifests and see that the player's account had a "one-sided" interaction with another account. Appreciate the response btw!
  5. Sorry if this belongs elsewhere or has already been definitively addressed, but I was wondering whether any body of knowledge exists on this. I'm thinking I just recently encountered someone attempting to use macros in order to acquire items in trade "for free." The telltale sign appears to be the stacking of two menu dialogues: the "The trade was successful!" and the "Failed to retrieve offer..." dialogues appear more or less simultaneously. As far as I'm aware, this doesn't (and can't) actually work and no one is successfully "scamming" anyone. I'm curious to know whether anyone has had similar experiences, because to be honest I'm a bit stumped as to where this question should be directed. If a player did have something "stolen" from their account manifest this way, I can't really tell what the proper channel would be for seeking a remedy.
  6. Please pay attention to all the feedback you're getting about the decision to change loot power interactions. The reasoning provided thus far isn't satisfactory, given the lack of conversation on the topic leading up to the change. This would've been a good opportunity for a Dev Workshop, but instead we got what felt like "a nerf disguised as a fix." It's not surprising that people are upset.You guys were doing so many things I was happy about, too! Right as I was feeling good about stuff, this happens. It's really disheartening.
  7. Disappointed that certain types of posts are still being removed. I'm confused by this, as no system appears to exist for the purpose of notifying users when their content is removed. Regarding DE's statements and policies as outlined on the OP, I will continue to (politely) register my disappointment/disagreement with the approach being taken.
  8. Hey, you could've at least been polite and spoilered all that so as not to take up so much of this thread page 🙃 Nevertheless, I will endeavor to read and respond to it all because that is the respectful thing to do. As with my previous post, I will make copious use of spoiler formatting to try and cut everything down to a visually digestible form factor. Apologies again because a big part of this post was eaten as I was making it. I will try to go back and fix what was missing later on.
  9. Interesting perspective you have there. How many times has DE stated that all of this is completely within their sole control and at their sole discretion? Are you saying they lied or were wrong? Maybe your little unintentional joke is just that: a joke. You're conveniently leaving out any mention of why players would have been unhappy in the first place. If their hand was forced, as you say, perhaps that was because the evidence of need for change was undeniable? Please. Please. They're grown people and they don't need anyone to defend them, certainly not in the manner you're attempting to. They can (and should) do so much better, surely. I understand that an inveterate down-talker and practitioner of condescension would want to espouse the virtues of their avocation, but you're just making DE look bad by association. Stop it.
  10. I'll rephrase and expand, to clear up any misunderstanding. I'm aware that the policies associated with "privilege, not a right" are relatively standard for online games. I respond not only to the letter of DE's statement, but also to what I believe is its spirit. This is a statement from DE that sits adjacent to a long-running history of what some would call the "lying and implying" approach towards the frustration and displeasure of players with regard to DE's in-game (and sometimes forum) moderation practices. It is insinuated that players "bay for blood," that they "witch hunt," that they only care about "mob justice." None of these insinuations are necessary, even if DE believes them to be accurate. These suggestions do nothing to improve the situation, and there is no reasonable expectation that dialogue can smooth over the disconnect. With that in mind, I believe they simply shouldn't be publicly aired. It's unprofessional, but more than that it's unbecoming of adults. If only that were the full extent of the problem, but it isn't. I think a path to reconciliation is important and necessary, but we should also consider just how long the abuse of position and authority by certain volunteers was allowed to continue. We should consider just how widely it spread, both inside and outside the game. DE could and should reasonably have known and acted to curb it long before they eventually did. I am not saying there is no path back to reconciliation, but we would be foolish to forget it all. Viewed in that light, I am not disposed to receive DE's statement in a neutral manner. Context matters, and in this case the context compels me to be cautious.
  11. While I do appreciate some of these changes and the effort required to implement them, I feel compelled to question some of the wording choices in the OP. Especially when considered in light of the recent Schreier Report, I have to wonder what the community's future relationship with DE will look like. Having said that, I want to be optimistic and hope for the best outcomes of all these initiatives. If in-game chat is indeed seen as "a privilege, not a right" then I think I will continue my policy of avoiding all the moderated chat channels. Consider it checking my privilege.
  12. Warning: Epic-length tree of spoilers and responses. Before embarking, please take a bathroom break if appropriate and secure means of rehydration. Some of the things - in fact, a lot of the things - written in this thread require specific reply and/or rebuttal. Otherwise, we will have too much bad information and too little good. I will intermittently make use of a somewhat harsh tone. My intent is to make clear my opposition to some statements, and to indicate where I feel I must stand firm. First, some brief thoughts after re-watching the aforementioned "ContraPoints" video: Now, the previous block of quoted material:
  13. Wow, this thread had another burst of activity. I'm a little disappointed that things have gotten as heated as they have, since I don't think any of us make our best cases when we're on tilt. That said, it's totally understandable because this is one of those topics that's deeply personal and does seem to demand passion. One thing I'd probably recommend against is the in-line posting of video links in this thread. It's distracting and I'd rather see someone synthesize their own statements, as opposed to leaning on someone else's. If you have to post the video, odds are you don't yet fully understand the ideas you're trying to convey. That's not meant to be a slam, because of course it's difficult to break something down and put your own personal stamp on it. However, I think we really need to focus on doing just that if we want to keep this thread from becoming excessively polarized and "tribal." The last thing we want, especially those of us who feel DE is perhaps being too opaque on this topic, is for DE to feel further justified in distancing themselves from this conversation. No argument can win if it isn't heard in the first place. On the topic of videos, I've seen two posted here that I don't believe do a particularly good job of handling the subject matter. There's a fair amount of cherry picking, misrepresentation, omission and begging the question (I'm specifically referring to Contra on this, she has a habit of affirming the consequent and completely dodged an entire side of the issue that was later addressed by SMonroe). Let's remember to avoid polarizing language as much as possible. Not gonna name names there, you know who you are.
  14. Just chiming in as someone who is a bit of an outlier in terms of heavy resource investment here, in terms of building these both for personal use and to trade - I'd be very interested to hear more of this particular discussion. By this point, I'm possibly over one million Alloy Plate sunk in building Magus Vigor alone. That's not even touching Eidolon Gems! I wouldn't really know where to start in terms of assessing the possible impact of such a script. I'm kinda boggling just thinking about it. While we're on that topic, what will become of the "Plague" arcanes (Exodia Contagion and Exodia Epidemic)? I believe the last time Plague Star rolled through, I bought and built at least 300 copies of both those two. The Cetus Wisp and Plastid math is rather hefty.
  15. Thanks for the quick response! I already had enough reason to look forward to that Mainline, but I'll take a little more 😛
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