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  1. My prediction is that Nora herself is a villain, because that would be the most interesting way to twist this. Warn us of a threat, while being the threat herself all along. If we're talking about wolves, what about a wolf in sheep's clothing?
  2. notlamprey

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    Gotta say that I agree with a lot of what @Kaizal is saying here. It's disappointing that I still see so much sealioning and strawmanning and other forms of nonsense aimed at people who have the gall to be critical of DE's system. It's very difficult to improve anything if you can't first accept that it isn't perfect. The people saying "hey this isn't perfect" are integral to the long-term health of anything, because everything falls apart over time. If we reflexively insult and dismiss criticism, we're choosing to sink to the bottom of the lake because we think pushing to stay afloat isn't necessary. There are good, interesting suggestions being presented and it's sad to see them received with such pointed negativity.
  3. notlamprey

    Who is your favorite character in all of warframe

    Tyl Regor but I will always carry a flame for Derf Anyo the best boy who never was I CAN STILL DREAM
  4. notlamprey

    can you get "married" in-game?

    100% know how you feel. There was a time when it was pretty normal to message them directly, but we've long since passed the point where they couldn't respond to all the messages even if they wanted to. It feels rude to lean on contacts, even if you have them. Regardless of how big a stage you end up having, a lot of people are going to want to be in attendance anyway. In fact you may want to be putting a plan together for how you're going to handle all that 😛
  5. notlamprey

    can you get "married" in-game?

    That's where I am going to struggle mightily because my brain immediately kicked into overdrive thinking of ways a day like this could be made super special and memorable. The overall scope is gonna have to be the couple's choice, of course. but i know everybody loves a big celebration around here
  6. notlamprey

    Races in Warframe

    I'll be more explicit, then. You don't have to listen if you don't want to, but it's probably unwise just to shut your ears when you don't like what's being said. My point was that the kind of diversity in fiction that you're describing should fit naturally within a given fictional world, and should be explicable according to that world's established rules. Otherwise, your message supersedes everything else and the work then becomes propaganda. On "propaganda" specifically: This bit runs aground on a problem sometimes referred to as Tu quoque - essentially, it's not internally consistent. You're asserting that I haven't "moved past seeing race" when you yourself are advocating a position entirely built upon the calculated and monolithic pursuit of total "diversity" in purely racial terms. Put another way, you're reducing everything to a single dimension and then presuming that everyone else's statements can only be interpreted in terms of that single dimension. You claim that all diversity is good, but neglect diversity of opinion with your absolutist position that "diversity must increase to maximum." If haven't spotted it yet, that path ultimately leads us to non-navigable chaos through the breaking down of all categories of perception and meaning. There has to be a balance point somewhere. It's correct to point out that progress is the result of diversity, but that's best explained by diversity of perspective. Some overlap with race exists, but the distribution of personality traits is overwhelmingly cross-cultural. Diversity of perspective is the largest driver of "progress," and not diversity of race. I struggled a bit trying to figure out how to most effectively address this part. It's veering into some weird territory. First, you're kinda conflating "evolution" with simple demographic drift. They aren't the same thing. In purely demographic terms, it's true that some ethnic groups seem poised to increase proportionally to others based on birth rates and other factors. On the interactions between "race" and skin color: It sounds like you're saying that "black or hispanic" people will become more common than "whites." Let's break that down and see what happens to the other things you've said here. You're talking about projected real world trends and trying to apply them to a fictional world. That isn't a problem to you because you believe that "diversity" should be enforced everywhere. However, you've also said that the real world is on track to be majority "non-white." Would such a world fit your definition of "diverse?" I'm trying to understand how you relate the "ideal" to the "real."
  7. notlamprey

    Races in Warframe

    It's very simple. As suggested, it's a concept that doesn't take into account any as-yet-unknown in-universe explanations for the "state of the world" with regard to skin tone and physical features. You would be taking away DE's ability to explore those things on their own terms, and shoving a prefabricated idea into a spot that might instead be filled with authentic creativity. Implementing it as suggested would make the implementation artistically sterile, which I think accounts for at least part of the unconscious resistance to what is commonly called "forced diversity." You're talking about a prescriptive idea, one that would in the long run serve to diminish the fulfillment DE is able to derive from their work on this game. It might seem nice, like a sugary treat for our moral sweet tooth, but it isn't nourishing.
  8. notlamprey

    Chat Ban (Your access to in-game chat has been suspended)

    There are a lot of ways the automod system could be improved. People have made many suggestions, but DE seems pretty firmly set on insulating KickBot from player feedback. I can understand their position (even if I don't agree with it), because KickBot in particular has been a sore spot ever since a certain group of people claimed they had power to influence DE's programming of the bot. Unfortunately we haven't gotten what I'd consider to be a sufficiently transparent and compassionate conversation about the subject in its proper depth or breadth. There's a fairly strong case to be made that I'm asking too much, but it's frustrating to see the same things time after time in threads of this nature. Bland quotations of rules. The circle of blame. Implied or explicit desire to be entertained at the expense of people who have fallen afoul of moderation, irrespective of situational particulars. Misapplications and distortions of philosophical concepts like Popper's "paradox of tolerance." As far as why more conversation hasn't happened, speculation seems generally unwelcome. It's plausible that nobody on staff believes they have the right stuff "to hang" in such a conversation (which would mostly be a function of humility), or that it simply wouldn't yield any results worth the effort (which wouldn't be a totally baseless concern). I just don't know, and even the scant details that do trickle out to the community don't offer much insight. My advice is broadly the same for everyone who has the problems you've been having: disable region chat, and try not to let any snide disapproving comments get to you. I won't try to dissuade you entirely from even discussing this stuff on these forums, but it's only fair to warn you that you will get heat from a group of people who may be more interested in punching down than in having a human conversation with you.
  9. notlamprey

    Races in Warframe

    This. We are talking about a fictional, far-future alternate universe in which the concept of "race" as described by OP simply does not exist. Well-meaning though the suggestion may be, I don't think it would be a good road for the game to travel. Whether you know it or not, you are already representing yourself here and now in the real world. There's no need to add another artificial layer of representation within the game world. I'd prefer to see you be the representation you are looking for, here and now.
  10. notlamprey

    Eros Arrow Skin

    It's consumable? That explains the item count in the purchase dialogue. Guess I won't be using it then 😕
  11. notlamprey

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    Happy to see this, although I would argue that spinning in place like a madman is the language of the truly cultured.
  12. notlamprey

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions Report!

    It does indeed seem like there's a distinct "Us vs. Them" smell in the air, and it isn't new. For whatever reason, staff and volunteers aren't making what I would consider to be a satisfactory effort investing in any long-term healthy relationship between themselves and the rest of the game community. Most interactions consist of brusque guideline recitation or standard talking points, and that sort of communication tends only to generate a tribalistic divide between those who agree with the statements (as presented) and those who don't. I'm not entirely unsympathetic; the current online market space is dominated by extreme pressure to project a constant barrage of happy-go-lucky noise about your product or service. Everyone on staff is feeling a strong pull to focus their effort on other platforms, where visibility is much greater and where they feel interactions are more likely to be purely positive. One downside is that these forums have suffered a relative dearth of attention, and we've been seeing the results for some time now. Expanding the volunteer moderation program is probably not a good answer, at least not while community concerns about guidelines and moderator conduct are at their current levels. The closed nature of these programs makes any new additions suspect by default. From the perspective of concerned players, the risk is simply too great that any existing and unhealthy attitudes or behaviors would only propagate to new team members. Some sort of "Communication 2.0" might be necessary at this point - a redesign of the way moderation and guidelines are discussed and enforced. This post is already getting long, so I'll stop short of attempting a comprehensive survey of the situation and all the factors in play. I'll close by pointing out how incredibly frustrating it is that we have little to no established foundation to discuss these topics. There's no easily accessible body of knowledge, so it feels like I have to start from scratch every time. There's no dedicated space in which to discuss this stuff, so people try to bring it up whenever/wherever they think it might be appropriate. Most of the time, it's deemed not to be appropriate and consequently shut down. So many comments are edited or deleted, and I have to resort to looking through community archives to get the true tenor of the conversation. It's exhausting, and DE staff need to understand that this makes players feel like we are putting in the lion's share of the effort on this front. I'm not saying that's actually how things are, but instead saying that's how things feel. I bet they feel overworked and underappreciated too. Maybe that should be the starting point for more meaningful conversation.
  13. I was going to take a slightly more diplomatic stance on the introduction of yet more Riven mods, but that idea didn't last very long. As with previous instances, it just feels like a work-cheap way to entice a fresh batch of big plat sales. I'm wary, but I'm gonna do my best to hold off on really harsh language for now. This new idea of theirs may turn out to be, overall, a less onerous path to obtaining desired riven mods than the ones we currently have. As long as measures are taken to help keep prices under control, I can't justify hating on Riven mods too much. Yes, it's obnoxious gacha junk. Yes, the "it's optional" argument is about as sturdy as one-ply toilet paper. If these new mods go in the same direction as the current Riven mod economy, I'll be ready to register the full extent of my disappointment.
  14. notlamprey

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    Gotta say I'm inclined to agree, because I'm wondering if this wasn't just a move aimed at extracting more platinum resource purchases from newer players.
  15. notlamprey

    Chat Moderation Changes and Additions!

    I think that's the conclusion many people are reaching, and I'm afraid that's my current position as well - unless further developments change the landscape in some major way. The community has, here and elsewhere, pointed out several fundamental contradictions. These contradictions exist in DE's policy, their method of drafting that policy, and their enforcement of that policy. Whether they take these contradictions seriously and have the capability to address them in a meaningful way remains to be seen.