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  1. notlamprey

    I don’t really trust third parties...

    One of the biggest points of difficulty on this topic is that unfortunately the game's chat moderation has been marred by a few folks with a consistent pattern of prejudicial and antagonistic behavior towards players. It just so happens that those particular moderators happen to represent a portion of the social and ideological spectrum many people find at least unfamiliar, if not downright disconcerting. However it happened, personal politics and agendas have unfortunately become tangled up with moderation policy. That means we will have to untangle them before we can really determine how to move forward. Because so many past and present members of the chat moderation team, the forum moderation team, and DE staff fraternize extensively both online and in the outside world, a significant portion of the community has struggled to avoid the conclusion that the "moderation problem" is both (1) systemic and (2) ideologically motivated. I don't necessarily believe that's the case, but the entry of a third party might at least put us on our way towards pulling all these threads apart and finally seeing what's what. ___ ___ I also frequently see a range of behavioral modes in these discussions that I don't think are productive. Snarky comments, "othering" strategies, and various rhetorical devices aimed at "scoring points" for some hypothetical group of people or ideas - none of these things are going to get us where we should be going. Hopefully people remember that these discussions are supposed to be about identifying and agreeing on a useful compromise, and I say it as much to remind myself as anyone else.
  2. notlamprey

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    I was finally able to shut down enough of Win10's telemetry and data collection to feel okay using it, but even then I still ran into audio driver problems - specifically, the issues plagueing motherboards with RealTek onboard audio. I wasn't about to use a PCI-E slot for a discrete sound card, so back to Win7 I went. It's been about a year since I last touched Win10; maybe that has been solved by now.
  3. After this most recent hotfix, it seems Ivara has... lost her head a bit.
  4. notlamprey

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.3 +

    Lots of really nice tweaks and fixes in here. I'll be keeping an eye on the moderation end of things, as will a lot of other people. Appreciate the updates.
  5. Agreed; I find those unadorned dead end doors to be a bit of an eyesore. They really stick out and distract from rooms that are exquisitely decorated otherwise. If there isn't any major technical barrier involved, I'd really like to be able to decorate in those areas.
  6. notlamprey

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.2 +

    Having this issue a lot, at least in Orb Vallis. Moving the camera, opening the gear wheel, cycling between gear items... framerate seems to crash through the floor when I do any of those things and I'm not sure why it's happening now.
  7. notlamprey

    Why is there so much negativity about the game?

    There's definitely a bit of that, yeah. A lot of the newer players haven't seen too many (or sometimes any) instances of bad behavior on DE's part, of which there have been many. I'm inclined to think that stuff is mostly down to momentary moral failings of individual staffers, and not some sort of systemic cynicism at the company. This would be a good time to point out that we no longer see which moderators do what around here, which removes even the last pretense of accountability. What's more, someone is interfering with external archival of pages on these forums. That means it's difficult to make thorough documentation of any problem behavior. Sure, criticism should be purpose-built to point the way toward improvements whenever that's possible. That said, anyone wanting to run off and saint this company is acting prematurely.
  8. notlamprey

    Why is there so much negativity about the game?

    a thousand times this right here btw
  9. notlamprey

    Why is there so much negativity about the game?

    I've taught myself not to be surprised about any amount of "negativity" on any topic. There's a very important reason for that: you cannot discuss anything in only positive terms. Everything has a negative side, and the people speaking from that side have a very important (I would say indispensible) role in the conversation. There will always be "negativity," it will always be necessary, and it's up to us to process it into something useful when we encounter it. In other words, try not to let it get you down. If that wavelength isn't the one you want to spend your time on, then maybe you aren't cut out to live on that side of the coin so much. I'm a deeply "negative" person by nature, so it doesn't put really ever put me off my groove to any great degree. Not everybody is like me (thank goodness), and you have to choose where you spend your time as you learn to get comfortable on all sides of things. Above all else, if you're having fun - stay where the fun is. You simply would not believe the depths of madness and drama this game community has weathered over the years, and the further you can stay clear of that the better.
  10. notlamprey

    Liberate the camp bounty

    Currently hitting my head against this issue. It's bad. Twice today I've failed bounties because of this objective. The area is too large, enemy spawns are too few and too slow, and I'm being swarmed by enemies after the objective has failed. Unless DE wants solo players to buy a Lanka riven and complete this objective by one-hitting the dropships, this needs attention.
  11. I honestly think it's unreasonable to expect DE to understand their own game that well. That's not a slam on them really; Steve's old Sunday Streams kinda showed us just how generally out of touch they are with their 6-years-of-spaghetti-code game. I don't think they could design useful tutorials even if they tried, and I mark that down largely to the nature of the beast rather than any fundamental incompetence on their part.
  12. notlamprey

    Overpriced Baro

    A while back, DE started tying Baro's prices to the overall per-platform production of Ducats. As more people play the game, more ducats are created per platform (at least in theory). DE used to advise us shortly prior to Baro's visits whether they were adjusting his prices upwards, and it happened often enough that they just stopped telling us and made it the new norm. I guess we're supposed to make the leap of insight on our own and be okay with it. My only worry is the grind burden this places on newer or more casual players. True, it does kinda sorta almost help with the problem of power traders exerting outsize influence on the market... but I'm unconvinced it does much of anything except annoy the regular folks.
  13. notlamprey

    Are Solaris “people?”

    They're characters in a video game.
  14. notlamprey

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    If that's actually true, it's totally ridiculous. I really hope we get some proof one way or the other because I struggle to believe that DE would intentionally do something so wrongheaded and egregious.
  15. notlamprey

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    Really appreciate the decision to revert those recent Archwing control changes. Judging by the variety of opinions, a new system for managing Archwing controls might be needed. Any word on why we should have to deal with weather effects on our pets now? Just when we were enjoying a huge boost to the fun factor of both Kavats and Kubrows, something like this arrives and puts another bug in our collective ear to be watching for. What gives?