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  1. I agree, but I think it's even worse than that. I think DE doesn't even know what the mark is. The systems that went live with The Old Blood and now Empyrean look to me like systems made without a cohesive vision. It's like a bunch of people were quietly pulling in a bunch of slightly different directions, and nobody was able to step in and impose a clear goal. Something about all this is just giving me the sense that DE is ultimately letting people work on pretty much whatever they want, however they want, and hoping that any major problems with the work output can be fixed later. I'd like to be wrong about that, but right or wrong I still can't get away from the bottom line that DE is currently working in some kind of mode that not very many people are enjoying. I'd have an easier time remaining interested in playing the game or recommending it to others if it looked like DE had a clear plan, but right now I'm just not seeing that. I keep sorta orbiting the forums in hopes of spotting something encouraging, but I dunno. Maybe someone else knows something I don't.
  2. Just to comment specifically on the alleged "decline" of Warframe, the steam charts are actually kinda interesting. Looking at the past 3 months, compared to the 1-year and 2-year charts, the most recent batches of new content simply are not holding the interest of players in the way that Warframe had been before. The player count curve shows much more rapid spikes and dips lately, compared to the longer tails of major updates past. While that probably isn't enough to support any claims that the sky is falling, people don't seem to be sticking around in the same numbers as 2017 and 2018 - or even spring of 2019.
  3. It does, and I agree with you. The silver lining in all this mess for me was that it prompted me to go back and dip into Destiny some more. Spending some money to celebrate Bungie's self-purchase and freedom from Blizzard's launcher feels good - much better than spending the same amount of money to try and lessen the irritation of U26. I'd be willing to lose all my Pride and Accomplishment™, all that forma and time and even the mastery xp, if it meant other people wouldn't have to deal with the grind and resource sink.
  4. As of just now, I finally have the very last of all those pesky fodder weapons. I'll be editing the thread title to reflect this! Thanks to everyone who brought their liches in for a little extra punishment, and shoutout to a couple great names we encountered along the way: Budili Duu, whose name was fun to say every time she showed up. Jiff Momm, who reminds us that choosy moms choose a particular brand of peanut butter.
  5. Please do us all a favor and choose some way of describing it besides "oppressing." This is a bing bing wahoo forum, not a grievance studies class. OP's coptering comparison is apt, because it effectively describes the play feel of a technique that results in great bursts of unpredictable forward movement.
  6. If it really is like you say, this sounds like a textbook case of knee-jerk changes that weren't properly playtested and completely fail to accomplish their stated purpose. That happens a lot with this game.
  7. Gotcha, I'll slap you in for Chakurr. Copy that, I've got you on the list. Y'all pray that rngesus grants me the posterior fortitude to slam out all these Liches 😂
  8. Gotcha, added to queue in the OP. I'll put you down for Shildeg then. gonna have to get the lead out on working through all these Liches...
  9. Haha tyvm, definitely gonna need it. Wiser people than myself would probably not attempt this while trying to get over the flu, but then I've never been known for wisdom. I'll make sure I get Kuva Tonkor queued on the OP.
  10. Perfect, thanks! I'll add that one to the queue as well. Apologies to all who are waiting; I wish I could make this go faster but so far I have just had the worst luck with requiems. It's taking me an average of ~8 hours per Lich, and if anyone at DE happens to be reading this I want to reiterate just how much this system robs all the fun from this game. I can't wait to be done with it.
  11. Gotcha, I'll add you to the queue. Really hoping I can get some good luck with these dumb murmur sequences 😒
  12. Let's get right to the point: I greatly dislike the Kuva Lich system. I'd like to have my mastery xp and be done with it for (hopefully) a very long time. I'm paying 125 platinum each for any kuva lich who has a weapon I still need to acquire. No bonus % minimum, no ephemera necessary. I currently need the following weapons: Kuva Kraken Kuva Quartakk Kuva Ayanga Kuva Drakgoon (Active Lich) Kuva Karak Kuva Kohm Kuva Ogris Kuva Tonkor Kuva Brakk Kuva Seer Kuva Twin Stubbas Kuva Chakurr Kuva Shildeg Why 125? It's simple. I can afford to pay well, and I want it to be worth anyone's time spent holding a Lich until I get around to slapping it. If I can make some new player's day or provide a nice surprise boost to anyone's wallet, so much the better. Contact: Posting in this thread is preferred, as it allows me to accurately determine the order in which people offer Liches for sale. Other contact methods like Forum PM, in-game message and Friend Request are technically okay but I can't promise you a sale because I would first have to check this thread.
  13. This. Brand loyalty is a poison, and I say that as somebody who can probably point to a few people on DE staff that I'd call genuinely likable. It's a harsh truth, but in the vast majority of circumstances "brand loyalty" only hurts you as a consumer. On balance, it's overwhelmingly a bad deal for an individual to practice loyalty to a for-profit business. You really shouldn't do it, no matter how nice that one employee was to you that one time. U26 arrived, I don't like it, so now my game time is mostly Destiny 2 and Fishing Planet. You are entitled to point and laugh at me for playing a fishing game.
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