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  1. Also experiencing this issue recently; unsure if it's related to a bug that's also causing my invitations to "duplicate" in my chat logs. It looks as though they're sent multiple times. I've been seeing it both on a university campus and with residential internet 400 miles away, so no idea what's up with it.
  2. Bless you because I have been around long enough to know that you are telling the truth about all of this. I just had to restart my computer and diagnose connections because I got tangled up in the "[name] appears offline" bug that disallows invitations both ways on your game client. Trying to tell six people about this while more are coming in requesting trades is... not how I wanted to spend half an hour of my day today. Just to try and avoid derailing this thread, I sympathize deeply with OP's situation and I'm frustrated that day-ruining bugs extend beyond even just the content o
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