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  1. *cries in Rune Factory Special* You could definitely frame this as an attempt to sidestep the problem of constantly being asked to rework X, Y and Z frame. It might even turn out to work well. God forbid I tender my opinion that it probably won't. It puts me in mind of the way WoW: Cataclysm broke a lot of the old system structures open, technically allowing for a lot of new possibilities. The end result was a lot of unsatisfying choices that just made the game more difficult to parse and contributed to what became (I think) the largest six-month sub count drop any game had ever seen to date. I guess this game has turned into a DSP stream, and anyone who says something doesn't seem like a good idea is a dirty detractor. If anyone needs me, I'll be in Selphia.
  2. Basically this; we're just going to end up with another Mandatory Mods situation. Credit to DE for trying, but at some point you've destroyed so much category structure that the whole thing becomes a soupy mess. This doesn't sound like anything that would make me want to pick up the game again.
  3. I think we agree on pretty much all the major points here. I'm not interested in litigating this issue, because I don't have the time or the money for it. The easier answer is what's being done in this thread, which is to put the question to the public. The only thing that I can imagine logging in to do these days would be to finish unloading the last of my trade goods, which is really just academic. The clan, the dojo, the platinum and all the other stuff will just continue to sit like it's doing now. Current events have all aligned to make Warframe a bad place to put my time, not to mention money. Tightening the purse strings across the board has left zero room for any expenditures for which I can't find firm justification; I suspect a lot of people are in the same situation as I am. There was a time when I genuinely felt that DE and its staff held a certain solidarity (the Old Ones among us will remember that word) with the players. That's clearly not true anymore. Perhaps it never was. The studio itself is now more clearly seen to be an oddly hateful thing, practicing hate behind a mask of compassion. You can really see this if you ever manage to get on any staffer's bad side. Examples exist even from the very early days, and much is either forgotten or was not widely known of when it happened. I'm sure everyone at DE is very good at what they do. I just wonder what exactly that truly means these days, since I'm fairly certain I'm no longer part of this game's target audience. Sorry for rambling so much. I'm definitely interested in seeing where this Steel Essence situation ends up.
  4. Just for informational purposes, this is the Federal Trade Commission's three-factor test. I don't have an exhaustive understanding of exactly what FTC regs DE is required to comply with (if any), and the process of properly researching it is pretty laborious if I'm being honest. This gets further complicated by the fact that any complaints would have to allege with specificity the violation that is occurring. Because DE isn't explicitly and affirmatively advertising/marketing these boosters in the way we traditionally think of products being marketed, it becomes a matter of nailing down that 1st factor. I think it's pretty easy to make the case that DE is making an omission that is likely to mislead, based on an established practice of how boosters work. Making the strongest case possible on the 1st factor is a must IMO, even if it seems like a slam dunk. It sets the tone for the other two factors and you should always hammer on your strongest point. For the purposes of the 2nd factor, a "consumer or group of consumers" doesn't have to be limited to the people who are interested in or play Warframe. It's meant to be construed broadly by design, meaning that any sufficiently large group of consumers objecting to this practice as unreasonable would satisfy the 2nd factor. How someone would go about establishing that group is up to them, but you want to be rigorous because you know your opponent will be working very hard to find fault with whatever methodology you use. The 3rd factor also seems pretty clear... to me and to people who would agree with me, anyway. It'd be kinda silly for me to ignore the possibility that opposing council could come up with something very clever and surprising about the purchase habits of Warframe players. I'd expect the "likely injury" part to draw the most heat - that's definitely where I would concentrate if I was defending DE on this. "Injury? What injury, a little time and the cost of a sandwich spent on a video game? Hardly seems like any injury worthy of the term." I'd definitely be interested to get the opinion of a practicing attorney with experience in this realm, though. If I remember and they aren't all too busy, maybe I can make that happen :P
  5. Inclined to agree with this, honestly. A standard has been set that it's reasonable for us to expect some kind of communication regarding major events of this nature. I find myself waffling a lot about all this, in case that wasn't already obvious. I've been around this game since spring of '13, and enjoyed it on and off in various ways over the years. My first impulse when hearing about many of the more concerning developments (from my own perspective ofc) has historically been to step away from the game for a while and check back in some time down the road. A Tencent acquisition would unfortunately be different for me. I can't make peace with being around this game if something like that were to happen. There would be no coming back for me; I just wouldn't feel good about myself if I did. It's one of those points where inner peace has to take priority. That having been said, it also feels a little lame not to at least stay in orbit until a final decision is reached one way or the other. Having looked in on this game since the early days, I suppose it's only right that I be around until my personal point of no return has truly arrived.
  6. Agreed. If I can delete my Blizzard account and not look back, I can do the same for Warframe.
  7. You can like someone based on what you know about their history and still criticize them for something you think was out of line. People can disagree and remain friends. It sounds like you practice a different system.
  8. I agree all the active moderation makes it pretty hard to read the thread without using archives as a companion. Having to piece together the thread history from three or four different sites is more than most people will bother with, and I don't blame them. Something to keep in mind is that staff (or at least the moderators) do probably read the posts before taking actions on them, and I will just suggest that there is a non-zero chance certain posts are a topic of lengthy discussion in places normal users don't see. Steve's tweet and the surrounding context is something I think got by nearly all of us in this whole mess. Until it popped up in discussion videos, I wouldn't have known about it. The Creative Director of a major game title was on twitter, lashing out at a content creator and player, for cheap dunks. It was one of the most petty and childish things I've ever seen a major studio name do, right up their with the antics of Cliffy B and Randy Pitchford. We're talking about a dude who, in recent times, has had the gall to (1) say that Rahetalius was making "personal attacks against my team" and then (2) turn right around to try dunking on one of the oldest names in this community. I'm still kinda stunned about it, honestly.
  9. I was always partial to Railjoke myself :P
  10. Why'd you have to go and remind me of poor Derf? ;_;7
  11. Wacky. Never seen anything like that before; maybe update this thread if you learn anything new or get some kind of resolution to this. I'd be interested to know what's going on.
  12. Huh. I'm glad I read this thread, because it all seems like the opposite of what I want to be encountering all the time during an average play session. I don't mind certain moral choices being presented as major plot points during quests or one-off story elements, but something about the idea of being hit with the moral question of rescuing Solaris constantly... ...it lands wrong on my brain somehow. If I were to press down my brain's attempt to engage the question, I'd be deliberately creating inhibitory gating against a more general response than what this specific game situation evokes. I mean, maybe deliberately forcing myself not to care against my normal impulse won't mess my brain up in any noticeable unexpected ways but I don't think I care to try and find out. Not knowing anything about how this new stuff plays out in practice, it all sounds like the kind of thing I'd rather not touch.
  13. This might turn out to be really nice. Looking forward to see how it goes.
  14. While it's true that DE has lately been doing a lot of stuff I almost couldn't disagree with more strongly... It's important to have compassion for just how precarious and stressful their situation is right now. The problems they currently face are a fiendishly complicated mixture of world events, industry trends, assorted short- and long-term consequences of their work culture and choices. I think many of the people within DE, if not all, are stressed nearly to the breaking point. Some may have already passed that point. As tempting as it is to continue to criticize and poke fun for my own satisfaction, I would want us all to remember the importance of compassion - it seems to be greatly lacking in the current global moment. If I don't feel I can support or enjoy the game, that's one thing. I can still wish DE and its people well, even when they're making choices I don't like.
  15. That's Warframe for you. Look no further than the Guides of the Lotus and the Partner Program. GotL was (until its dissolution) a miniature little NKVD, and the same is true now with the Partner Program. People work tirelessly to compile ammunition for future moves against each other. The rules of the game can change at any moment, without notice to you, and suddenly you are in disfavor with the local Troika. Enjoy GULAG, you naughty anti-revolutionary.
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