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  1. You want some QoL, huh? Don't make people chase exploding ships just because they might drop 1% loot. Even more when the pilot is the one to decide and most are dumb. Don't make going out of the railjack impossible due to being oneshot in invisibility. Don't make Amesha meta, absolutely mandatory, even more than Itzal was. Don't release not even half-baked update, full of glitches that just made me uninstall this game. Don't make people shoot red squares with grineer shouting in the comms. Grind is not Content. Grind.Is NOT.Content. From good one, you went to "gotta milk as much playtime as possible" from players. Bye.
  2. This is one of the two worst Updates so far, the other being Kuva Liches. Grind is not content. Repeat with me. Grind. Is not. Content. After ~1600 hours I'm not playing this game for now, just taking up space. Made me play it for few days, but that's idiotism. You're not milking any more time from me, DE. And so unplayable btw, every other mission I'll alt f4 and lose the progress? Get out of my face, your game's taking up space. And here I thought Bungie with their destiny 2 were bad.
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