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  1. Passive: Regenerate Gaining Energy restores a small amount of Health. Reclaim: [warframe]'s arm is reshaped into a long lance, scewering all enemies in a narrow line. Enemies are unable to act while scewered. Reclaim can be held indefinitely and deals damage over time, restoring a small amount of energy to [warframe] per enemy affected. Repurpose: Siphon Armour and Shields from nearby enemies, granting [warframe] with consumable armour stacks and shields. Armour stacks are consumed upon recieving health damage. Reforge: [warframe] reshapes his/her limbs into melee or ranged weapons to adapt to the situation. Reform: [warframe] reshapes his/her entire body into a defensive, offensive, or more utility-focused form. Each form provides significant buffs to enhance a particular need or playstyle.
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