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  1. I was definitely shocked that the gauss alt helmet wasn't in the nightwave store, I'm guessing it's gonna be a intermission or dev stream alert once console has the gauss changes in next cert build.
  2. Here here, all these maggots need to interact with each other and speeding up nidus is pretty much a massive quality of life improvement for me
  3. These rivens are bugged on ps4 too can only equip on burst laser
  4. I wasn't saying volt takes more skill than gauss to play I was saying the mix up and inclusion of skills felt better. Also my warframe choices/playstyles are based on 40 minute missions where the press 4 tactic doesn't work. Press 4 for cc overshield and condition overloading, 1 for spot cc Co, 2 adding reload and fire rate, 3 for burst dmg camping and crit. Point being I can and do use all his kit. Whilst on gauss I will never use any of it because it's too clunky and ineffective versus volts dps and kps with weapons doing killing. I have built gauss for duration and on a second attempt for efficiency and duration range hybrid both felt horrible. Ultimately I stopped using his 3 and 4, just kept 2 on n used 1 for gap closing whilst relying completely weapons in stead. To get back to the topic gauss 3 doesn't fix the ballistica prime shadow scanning issue.
  5. This is totally off topic but I really don't like his inefficient battery/red line, the lack luster fire and ice combo for both spread and damage, overall I find myself using all his skills over n over but get absolutely no gains versus just using atterax rubico catch moon redeemer etc and ignoring all his kit instead. If I wanna use gauss I'll just use volt instead, way more skill n weapon to skill pay offs/dps.
  6. I just threw up a little, I despise gauss he's the first out of 41 wf's I will never ever use again til a complete rework is done. Leveled him and once was enough.
  7. The issue of scanning shadows still stands if you use ballistica prime alt fire
  8. The latest patch has made kavat farming very difficult its almost as it was when it was introduced way back in the day. Scanning a kavat now makes it impossible to find them, when you ballistica alt fire charge kill them and produce a shadow clone they spawn invisible and move way too aggressively so scanning them is impossible too, please change all this back to how it was before the mainline, they didn't used to go auto aggro and invisible straight away.
  9. It's ugly as sin, its creation should and deployment should be illegal
  10. I really want de to bring parts of the 2.0 system, the quick swap is fine as is but performing combos that require you to press L3 on ps4 are nigh impossible.
  11. I'm stuck at 29/30 on ps4 and I have all 30 locations on my map
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