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  1. whenever i finished a missions it looks like it flips a coin to decide if the game soft locks me or not int the mission result screen. this tends to happen pretty often when i tried to skip it, making me unable to open the menus by pressing ESC. having to restart the game to fix it.
  2. a recurring bug i have found in the UI, whenever you enter or exit the Backroom in Fortuna it makes you unable to press ESC to open up the menus, only being able to access them again AFTER you enter orb vallis.
  3. Profit-Taker already charges vex armor in like 1 hit lmao, why would i ever use the decoy there? LOL again, a waste of a ability and mod slot. Also, arcanes let you tank that ammount (well, you might die when the snow nullifier invisible bubble touches you but still)
  4. Or you just stand still for like 10 seconds, and you dont have to waste an ability and mod stock.
  5. yeah, you and i know that. To a new player that just got to mr8 and saw a requirement of 500.000 nano spores and he only has 20 we both know it would seem as a paywall.
  6. exactly, even in YT comment sections i see: they just want to gate-keep lower players, my friend plays the game on MR8 to feed his ego but wants that system and new players got nothing new to do (somehow). not keeping in mind that if you are new and you see the amount of resources helminth takes and the other grinds you have to do, you might as well say the game is pay to win and called it quits.
  7. i mean for helminth, the buff he is talking about is for helminth
  8. let me reitherate myself: "there is no way to buff Y to the same level of X WITHOUT killing the entire game" for example: Yes,they could have buffed every weapon to be like bramma(the ammo nerf is stupid tho) but then LITERALLY NOTHING can defy you at that point. WF might be horde killer but if you make everyone a god you would kill your game in no time (and that is what happens in almost every loot game)
  9. New players already have enough grind, the more grind you introduce to them the more they are going to think this is either pay to win or just too hard, they are going to see the requirements to level up, they will believe that you can only unlock them if you pay high ammounts of money for the ammount of resources it takes and would think the entire game is the same (with things like ranking, focus, etc. being a lot to grind already) by giving them that little taste, you are killing their excitement before they have a chance to do it.
  10. seeing that you aren't getting by now, im referring to pre nerf catchmoon which was literally a prenerf arca plasmor with faster reload, inf ammo, more range and A LOT more damage. (and why would i need range in other place rather than open worlds? by that logic melee is ass because enemies are spaced out in OW) yeah my rubico with a riven can delete any enemy in one shot, but why would i reload and aim if i can just press E to do the same, better and to more enemies? if you believe that guns and melee are on the same playing field JUST because you dont use melee i dont k
  11. melee is not useful or needed in most situations, but is still the meta because it melts everything it touches compared to guns. i can do a solo tridolon with loki, but why would i do that if i have volt or chroma? just because you can hinder yourself doesn't make it a better option. i like to use primaries rather than melee, but im not going to act like they are on the same playing field. i prefer thematic rather than min max (thats why i would put dispensary on vauban and larva on saryn prime) but im not going to act as if roar and eclipse aren't the better options, just becaus
  12. we don't really see the numbers so they might as well had maked them useless. And again, even if they buffed other abilities like they did with well of life, the nerfs to eclipse and roar were still going to happen. The remaining question is how good they would balance other abilities (and seeing how they treated dispensary and larva. helminth already has a foot in the coffin)
  13. the problem is that there is no possible way to bring Y to the same playing-field as X, without nerfing X.
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