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  1. you would lose xp, and not everyone likes being trashed around without making a mistake, that was the main complaint. why should you be punished if you did nothing wrong?that being said he could have those skills in fight, but those move shouldnt instakill you, maybe just take a 30% of your hp or smh like that.
  2. "I hear them wailing, i hear them calling solar winds,they are now forming trusty ship, captain takes another sip in the cold black space grineer armada and a railjack race so we row and row so fast ho ho row and row so fast ho ho i see land so far above, one on top and one below lua is up yet down we go, to the planes of eidolon grineer fortress shall see the smoke where theres fire theres tenno in the dark night we will come when they see us they will run. never before have they heard so loud the cries of freedom of a child When earth is safe we will leave to save all sol civilians you best believe we then sail through the milky way never caring what corpus say see those stars far and close empyrean shall sail to those" Heres mine, hope you guys like it and sorry for grammatical errors but its not my first language, english that is.
  3. just bought elder scrolls online elsweyr edition, quess ill be out for a while untill the fix bugs, so no rng for me. Happy new year to you too friend 🙂
  4. bugs are there, they always are. but empyrean is 100% a winner.
  5. aklex needs to be buffed, its so underpowered... 😞
  6. im pretty sure they wont stretch duviri to 2021, that would mean the new war for the whole 2020, and they will lose their playerbase. but then again people dont understand what empyrian will give to warframe. and if done right it will blow away peoples expetations. thats why im all for waiting, there are tons of games to play inbetween
  7. Do you have doubts how the public will respond to railjack? this new update will be a massive selling point for warframe from now on, i personally enjoyed tennocon but some might say that railjack is too slow for the fast paced gameplay that we have now.
  8. im mr 17 and i started to play in 2014. im proud of myself for not wasting days of my life grinding for higher mastery rank
  9. When you hunt for kuva larving in exterminate mission on sedna and use excal umbra. if you blind the kuva larving with your ability and then use finnisher on it with skiajati, kuva larving becomes invincible and you cannot mercy kill her
  10. fix eastern europe servers, they lag a lot
  11. constanct server not responding, not only for me but for my friend also, who is has another internet provider and lives in another city, i play in eastern europe
  12. Thanks DE, and a spooky halloween to you 🙂
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