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  1. i have a cat named apollo and he is lazy af, so yeah i agree with you that apollo should be more active
  2. ofc there should be a way to play raids solo, where enemies will spawn less and bosses would be a bit easier with same reward pool
  3. i know, but if i said normal would be 140 lvl, and the hardest difficulty would be level 240+ because i myself have no problem with level 200 enemies, then someone would say that im making a raid for only players with good rivens and couple of frames that can go to that lenght with little to no effort.
  4. because it wasnt done right
  5. i agree i used other missions to create something new because its easier for de to use existing stuff and create something different. and they are working on lots of new things to focus on something brand new. it was a concept raid but i get your meaning of cartoony and everything coming together at the last second, i agree with you, maybe we can erase the corpus boss fight and add something else, write if you think of something
  6. first of all: im not a fan of wow so i wont play it is not an argument. destiny 2 has raids, lots of mmorpgs have raids, and you and i both know when i said like wow i meant continued mission with more then one boss and each boss drop items. i understand that you will be negative to each thing that a man presents on forum and can only criticize because thats what warframe forum is all about, negativity. it was my thought about it, and maybe you should build up on that thought so we can all think of something cool, for example you said 2 times what about levels. since i thought about this raid on a spot, i didnt specify levels. how about this: you can choose 3 options. normal option, where bots are 50 level and bosses usually drops mods or normal weapons. hard options where enemies are 100 level and bosses drop wraith weapon variants and more endo or some cool armor sets.and hardcore difficulty where enemies are level 130 but bosses gain new moves and more phases, and they would drop some endgame mods like prime mods or something like that. if you want. be constructive and build upon my idea or present your own, if you just want to bash me untill im dead with your negativity dont comment. also i dislike using k-drives, limbo and some other things about warframe but that doesnt mean i will quit playing it because i dont have to use those aspects of the game( this was meant to the guy who stopped playing wf when raids were a thing)
  7. still want that ash deluxe tho
  8. actually i was having in mind an interactive mission with players, that isnt just do this and its done. and there are several boss fights which all drop unique staff. nobody who played wow and started fighting lich king said its too complicated because you have to do various things to get there. i understand how it might feel complicated for you, but for me lots of action packed with high level bosses and actual tactics used will elevate this game to new heights.
  9. just stay with me here, lots of rooms, some new some old. you start by extermenating grineer and sabotaging cloning machines at the same time. when you are done with that first boss appears where the fight is similiar as final boss fight in emissary series. you beat him with the team you go on the next level without loading screens. just cross the door and new mission pops out. new mission is something like survive for the five minnutes and kill 100 grineer. you complete it, a lone tenno operative hacks the door to the lab where you face tube men and its boss, after the fight you get the key card to the final level, but before you can enter the pasword to the door you got ambushed by 3 ambulas and some corpus boss who also invaded the grineer stronghold. you dispatch of them, anter the level with the final boss and there you fight with new enemy, sentient fused grineer made to combat tenno.he has 4 disruptors thatblocks tenno abilities. you destory them, destroy boss then see that there is a cloning device making them, so you have to hack couple of consoles while fighting more and more bosses , when hack is complete door opens and there is spy like room, your abilities are disabled you jump like crazy running in there and just destroy the console while all hell breaks loose, noxes and other*stronger* grineer troops start spawning and you run away to extraction. the end i just made this up confirming that there is a way for de(which i love very mutch) to create endgame content. and the rewards should be decoration for the orbiter, new armor sets,primary weapon that you dont have to reload cus its creating ammo in itself or some crazy sh*** like that.
  10. hey man, that was actually proposed way back when plains of eidolon were introduced. many potato pc players(including myself then) wanted to visit solo because of framerates. but de team didnt pay mind to it. and i can tell you just one thing. find a job, get money and buy a new pc
  11. can we get again spectra vandal? i missed it because of my exam schedule. i like the basic variant and i'm overcomed with grief for not having vandal version. One more question: there are areas on earth tileset which are too bright on day cycle, is that intentional or?
  12. im one of the few(maybe the only one) who mains spectra because i just like that gun. and i was having a 2 month break when vandal variant came to be. now i just want to ask is it possible to get the gun in this year, because i cant wait for 2 years for it to come out, and i have been angry at myself for missing it...
  13. my dread and my spira. so my primaries get a boost, thanks de so much. ash is happy, just get me that nikana boost now and i ll buy scott a beer
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