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  1. if we do that then can we make it so when we forma the warframe a forma is then allotted to the weapons so we do not need to put 4 forma into everything. Like how when we reactor the warframe the exalted weapons get a catalyst.
  2. any mobile defense missions can spawn sentients now that has been happening since they announce the new war coming. This can only happen if you have done all the main quests or the host has.
  3. what happened is DE didn't make the announcement thread for it to not allow comments, so people like me were able to put in our vote and when they opened the thread again they just left the comments where they were.
  4. its likely just for the test going to be level 100 + the planet's node level, and they are not doing for the test level 50 + the nodes level.
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  6. To note for the miter one the nullifer enemies have to be the ones with the backpack they have to be the crewman ones they can not be the orb vallis osprey ones.
  7. what this likely is all of them are loaded into the console version of the game but some are not aloud to be sold to console players per request of the creator of the tennogen. That is why if you look on the warframe wiki there are some skins and stuff that are PC exclusive because the author did not want it sold on console. As for the issue I think all of the tennogen items are put into the game they just can not be bought untill DE can make out a deal with the player who made it.
  8. Do you have any suggestions how to rework how MR is structured?
  9. You can not transfer your account to PC.
  10. Likely not since you still have to buy companion slots and they were turned into companion slots.
  11. This wouldn’t be bad if we had an endless one with rewards.
  12. its not the max rank they are required to do the quest called Vox Solaris which is the intro quest to fortuna.
  13. not hidden messages you have to do vox solaris quest which is the quest to get into orb vallis.
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