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  1. If you haven’t saw already it was a bug and they fixed it with yesterday’s patch.
  2. If you want any other help I can help you.
  3. No you can not the pc to switch just like pc to PlayStation and pc to Xbox was a one time thing when they first released warframe to those consoles.
  4. I have found it in Saturn and earth I owned 3 at one time of the zexti bulkhead.
  5. 1 this is not the right section. And 2 they will not likely ever do this. The only time they allowed an account copy to console was PC to Xbox PlayStation and then the switch. Also they can’t from what I understand Nintendo owns your account not DE.
  6. We need more info like pc specs and such.
  7. Is that all you eat because I hope not?
  8. It was bugged on pc and they only just fixed it on pc using controller I. The latest pc update.
  9. From what I understand you still gain intrinsics but you can not use them till you get a Railjack which makes no sense since a lot of things are locked behind them.
  10. This is why when I help new players I do not use operator and if I do it is off to a secluded room away from them. Also note the spoiler is less about that we have operators and more about the lore behind them.
  11. Those are just dns servers Google’s to be certain.
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