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  1. I do agree that DE lowering the murmurs to this level is a bit too much. I know DE with corpus lichs they are not using thralls they are using the robotic hounds which DE stated would be rarer but provide more.
  2. the issue people have with the murmur grind was 2 things 1. Some people thought it was too long, in my opinion the original amount needed was way too much. 2. Not being able to do anything else when doing Murmur Grind.
  3. As a lich killer, who has killed killed 165 lichs I can make another to test.
  4. I do not like him, I want to Cut off his other hand.
  5. Get back at them! The Lich knew they were losing and decided to cut your internet to prevent their end.
  6. Maybe DE should not make the prompt float like a hologram.
  7. if you do not stab it, it will move to another planet but will not level up because it did not die.
  8. BTW I know this wont exactly fix the issue, But if you need help running a lich I am game for it.
  9. DE needs to do a better job at explaining but I believe there is a section that explains a bit once you have made a lich.
  10. I have seen this happen before on Uranus and I think it’s a bug because they are always suppose to show up on the last node.
  11. This happens sometimes if there is network lag. I have done it more then once. If the host does not have great connection and you spam the button it can register as 2 stabs.
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