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  1. This is the main thing. I never understood why DE decided to make her music determine her powers usefulness. Warframe is a horde shooter we do not have the ability to pay attention to jumping or shooting on beat. These has forced players to either have music they like or a very basic song to be able to play her effectively.
  2. what about the weapons that do not have a varient like the bramma and the ayanga
  3. Something to note they stated that each person will have their own resources so I am going to assume that each person will need to go down to engineering and forge their own stuff, but they are also changing engineering.
  4. Something to note is currently the only time and allied lich will show up is if you have died or gone down in a mission and when they do show up it is for 2 mins. I really do like the idea of sending lichs out to farm resources.
  5. to note for the new instruments they added when you build octavia prime you get them for free.
  6. Can Gara Deluxe get a Glass Toggle so fashion frame does not get ruined when you cast Shatter Shield Pls More Corpus Lich Info and on the system in general.
  7. Why do you place low level alerts on Lua and not somewhere that is not quest locked?
  8. you only have to be saryn to spawn the lich with a toxin weapon. you can kill them as any frame.
  9. This is exactly what needs to happen. We need an option to not disable our looks because of combat.
  10. Did DE completely cancel everything with twitch?
  11. to note for healing return to work the enemy can not die from the attack that procs the element. they have to have an element already on then for you to heal.
  12. I believe that is what they are working on but just doing it one section at a time.
  13. you cant trade resources at all, the only resource trading would be donating to the alliance or clan for researching or decorating the dojos.
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