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  1. So you can either start it in the back room or you can go to the cave and do it manually.
  2. You can do the races with the normal one but I think you just can’t see them on the map with the normal one.
  3. The reason this is there is because people just ran the second bounty in profit taker heist which is a very short bounty.
  4. the problem i have is explosive weapons use sniper ammo.
  5. You will most likely not be getting it then.
  6. no se puede hacer nada. El soporte no hará nada. Lo único que dirán es volver a vincular su cuenta y esperar que funcione en el futuro.
  7. By default it choose the blank polarity aka no polarity.
  8. I would like the standing limit to be a soft cap and not a hard cap so you can still gain standing but maybe less or have the standing regen.
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t do the quest without the sword being maxed.
  10. Maybe just straight up ordis though during tennolive steve stated that we will have to help lotus choose to stay with us her new family or go back to her old one. So maybe she will come back.
  11. Steve stated during the mogamu interview stream
  12. That war code is used for support to find out why.
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