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  1. in the second part of deimos coming in the next big update the max rank will be 40.
  2. All items taken are rewarded.
  3. Incorrect if you stay in a mission after completing the objective for 15 mins you will auto fail.
  4. incorrect you get the ephemera not matter if you convert or slay.
  5. Welcome back to warframe. I can assist you with your questions and such.
  6. more then 1 can be spawned per match i have had 3 about 2 days ago that spawned in 1 mission.
  7. this is the exact same reaction with mag's magnetize and exergis.
  8. no on pc we have to use $ we do not have to option to spend plat for tennogen.
  9. the only way to get a riven without the MR is a veiled riven and then when you unveil then you might not even be able to use them, since rivens MR lock go from 8 to 16.
  10. Blade storm is the way it is because before it was a single cast and everyone in an AOE were marked and they stayed marked till they died and they also forced the animations to play for the players. They change it to the current one to make it take more effort to use.
  11. I do not have this issue because my login reward boosters last 39 hours.
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