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  1. Sounds like DE got lazy and repeated the MR1 Test with high level targets (Steel Path all over again?).
  2. LMAO - The Paradox is the fact that it doesn't exist (Duviri) !!
  3. I've noticed this for a while, but it didn't occur to me to say anything until now. I've gotten up on MR fairly high. The current MR Test I'm at, I've watched a couple of playthroughs on YT and have gone into the Practice ... to practice. BUt am realizing there are no Reults listed to see how badly I did when failing. No "X out of 100 Kills" or 50% Completed". The Mission space clears pretty quickly so if you don't remember to look for half a second the info is gone. The loading screen going back to the Orbiter or the Relay does show a "Results" screen during the load; But the screen is completely blank So "practicing is left to a pass/fail scenario; which shold not be that way. Did I kill 99/100 targets or did I kill 13/100 targets ? Having the Results info for the actual Test is less relevant since that is essentially pass/fail -- but even having the info available on the Test someone can make a note to not slack up when they think they've passed only to learn at the end they didn't and again withjout the info they have no clue how badly they failed. Just seems like a simple omission that is already in place in many other areas of the game that QA has side stepped over time for interface consistency.
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