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  1. Upwind slow walk. Be careful not to get blown off either. Or do you mean no game response at all, like not even escape works.
  2. Humanoid finishers are front, back, ground. Moas and quadrupeds are back and ground Hovering units are ground only. Still not sure if jetpack corpus and flying helions count as such, testing has been difficult. With mêlée being overhauled, maybe some stabce finishers could get broken.
  3. Yes. I have 300+ multishot. Only one visible projectile and impact marker, confirmed with Concealed Explosives, and a friend out in the plains 100m away. Kunai, Spira, Hikou, Despair and Fusilai all have 100 accuracy, meaning at max damage falloff, there is no shot grouping. It all hits the same spot. Castanas, Fusilai secondary fire and the other thrown explosive were given artificial spread to increase usefulness in hallway and defensive combat. But, should you fire several times from one spot without aiming away, will keep hitting the same spot.
  4. Rivens are very subjective. My favorite example is my Kunai riven. Who even uses kunais at MR8? Multishot, damage to Corpus and fire rate? Still a useless weapon, in their eyes. But that thing has 0 spread. I'm talking about Zibbit meme of we put kunai in your kunai so you could kunai while you kunai. And with the status build on it and 10 kunai per second... I'm just shedding armor at nearly 5 procs per second. Or a raw 1000 explosive damage per shot with a single kunai throw.. In a 10m AOE. Before resistances or buffs vs Corpus. So yeah, it's a decent riven given the weapon type. A bad weapon. But it performs well in sorties, with hilarious end results in some public lobbies. Some people just care about the stats, not about the actual performance of the weapon.
  5. It's your "warframe boot up" something from Margulis. From the old war, before the Jade light.
  6. You don't understand, I've played remap wack a mole for 2 days, with no success. It's only after having a dream where I scrolled through my warframe's abilities and saw the Vazarin one pop up, used and had transference (spoiler mode) happen that I woke up, realizing that I could do that.
  7. Yep, I was unable to use transference after a fresh install, mouswheeling through abilities allowed me to use it, but, because I'm a derp, I thought about doing the War Within to try to fix it. As I thought it was install related. And it's day two of my account being locked in that cave. Restart does nothing. I'll try using an ability, maybe it's selected. Even if transfer isn't. Edit: confirmed, use ability works when transference button doesn't!
  8. I once through extreme lag issues wound up killing Sortie Sargas Ruk with 6 other tenno. It was the funniest thing. I was host, people lost connection mid load and reconnected instantly, at the same time as the 3 others joined. No one noticed until everyone was bouncing around the boss room and filling their lungs with General Ruk's death. Anecdotes aside.... I was one of those raiders, I was one of the trinities for both (mostly because I didn't understand what good weapons were and so on.) The Law of Retribution and The Jordas Verdict. Both were only difficult so long as energy was limited.. And kid form didn't have all those bonuses. Once the focus system was remade, the raids were removed, which makes sense, since all trees could pretty much render all warframes immortal and keep them charged. If we were to try to do some of those raids in the current state of the game, the Law of Retribution could be handled by 2 people, except for the stand on the pressure pads part. Jordas verdict only needs 3. These numbers are me guesstimating with rivens, arbitration mods, general power creep and arcanes, which were the rewards for raids. Sure, to run it with this few players you'd have to go with specific frames, but it would get much easier with more.
  9. She fits pretty well. I actually have her as a regen tank with adaptation, hunter adrenaline and vitality. Just cast her 2 and watch 10 bullets from a Furis kill level 100s.. It's funny, especially with that 20% life steal. I do use augments on her a lot as they really enhance her playability. She works well solo, if you take things slow and play like a cover shooter. Or just go tactical sonic nuke with the augments for her 2 and 4, no survivability and max strength. It's fun to watch.
  10. Vulkar Wraith is my favorite sniper Any of the gun-spears or the gorgon prisma Furis or Kunai for secondary. Furis is great for self heal. Kunai, just grab multishot, fire rate and concealed explosives. Ever wanted 1200 dps in a 10m radius AOE? Look no further. I will suggest using the expell mods as they do increase the damage of the concealed explosives. And you can build them for status as they can be a 10.50 shots per second with 70% status chance AND NO SPREAD MULTISHOT! I love to go all Dio Brando with them. Part of me wishes I could still use limbo stasis on them to really do the whole scene. As for mêlée, the sarpa. I've seen it take down level 155 without too much trouble.
  11. Zephyr with her 3. Just perch on top of the canister, kill all melee units and destroy reinforcement beacons. Bullet jump straight up to refresh your turbulence and wait some more.
  12. If you really need to solo, I've used volt shields, just kill anyone who is mêlée, or gets too close, gara, same reasoning, frost, and Zephyr with 140 range. Long duration and range Equinox and Ivara work too with their sleep powers. Zephyr is my favorite, as she just prevents all projectiles from hitting. With all solo runs, destroy all reinforcement beacons you see. After all, it's a timer, not a kill counter.
  13. You're not supposed to solo it. And the closer you get to map borders, the more tough enemies you will see.
  14. Thought blast damage was best damage because knockdowns opened finishers. I wasn't all wrong, since I mained a Kestrel with Zephyr. When doing the finisher on a downed enemy with the kestrel you do a HUGE slash proc.
  15. Shoot his backpack, get in melee, roll out of the way so he freezes himself. He's a Dark Souls style boss. A lot of players have trouble with phase bosses.
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