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  1. My method is to bring loki with hushed Invisibilty, get to the call point, become visible, shoot three times into the air with a loud weapon, if no one comes within 20 seconds, the coast is clear. Make the calls, and once the animal spawns, become invisible. If you have surround sound, you already know which way to go and look.
  2. They try to patch things at the same rate as for PC, but most console companies insist on checking and double checking any code that comes their way. Which means that while DE may have the code ready for all platforms at the same time, console code gets to sit around 2 weeks without a possibility to be changed or patched. However, things like drop chances and item availability are just numbers that can be changed almost on the fly without requiring an update.
  3. Might be inclusive. But I keep thinking about all the less successful attempts at making warframes. We've seen Excalibur Umbra. Why wouldn't a warframes' legs get accidentally fused, or some other mutation? I'm thinking about a K-drive based warframe. Or even one that uses a jetpack like the Corpus do in archwing and Jupiter missions. Or.. Just a limp, a hunched back?... Disability can take any form. A tengu monk warframe could be an interesting addition. Give him a hunchback, a bit of a hop/limp he'd be able to fit goblin, tengu and disability traits.
  4. I say go for it. But, as all warframes, or almost all, it has to take from something global, or common enough for everyone. It could be another emotion frame, Valkyr for anger, Garuda for apathy, this guy for hope (making him a buffing frame) Or he could take from the Grimm brothers' books, be a warframe akin to Pestilence (one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse). Another take on Nidus, or Saryn. What level of disability are you thinking about?
  5. Depends on the mission. I'm not usually a fan of tanky frames. And really it doesn't matter what I bring, as long as I stay alive and help keep the team alive, who cares? I've played Vauban, Mirage, Octavia, Ash... It's really all about positioning, maybe skill too? I usually play vs infested thoungh, as the other factions' damage ramps up much faster. I can understand how that must feel. I used to mess around with pre rework Wukong for arbitrations. And I'd see my squad die around me. Even as stealth warframes I've seen it. Honestly, it doesn't matter. Arbitrations in public are more about being there to fill a role in the squad, rather than just being a lone wolf.
  6. Loki with sarpa. Loki with over 100m teleport range is fine. Get at least 20s Invisibilty. You can bring in hushed Invisibilty, or increase either of your two main stats. Sarpa with shattering impact, bloodrush and some fire rate mods. It's very helpful for newbies to just shred that thing's armor. Provided you can hit a house with your sarpa. And if you're half as smart, you'll bring your sancti castanas, talons, embolist, staticor or other group killing weapon to give yourself the breathing room to revive fallen allies. And, for the beautiful glistening cherry on top, a sniper rifle with corrosive, not just to POP it, but to make long range teleportations easier. And switch teleport will teleport downed allies to you, without putting you where they fell.
  7. Just to be sure, one more time, this star chart mission to get a warframe, should be locked behind a 6M credit grind wall? Actually, far more grinding if they want to solo anything with Railjack. I'm saying it like this because people are complaining about co-op play, but at the same time forcing it. I've farmed for Harrow and Nidus alone, despite having set it to public lobby. Why would Atlas be any different? The fight used to be more challenging back in the day, and back then, I had the same mods and gear. Archwings have gotten faster. Much faster. His movement patterns could afford to be changed, and adopt a more Jordas Verdict based thing, requiring players to go in and out of the infested structure to deal with the mobile infested ship.
  8. I have to disagree. There's no reason why an MR 9, if they have been grinding all the weapons they could, should need to spend 6M credits just to get a warframe and a ship that's geared more towards end game content and teamwork. Now, having that be a trial, like the Jordas Verdict was, now that I can get behind!
  9. They do want to get nightwave seasons to start and end at the same time. Which platform has had second intermission for the shortest time so far? Who's had the least time on railjack? Once they've had a hundred or so days, then it'll go.
  10. If you use her second ability on the tornadoes, they'll get bigger, with a larger pickup range! That's as close to that as you'll get for now.
  11. It depends on how the ship is flown. If you rely on the particle ram a lot, go for the cryophan. I usually fly solo, but the times I get a crew, it's usually premade and I just ask what they want.
  12. I've been thinking about this. And I've avoided reading too much just in case there's spoilers. The orokin dressed and saw themselves as gods above humanity. Similarly to gods of Olympus, which Ballas, one of the only orokin the player gets to see. The greatest enemy of these gods were the titans. For those who aren't familiar, they're like giants with godlike powers. Not to be mistaken with the gods of Olympus, who are gods of giant size. The sentient as we see them now, look nothing alike their original shape. Because sentinels are sentients that haven't gone through the void. The void being the dark "underground" where the titans have gone to. Sentients were mutated, or reshaped by the titans in the void and Tau system. It is my belief that the titans made a request to the orokin, to be made of flesh. Which the orokin responded with attempts at subjugation. And keeping it all secret. The innocent and moldable minds of the children of the Zariman were gifted with part of the Titans' powers to allow them to serve as envoys. (Remember kiddo, you would be nothing without me. You owe me). The wave with the missing finger at the reliquary from the man in the wall. The titan in the void. Rap-tap-tap. The titan waits for his due. He speaks with our voice for he has none. I could almost call him Prometheus, for the light he had brought to the Orokin, in the form of the tenno. As the darkness of their golems, the Sentient, closed in around them. Sorry if this comes out as rambling, is barely understandable. I'm not sure I even want to read what I typed, I kind of blacked out while typing this.
  13. Nyx with high duration, range, augment for chaos almost trivializes most missions, as everyone is too busy shooting at eachother to notice a hostage, or a group of Kavor, and warframe walk by. Trinity just keeps everything alive. Whether you use an augment on her 2 or not, is up to you. Nova can slow all enemies and make them vulnerable to any damage. And anything that claims to be a tank gets an antimatter bomb to the face. High range, and duration Frost or Atlas to make a hall of statues. Mirage with slight of hand can make a large amount of distractions, useful for rescue, not as much for defection, I believe, I need more testing. Also be warned that there is currently a bug with her ability that causes all enemies interested in security consoles to actually use them, resulting in frequent lockdowns. Nekros with his soul punch augment can be used to bring team mates and escorts back to life as they fall. And he can summon his own army of distractions. Gara or Nehza for granting damage resistance to the escort targets, and providing crowd control. Vauban with his booster pads, offensive and defensive uses of powers make for a valuable asset on either mission type. Everyone is saying Oberon. They explain why, so I won't. Just read their messages! (haha) Baruuk, with his sleep ability or disarm (disarm doesn't work on infested) makes any escort mission trivial. Especially if those you're escorting don't attack. Equinox can either put enemies to sleep or make them extremely vulnerable to damage, or both! Wukong with augmented cloud walker can hide whatever or whoever you want from enemies, just like Ash. Ivara can make people invisible with her arrows, making just about any mission borderline boring, if you can time the Invisibilty arrows right. Titania is interesting, as she has a lot of crowd control available, be it from Spellbind, or Lantern. I don't know if they've removed lantern's ability to affect people through walls, but the 40m lantern was one of my favorite things to mess around with.
  14. I like this classification. Almost all warframes can be used in different ways, leading to different builds. People still see Vauban as just crowd control, but he's on par with Saryn for damage these days, with the added benefit of crowd control. I feel like posting my own list, with omitted warframes, simply because I don't use them enough.
  15. Missiles did proc fire when I used them. So did the side turrets on crew ships. Takis deal electric damage. The others deal fire-puncture, I believe.
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