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  1. Goodness, that's a great thread. Incredible math too. I think my favorite part of the thread was it suggesting making armor a separate health pool. I was playing a game the other day called Gunfire Reborn where armor was in fact a separate health pool. It had this satisfying situation where you could load an enemy up with a damage-over-time that is effective against health but neutral against armor. Once the armor was chewed through, they'd pop like a balloon. It also incentivized using different weapons and swapping. I'd have a gun for chewing through armor if it was giving me trouble then I could swap to a weapon that was effective against health. Or I could just slowly whittle the armor away and watch them pop because what I had been using was something effective against flesh. That thread is really good, it also suggests using puncture as a means increase damage vulnerability, unless I read that wrong. I was scared to suggest a rework of armor though, mostly because I don't know how hard it'd be or not to enact that kind of change. I wanted to make a suggestion that works with what we currently have, which is armor as a sort of modifier to health bars. Which means an equivalent of Viral and Magnetic can't quite exist, but there would be a way around it. Sort of. Seems the concept is all kinds of popular. Community must be wavelengthing in some way, I promise I hadn't seen either of these threads. Something to that effect! What I was imagining was, at max stacks, you could build for elemental weaknesses and crit if your weapon was primarily puncture,
  2. Instead of increasing crit damage, why not weakpoint damage multipliers? It has an interaction with crits, namely, if you increase the weakpoint multiplier, you also multiply the crit damage. So something like 10 stack of Puncture increasing headshot damage from 2 to 2.25 or 2.5 can actually scale crits extremely hard without necessarily increasing crits on its own. It would require landing a headshot and also critting with that headshot. I'd be a fan of that because of the extra skill check. I actually don't like Blasts' status effect. Accuracy reduction is strange because of how enemy aiming works at increasingly higher levels. It might as well not exist at a certain point. I think my favorite suggestion from way back was making it so that Blast also slows enemy reaction time because they're 'deafened' by the blast wave. The damage type itself is good, so I'm not nearly as bothered. Gas' status isn't actually that great even on crowds of non-infested. This is because it now deals reduced damage to grineer and corpus flesh. Well, not without bane mods, and even then it's difficult because Viral+Slash is superior in every way. Pairing a status-synergy on one of the IPS, like Puncture, to put on the same level as Viral-Slash in some situations is why I suggested Puncture procs increase damage type vulnerability increase and resistance decreases. If Gas was resisted less by Grineer and Corpus Flesh via this Puncture Procs suggestion, Puncture+Gas with a bane mod might be comparable. This is because you can also pair it with Cold, which is good against Alloy Armor and Some Shields, and combining that with this Puncture suggestion could make the raw damage value worth it over Viral Slash on specific units, depending on what other damage types you pair it with. Puncture Blast would also be extremely solid raw damage with a smidge of status thrown in. Augmented Bolto Rejoice? Probably not, but it's a funny thought.
  3. There is a way to make Puncture procs compete with Slash and Impact in a unique way. Right now, Puncture is really good at single target, particularly bosses, because of how it reduces damage that unit deals. Imagine for a moment that Puncture Procs also increase damage vulnerability to a damage type (up to twice as weak), and can reduce the resistance to damage types by up to 50%. It falls in line with 'weakening' the enemy. Like this, it wouldn't increase Slash proc's true damage, keeping that for Viral/Magnetic only. Instead, Puncture Status would increase Slash's damage type effectiveness enemies weak to Slash rather than assisting in bleeding them out. This would allow Puncture to leverage some of the damage types that don't necessarily have good status effects, but good super-effective coverage to bully certain enemies. What it would do is increase the raw damage of certain elements. Radiation+Puncture damage with puncture status would demolish Bombards. Puncture+Gas status would shred infested. Reducing the resistance Flesh and Cloned Flash has to Gas would also help a bit, making Puncture+Gas and Puncture+Toxin also have a synergy. Thematically, it also works. You're 'burrowing' the toxins deeper with a puncture wound. You're making the damage types penetrate. This would be thematically appropriate as well, as Puncture+Radiation/Corrosive would hit extreeemely hard against armored enemies, perhaps enough to warrant using them over Viral+Slash Status, or at least worth considering. Making the damage penetrate, that's certainly a phrase that suits Puncture. This could be how we revisit elemental weaknesses and crit based weapons with only some status. I'm a huge fan of Slash and Viral/Magnetic Status interaction. True damage being boosted by additional damage to health and shields. It's clever and creative. There doesn't seem to be one for armor, but that's because Armor acts like a modifier to health rather than a separate health bar. True Damage ignores armor, so there's no status that increases damage to armor. Slash is in a good spot regardless. Impact is also in a good spot. Mercy finishers not working on CC'd enemies notwithstanding, full impact weapons are viable now between Parazon Mercy and Hemorrhage/Internal Bleeding Mods. I know Parazon finishers aren't popular, but it's probably due to the inability to parazon cc'd enemies. The only 3 damage types I think need sooome help is Gas, Puncture, and maybe Blast. They don't necessarily need to be good status types on their own, but have one of them enable the others. Blast is an ok damage type, having an IPS like puncture enable it harder would help. Keep in mind, a pure slash weapon can melt an enemy with viral or magnetic status added. A pure impact weapon can set an enemy up for a finisher very early. If Puncture by itself could do something, that'd be eureka, and I think modding for elemental weaknesses might work.
  4. You know what's funny? I encountered a bug a while ago with Merulina that let me bullet jump and dodge roll while on it. It retained the physics of slippery k-drive. I could not for the life of me reproduce the bug because it only happened once clientside in a group on deimos but I really wish I could have: It was a ton of fun to have that much air control over Merulina. Eventually the bug broke and I was stuck, ending the fun. It was the most fun I had using Merulina, something slower, but more controllable but still cool looking and tricky. It was kinda like having the captura archwing-sprint bug but tenno to board. So I'm actually happy to see the changes to Merulina. Being able to control her more effectively really really is enjoyable on principle. Trust me on this one ya'll. As far as the numerical changes go, I'll just have to see how it pans out. Yareli doesn't have a problem doing star chart content, so the initial values aren't the issue, I think. It's that her abilities don't scale too well against increasingly armored and higher level enemies. Actually, because her aquablades deal slash status damage, it with Expedite Suffering is the only way to deal meaningful scaling damage with Yareli. Aside from that, she's actually kinda fun. Moderately survivable too, between Shield Gating and the invincible dismount on Merulina. Maybe we'll get some cool augments for her? I look forward to that. I don't mind how Yareli is so much because they could always release great augments for her. Kinda like Banshee. Banshee's base abilities are kinda lackluster, but all her augments are NUTS. If we get something like that for Yareli I'd be happy as a banshee main to have another frame like that.
  5. Galvanized Mods and Arcanes legitimately increase the damage output of guns to be comparable to melee, especially against single targets. Especially the Condition Overload or "Gundition Overload" mod, once it gets going. It really goes. Arcanes also let you remove a primary damage mod sometimes, which can then be used to run another utility mod. In terms of modding, I think these mods and arcanes have done some very interesting things. The melee nerfs aren't nearly that bad, either, that missing extra Red Crit tier on some melee only really slows you down, barely, when you hit level cap. What I actually find the most exciting is the parazon changes, but that's also where I found an annoying quality of life issue. Enemies already in status-CC like electric or heat cannot be parazonned. I nearly tore my hair out more than a few times trying to use Hard Reset to revive a companion because slowed enemies under status-CC refuse to be mercy finisher'd. If this were not the case, I would have gotten more than several revives off for my companions. Mercy Finishers need to overcome any and all CC, and have nothing stopping you from just sticking your blade into an enemy for a Mercy Kill. It feels bad and unfair when the game says you can mercy someone, but you actually can't. That's actually my only grievance with this update after having tested things out. (Maybe make it so that Mercy finishers happen instantly on cc'd enemies since they can be kinda slow sometimes allowing you to chain kill a controlled crowd) I actually look forward to future gun arcanes. Support Stats like -Recoil and Ammo Max on R5 Arcanes is a good idea. Can we maybe get one for Silencing weapons? Also, The Combo Duration crossing over from Dexterity Arcanes to melee and things like -Recoil and +Headshot damage not affecting the rest of your loadout is counterintuitive, but I understand why it is that way. But wouldn't it be cool to have a reason to run Deadhead+Merciless. If their rank 5's mixed with eachother to have -Recoil, +Headshot, +Ammo Max, and +Reload Speed you'd have a really good gunslinger set up. Dexterity is run almost as mandatory because it saves a mod slot on melee or your warframe for combo duration, but if the other Arcanes saved a slot for things like Ammo Max, -Recoil, Reload Speed, and Headshot bonus people would mixing and matching the Gun Arcanes together for full loadout affects. This last paragraph isn't really feedback, just my imagination running.
  6. Most people run bane mods because they double and triple dip on status damage-over-times. It'd be better to just remove bane mods entirely and introduce a status DoT focused mod that increases the damage of status and have it be comparable to banes. Having it buff status damage directly would also avoid absurd multiplicative scaling things like Roar and Banes do, making it easier to balance for. I think one of my favorite interactions is Amalgam Argonak's Dagger Armor Strip working on Gas Damage for Exodia Contagion. It doesn't actually do much, but it is a cool interaction. It would be nice to see Status focused mods, simply because right now Status is kind of unbalance. Viral is strictly better than Corrosive in every way, and all that. But what if we had mods that interacted with Status Effects? Things like Hemmorage are neat, but what if we had stuff like "Increased damage vulnerability when affected by Toxin and Gas DoT". That'd basically be a built in Bane, but for Toxin and Gas Procs only, Gas really needs the help right now. I actually high agree with what they did for Impact via Hemmorage and Internal Bleeding Mods. Those are really really good ideas.
  7. More like I want it to exist at all. I thought it was a neat idea from the little shown. I always thought channeling was cool, just impractical for the energy drain when energy competes with ability casts. It also competed for mod space on melee. I vaguely recall melee channel efficiency being what Zenurik was for before heavy attack efficiency. Maybe Rage Mode can be a return to form? With the energy cost moved to focus gauge instead, and no mod space competition via nodes.
  8. JSH recently released a video regarding player retention after 2 hours of gameplay being rather low. Only 40% of players continue to play the game after starting. I have an idea on how to address some of the grievances presented in an earlier video by them, and a subject covered in their more recent one. For context, here is the video I'm hoping to address with my suggestion. I actually agree with some of his points. Not all, but some. Most relevant between his two videos is poorly explained systems, and late introduction of systems. I don't think just explaining things is enough to hook players in, I know this because I know people that dropped warframe even after being explained how modding works. It's a combination of several factors, the rate at which you gain gameplay-changing mods and new frames and weapons. Lastly, how long it takes to get to The Second Dream. I fully agree that this quest is amazing and a master stroke of game design, as mentioned in early reviews by people like Skill-up. I don't think it should be moved to be sooner, instead, aspects of it fed to players early. The gameplay altering, loadout affecting, aspects of what that quest modifies. When I got to that point in the game, I felt extremely invested. I began looking at frames and weapons differently. Mods do something similar, but you have to get the mods themselves as drops, so it can be a while before you start to feel this with Mods and Arcanes. The freedom of building yourself the way you want needs to happen earlier, so that it can hook people sooner, not just the systems that already exist being explained better. Something you immediately have access to that gives you as taste of customizeability before you get all the 'necessary' mods and arcanes. A way to introduce you to the concept of building synergy, without having access to the thousands of mods, arcanes, and focus nodes. Something that ties it all together as well. My proposal is revisiting the Rage Mode introduced in melee 3.0 as a potential change to chanelling. Partially inspired by Teshin's segment at tennocon live with the installs on the melee, but it affected other things he did too. Rage Mode as Early Focus Taste Test The Second Dream and War Within quests provide gameplay content that allows for some great buildcraft and theory, on its own adding quite a bit of depth to a loadout. I'm not in favor of making The Second Dream happen sooner, but I do like the idea of some of the mechanics of it being introduced sooner. Particularly, Focus Schools. Not the lenses and operators, but the idea behind what you do with Focus Schools. Without Lenses and Focus School Nodes we can represent the idea behind focus another way. A new gameplay mechanic to be expanded upon later. Rage Mode. We were presented in a previous devstream Rage Mode for melee as part of the melee but I don't think it should be for melee as a replacement for channelling. Rather than idea of channeling itself be revisited as a bigger thing that ties more aspects of the game together. My vision and suggestion is Rage Mode would work off of the meter that powers Void based operator abilities after The Second Dream quest, but activate a slew of effects on toggle for the frame. You toggle it, and doing so bathes your warframe in energy, giving you passive bonuses while it's on. It would drain the Focus Meter rather than energy meter. For the 5 schools, here's an example of what these bonuses could be like. Madurai - Increased global damage dealing. Visible energy effects on weapon gunfire and melee swings, general fiery and flashy to go with the flavor of madurai. Naramon - Increased elemental damage effectiveness (elemental weakness is more relevant), headshot damage, decreased enemy visibility on player/increase grace period before reacting to your presence to be alerted and uncloaking from invisibility. Faster parazon mercy and finisher animations. Weapons are wreathed in wispy energy that makes it harder to see, subtle, and gentle. Zenurik - Increased Ability efficiency, Animation extension on crowd control status effects like Impact, Heat, and Electricity, Initiating Shield Regen upon casting an ability. 'Old' electricity channeling effect on melee and guns. Vazarin - Increased effectiveness of aura mods including those of squadmates within Affinity Range. Decreased Shield Regen delay and passively heal health slowly as long as enemies are being dealt damage to. Void-Water effect on melee and gunfire trails. Unairu - Armor increase and increased parry angle while toggled on. All damage instances remove flat armor from the enemies, as well as disabling shield regen/shield gate from corpus units, and disability Infested auras. Rock effects/heavy impact on melee and gunfire impacts similar to the Lich Impact Ephemara for grineer. The effects need to be meaningful and worth building around. Keep in mind that this is a toggle and the resource won't always be a available in this vision of rage mode, so their effects should be akin to "On Demand" Arcanes. Rather than having conditions be met to get this boost in power that can turn things around, it's a resource you have to manage and it can add additional flavor to any frame played, or weapon used, even early on. Players should be encouraged to try each school out with every frame and weapon to see what's most fun, not just effective, and the effects need to be as meaningful as they look cool. Because it's tied to the 5 button, rage mode can be toggled in Archwing or a Necramech. Even Railjack as a gunner or pilot. Just a neat way to unify the system into everything else. Rage Mode Expanded Upon in Second Dream Once a focus school is chosen and you can start unlocking nodes in a focus tree, Rage Mode should have nodes dedicated to it and the passive effects associated with them while it's toggled on, improving their effects or expanding upon what you can do with them. Now you actually are "honing in" on a focus. Something you might have fallen in love with within the first hour of gameplay. Similar to the initial passives the trees have, like Power Spike on Naramon or Inner Might on Zenurik. I think these changes fundamentally change how you approach building your loadouts and it's things like these that make focus meaningful in constructing what you go into a mission with. I think it's so cool players should get to play with it sooner in some way, hence the Rage Mode being accessible in some way earlier. I also think the grind actually should be cut down so people can enjoy it sooner when they do find things they like. At least for early passives. Rage Mode Expanded Upon in War Within As of right now, the 1-4 buttons on the operator do not do anything. I think these 'abilities' should allow the operators to be viable at solo completing missions, but also ways to improve performance of your guns and weapons further. The abilities should instead be 'lesser toggles' that do various things, at the cost of reducing the rate at which your Focus Gauge recharges. Having all 4 on makes it so that the gauge barely regenerates, increasing the time it takes to get Rage Mode going again, but also improving how strong it is. They apply to the operator as well, giving them their own, controlled, 'rage mode' to make use of their Amps and active abilities like Void Dash and Void Cloak. This would also work with things like Necramechs, dovetailing a design choice introduced early on and expanded upon later in various ways. Conclusion I think Warframe has a lot of cool systems that are enjoyable, but are a little too separated or introduced poorly. Then there are amazing ideas that would be amazing if we could dip our toes in them sooner. I think one of my favorite words is "design cohesion". I like the idea of something unifying ideas together, in this case weapons, focus, warframes, and even necramechs and archwing. I also don't know if Rage Mode is the best name for it, but maybe something like Void Trigger? No, maybe... Void Install? I think the idea of making gameplay altering things, like Helminth, veteran only actually hurts the game rather than helping it. I know it's a popular bandwagon but the data shows otherwise. People start having fun when they get to use these systems, so the sooner people can have that fun the better. Expanding upon them over time after being introduced earlier is what I think is the best way to go, what do you think? When did you get hooked on warframe?
  9. Actually, I think they're not going to nerf Shotgun Spazz. If anything, they might just buff Frail Momentum kinda like how Critical Deaccelaration was. A few corrupted mods need some love, and that's one of them. We've been seeing a trend of buffing Corrupted Mods, so maybe that trend will hold true here too.
  10. I wish Stealth, Enemy Vision, Enemy Effective Ranges played a bigger role in content outside of Spy Missions. Not just stealth damage multipliers, which are exclusive to melee, but more interaction between Enemy awareness and vision cones playing a role in dealing damage to them in other ways. Things like if an enemy is unaware of your location, getting an increased headshot multiplier on them. It feels like something can be done here to unify stealth into the rest of the horde shooter elements. I can't for the life of me take advantage of Agility Drift because enemy effective ranges being affected by accuracy and evasion cone is obfuscated and not integral. I don't feel like my actions in game can mitigate damage outside of shield gating or insane armor, if I'm out in the open it doesn't matter how fast I'm moving sometimes, especially against grineer, I will be chipped away. I wish something could be done here that feels satisfying. I don't think better AI is the solution, despite everyone that keeps bandwagoning, but enemy variety with different ranges and pairing them up differently in missions to challenge how you approach a crowd, that'd be engaging. Hacking. I know everyone hacks, it's not exactly a forgotten mechanic, but there's so little to do with hacking outside of alarms, spy vaults, and bursas. We see corpus enemies in the recent tennocon trailer pull ospreys out of walls, why can't I hack things in Corpus tilesets to get robots to do my bidding. Isn't that the whole point? You hack electronics. This ties into another thing I feel has been neglected. Tileset Interactables. When was the last time you used those turrets grineer can sometimes use? There's a ton of interactables like grineer showers (you can turn them on in galleons and listen to water pouring), or the garbage chute in Parvos Corpus Tilesets, and taht electric wheel inside every Orb Vallis base that you can turn off or something. Yet, none of it affects gameplay outside of say the Turrets. A ton of frames that can protect objectives during Defense Missions can protect points of interest in tile sets like super turrets that let you complete a mission better. There's not a lot of this outside of specific missions but I wish there was. What if Hacking spawned these types of tileset elements? Optional/Alternative ways to complete missions are also lacking. Remember when during Vor's sidequest you had save a colony ship with reduced max shields? That was cool, what happened to that? I really wish the whole "Forget your original objective, kill everyone" during spy happened more often, and in other ways. Missions get really stale as you repeat them over and over and over and over again. Especially after 3000 hours of gameplay. You know what I thought was neat? The way you can do Sabotage Missions in different ways. Y'all know the fuel and coolant cells? You can complete the sabotage differently depending on where you put what before hacking the reactor. That's so cool. I wish there was stuff like that all over the game. The game boils down to kill, kill, kill, kill it feels like. But does it need to be that way? There's ways to incorporate different abilities and skillsets and loadouts into missions without feeling unfair. Things like optional objective defenses (like ally spawners or turrets), that help complete the mission faster or more effectively can be really cool. Imagine for a moment you're in a Corpus Survival Mission. You find a Moa/Osprey spawner that you can hack, and so you hack it. So long as that spawner is protected by you, it will continue to spawn robot allies for you. Now defense objective warframes can increase their kills per second in survival without being a DPS or Tank Frame. Things like optional stealth sections in mobile defense missions to make the timer for the mobile defenses go by faster. That way you don't need to defend it as hard if you're not a objective-defense frame. Panels to hack that make the defense objectives invincible for a short time. There's so many things that can be done that we've seen them (The devs) capable of doing. You know those Ayatan Sculpture vaults that spawn in derelicts? There can be stuff like that that spawn at random points in a tileset that help complete objectives in alternative ways. Tileset dead ends sometimes shouldn't just be a dead end or a place to pick up loot from containers.
  11. So Nora's Choice is an intermission ad infinitum? I don't mind, as long as the rewards rotate out more often! This is nice.
  12. Legend has it there's a particular Grineer with many exploits and achievements that goes by "Brother Kahl" or "Unit 175". Here's a list of honors as a reason to keep track of him: This grineer is beyond Steel Path level, he's actually the Tungsten Path. 175 isn't his designation, it isn't even his level, it's the nodes he's completed. We just haven't seen him because he's good at sneaking around. The tubemen have 90% of his genetics. The other 10% come from Tyl Regor. Tyl will never admit this though. This is insider info only. His brothers saw him as a father figure more than a brother, but he's a humble chad that still calls them his brothers. Not like Vor, who sees them all as his sons. This is also only insider info, because his brothers within his platoon unfortunately did not make it. When Kahl was offered a promotion, he declined, just to be with his brothers and take care of them. Legend has it Vay Hek took it in his stead, actually. When Sargas Ruk earned his honors, he asked Kahl to present them to him. For old time's sake. Kahl made an illegal modification to his Machete, it was later discovered he somehow used warframe mods to do so, so it was made not illegal. Just for him. This was never replicated as Kahl's genius is not understood not even by lauded grineer scientists. To this day his Machete is the only modded Machete within the grineer's colony. Kahl was offered by the Queens the gift of Kuva, but it did not work because that required him to die. When the grineer tried to kill him to initiate the process, none of their weapons worked on him. It was hypothesized only tenno or sentient weaponry could affect him at all. He's the only Grineer to understand Lech Kril on a deeper level, and can understand their speech perfectly. It's said that he's got excellent empathy for his fellow grineer, yet that does not undermine his combat capacity. As a result, he's the sole exception to being referred to as a defect. The last person to call him a defect recanted the statement after he carried them to safety off a site that was being raided by 4 tenno on an exterminate mission. The 4 Warframes on that mission were a Mesa Prime built for Peacemaker, a Mirage Prime built for Hall of Mirrors, a Khora Modded for Augmented Whipclaw, and a Nidus with full stacks. They were the only 2 surviving grineer. This was the mission he lost his eye in, proving the earlier hypothesis on what could harm him. John Prodman is said to respect Kahl in particular, having met them in a Crossfire Node. They were the only Grineer John Prodman did not defeat, so there seems to be merit to John's satement. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of accolades for him. It's hard to separate fact from legend, but a lot of legends are turning out to be true. Due caution is advised to any Tenno seeking to kill Brother Kahl. If anyone has more verified exploits, please contribute here.
  13. Thank you advance for anyone who reads this post in full. Posting from a mobile device is rough. I posted this in feedback warframe general by accident so I’m copy pasting it here. Yareli is very cute, kawaii desu even, and is very good at clearing low level missions. The flat damage values on her abilities ensure that all low level enemies her abilities can reach die fairly quickly. Casting from Merulina is seamless and it’s very unique to preserve so much movement momentum during ability casts, so that feels really good. I’ve always wanted a magical girl warframe. I’m afraid to say that’s about the extent of her power right now, even with the doubling of her flat damage values, and secondary crit for that matter. I don’t know design intent but I test and experiment with builds constantly so I have a few suggestions that I hope sound appealing. I’ll try to provide several for each ability with a goal or intention in mind. I’ll try to label each section too. I’m posting from a mobile phone so please bear with my formatting. Yareli As Mobile Caster DPS focus This particular frame is held back as a surf-n-cast spell slinger. I’m assuming reasonably that the intent behind her design is use a secondary to viral or magnetic proc, to scale her abilities given she released with Kompressa and that her base energy pool is 200. So with that in mind the biggest obstacle here is the lack of scaling in her kit beyond her 4th ability, Riptide. With only one variable scaling that, the number of enemies. So let’s start with that. Riptide Riptide scaling only with number of enemies gives it a flaw. What if there’s only 1 heavy enemy unit. You shoot it with your secondary taking advantage of that 200% multiplicitive crit chance passive. Actually, if you’re building a gun to support with viral status to support Riptide and her other abilities, this might prove tricky. It’s serviceable but you can do more damage by getting off your board and using a gun or melee. Maybe that’s the intent? But anyone can do that, you don’t need Riptide for that. The simplest solution to Riptide’s scaling problem is giving it more variables to scale off of. Here are a few: Sea Snare instances count as enemy instances: This is my favorite. If there’s only 1 heavy enemy or boss just toss 15 of them out and pour that into the Riptide by having the ability pull the ones in range. One of them will stick if they already haven’t and the rest ragdoll with more impulse to try to find more targets. This also has the ability to double the damage of the ability if all 15 targets have a snare and all of them get pulled by the Riptide. Riptide scales with missing enemy health: Sea Snares and Aquablades both deal linear ramping damage. Played straight with Sea Snares, aqua blades doesn’t ramp but Slash Status is great because it ignores armor, technically scaling as enemy armor goes up. In this regard, Yareli has two ways to tickle enemies with damage before she casts Riptide. If the base damage scales with missing health it can potentially be an execute. The more damaged enemies are the more damage they take from the tide. This would make Riptide feed into itself, dealing increasing damage the more you cast it. Expensive but the numbers can be tweaked to be reasonable and effective with only a couple casts, with saving it as a periodic execute to wash out the battlefield of heavily damaged enemies. Riptide scales with enemy level: Giving it the Smite treatment is simple and would ensure consistency at all levels. But it would be held back by enemy armor. It’d reinforce using a pistol as support rather than damage to use Aquablade slash procs while riding Merilina but this is still a potential fix. Merulina Merulina already serves its role as a mobility enhancement and way to cast on the move. It also gives Yareli defenses and damage reduction. If I had to make a suggestion for the sake of it, maybe have increased cast efficiency while riding. It’s completely fine. Not completely, there’s still the whole narrow tileset issue but that can be tweaked over time I imagine. Short of letting the board fall more slowly by holding jump or turn more tightly by holding crouch, I don’t actually have any helpful suggestions. I work with build synergy and modding loadouts. Not so much k-drives. Being able to equip certain k-drive mods might be nice but it wouldn’t be able to equip a mod like Slay Board. Merulina is not the issue with dps focus. Juice is a good mod however. Aquablades Considering this is Yareli’s subsume making this overtuned can get dangerous down the line. So my suggestions here will be considering that. As a damage ability it’s very short ranged, but not getting less range with negative range is a boon for a helminth. Try it on Narrowminded Silence banshee to see what I mean but I digress. The range isn’t the issue I think. Once again it’s a lack of scaling. Unlike Riptide or Sea Snares, you can mitigate this with Viral Status and it benefits a lot from Viral because slash ignores armor as a status DoT. However I do have one thematically interesting suggestion and another I think others might like more: Aquablades scales with how fast you are moving and can crit: This I feel would work really well. There aren’t a lot of ways to increase the speed at which a Warframe moves, but a lot of warframes do have mobility bonuses. Including Yareli. Not only does Yareli have Merulina, she gets multiplicitive crit chance while moving for 1.5 seconds or longer. Give it say, 40% crit chance and a 3.0 multiplier and suddenly those slash procs will shred while her passive is up. Other frames do not have her passive but making the base damage scale with distance travelled in x amount of time and you can get meme builds like Nova Teleport Aquablades, or Speed Volt Aquablades. Merulina is not the fastest travel in narrow tilesets, so having both forms of scaling is fine I think and is relatively futureproofed to avoid being toooo broken. This might sound better as an Augment though so I have another suggestion. Make it so the blades can be launched one at a time like a glaive while the ability is up: Duration based ability with additional function when cast again during its duration. I’ve seen this suggested a lot, and people seemed to be sad that she can’t throw the blades like a glaive. However, I think it actually would work. If you can launch the blades where you aim, it can land headshots potentially, and scale its damage if you grant it crit. I think it’d be better as AoE though, rather than a glaive weapon, but hey Glaives tend to explode so why not both? In this case make range only scale the AoE. Trust me on this one, negative range viability on a short range stagger aura is cool. Really really cool and fun. But giving it a big explosion when thrown with negative range would be a Nova Antimatter drop. Maybe some would like that but it doesn’t strike me as futureproofed. Stagger counts as an impact proc stagger and becomes extra slash proc on Sea Snared or Riptided Enemies: Sorta synergy, more like turning a redundancy into an extra benefit. Not my first suggestion. It would tie into parazon, as long as the scaling is fixed another way. Sea Snares Sea Snares also runs into a slight scaling problem given that its scaling is flat base and linear progression. This means it can kill low level enemies really well but will only tickle high level ones, even those without armor. The change from impact to cold is good as a damage type change but it doesn’t change this high level issue. If this is intended, then it is a relatively great cc tool. If it is not, I have some suggestions here too: Sea Snares scaling with enemy max health %: This would work for any ability. Efficient and boring, but would be a quick fix. I don’t actually like the idea of Snares outright killing high level targets because they have a minor problem. They vanish after the target dies. Meaning if they kill enemies, it is not CCing or producing synergy after enemies are dead. Sea Snares Ability Damage AoE on Pop: This is probably the one I like most. If the target isn’t dead after their duration runs out, or you pop them by summoning more, an AoE that bursts the damage it dealt so far, along with damage dealt by Aquablades and Riptide would a neat way to solve the lack of scaling with one last attempt to kill after getting the value of a synergy fix or its cc. Bonus points if the enemies are staggered by the AoE. Sea Snare makes enemies take more damage from secondaries: This can turn a secondary that buffs Aquablades damage with viral status spread into a weapon that can kill outright by ‘marking’ enemies. I like this one too. All these suggested changes are assuming she’s intended to be a dps caster. There is another avenue but I will have less suggestions because I am posting from phone and I’m really not getting the vibe she’s something other than DPS first and CC second. Here we go though. Yareli as Mobile Caster Crowd Control There are a few reasons why I do not think she was intended to be CC first, dps second. I’ll start with Riptide so you can see my reasoning. Riptide The ability to group enemies up is a way to scale damage. It allows AoE, melee (technically aoe), and Punchthrough to maximize targets they can hit per trigger pull, or swing in case of melee. However, with Riptide you cannot fire at grouped up enemies. The only thing damaging them is Yareli’s abilities, including riptide itself. Sea Snares is single target, and Aquablades requires Yareli be next to the Riptide. So the only thing benefitting riptide’s grouping up right now in practice is Riptide itself. This is why I saw it as a nuke, rather than something like Zephyrs tornadoes or Nidus’ larva. If the intention is for it to be cc support for her secondary gun, the most substantial change that would matter is allowing her to shoot at enemies that are in the Riptide. Nothing else will matter as much so long as Yareli cannot perform any other action during its cast. This is perhaps something I would suggest for even a dps focused Yareli, because grouping enemies tightly is a dps boost. If this is an unfavorable solution, I can say allowing it to proc cold would lend itself to defensive support. Some of the cold status’ duration would be taken up by ragdoll however. It’s a status effect for damage mods scaling with status effects so it’s still a consideration. Sea Snares Sea Snares currently vanish after a target affected by one dies. Refreshed duration is normally something reserved for Augments but remaining duration isn’t always so. Look at Tesla Nervos, tornadoes, and things that aoe like thermal sunder. Sea Snares are a hybrid of AoE cc because of them lingering when they cannot find a target and damaging targets that enter their radius when they do. This is why I think they are a damage ability primarily and suggested a lot of scaling damage changes. Persisting after a target dies is my suggestion here. This would save energy casts because you can just toss out your 15 snares and kill enemies as they are crowd controlled. Calling back to a previous suggestion, if Riptide can pull in and disperse Sea Snares, you’d be able to run a high duration CC focused Sea Snares build. Aquablades If the intent is for Aquablades to be a cc stagger protection, not scaling the radius or number of blades with Power Range is holding it back. A CC aura whose range cannot be controlled is rough to rely on outside of disarmed enemies, because that forces them to approach your short range. So the two suggestions I have for crowd control focused design power range scaling it or allowing it to disarm. Disarms are normally reserved for Augments, but a squishy mobile frame loves disarm. Just ask Loki players. Disarm is also technically a damage buff, since radiation and disarm makes enemies path to eachother, thus acting as grouping up. Merulina doesn’t need a change, I know that seems like a hot take but it’s actually fulfilling a great role in her kit currently. It just has rough times on narrower tile sets but it’s a fun ability. Yareli as Mobile Caster Cutie If the design intent is cuteness, everything is perfect. Conclusion I had a lot to say and couldn’t write on pc at the moment. I hope there’s at least some helpful feedback here. If there is, I’d appreciate a signal boost so that more people can see it. Yareli is a cute warframe that feels good to play. I think she needs some small improvements but I like her all the same. New waifu for some I’m sure. Thank you again for taking the time to read this post in its entirety.
  14. Depending on how well the precepts scale these could be the best companions, the hounds I mean. Especially since we can revive companions with parazon now. Neat, I'm very interested.
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