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  1. Please allow Weeping Wounds and Blood Rush to scale on non heavy attacks if the damage doesn't scale properly on release. That seems like a good compromise, allowing for the niche of holding onto combo being a thing. If not, allow Power Spike to decay combo counter by a fixed amount rather than drop all the stacks, so that that heavy attacks become the primary means to 1 shot heavy units with consecutive uses, while combo stacked regular combos become the means to deal with fodder. A hybrid of the two systems might be ideal. Alternatively, thinking forward, allow "Rage Mode" to scale the weaker hits and let there be an applicable rage mode to guns as well. Long Live Void Trigger.
  2. Can we have freeze effects prolonging status effects a feature added in - in some shape or form? Some builds used this and now the feature the feature is gone. A revisit to status effects and status duration mods would be great. Perhaps a mod set bonus? Both? Typically pause-abuse uses high ability duration, so a duration based mod set would be great.
  3. It seems rivens do change stats in your inventory regardless of whether you trade, reroll, or not. Wasn't the point to not affect players that have a good riven and instead address market issues? People are getting mad about fine tuned rivens getting changed in their inventory. I think rivens already in inventory should only change if you accept a reroll or trade. Display the changed riven during trades and a warning. I think this would keep priceless rivens (to the player) from being sullied in their eyes. But it would keep the market from being exploited.
  4. It's important Adaptation affects shields.
  5. Enemies Enthralled by Pillar Projectiles do not create pillars themselves nor drop shield pickups when killed by Danse Macabre. Is this intended? Because if so this doesn't benefit Revenant much. You get enthralled enemies that take up the Enthrall Cap of 7 but provide strictly crowd control. Why not give them full functionality but with half the duration for an enthralled enemy? Or a % chance to enthrall enemies that scales with power strength with the full functionality of Enthrall Synergies. As it stands right now there isn't even a visual indicator that they wouldn't do this, making it quite confusing. Nyx's Psychic Bolts could use something similar to this new mechanic Revenant has but first and foremost I beseech a looking into the broken synergy. If it is intended, please reconsider. I got excited at the thought of enthrall being self sustaining granted you kill the enthralled enemies enough.
  6. Having messed around with the rework for Nyx for a little bit I'm a tad disappointed. Please, forgive my wall of text in advance. First I thought the passive would be useful, but it really is negligible of an impact. The accuracy debuff is really really weak to the point that I question if it even works properly. I die just as quickly and it's definitely no Titania Dust. Even if it did work well, it's counter to the changes of her Absorb demanding she take damage. The changes to Mind Control are really good, and for an ability that costs little energy, it's one of the most damaging abilities in the game. Or it would be, if Mind Controlled targets had any sense of priorities. Rather than casting Nidus' 1 down a hallway or Octavia's 1 on a choke I'm left with a damage dealing ability, that while strong, works about as well as the enemy feels that day. For an ability labelled "Mind Control", there's not a lot of 'control' going on. The change to Absorb that lets her gain a damage buff after detonating it is very interesting. I like it, but it goes away after using Absorb before the lingering absorb duration ends. It also is pretty clunky if you intend to use it to boost the Mind Control'd target. Not only is there a long animation to deactivate absorb, but you also have to cast Mind Control on something, then also shoot it. You are very likely dead after all of that, unless you maybe Cast Chaos to cover yourself. More on why that isn't necessarily useful. Lingering Absorb lacks finesse is what I'm saying. It's clunky but I love the idea. Keeping with the theme of being clunky, Psychic Bolts' changes are amazing but still clunky in execution. I question why we are limited to only 6 enemies, not just per cast, but in total. Not only does this restriction really hold its potential back, but it makes recasting it require an uncast time. Lastly, even with her passive, Chaos isn't reliable damage reduction. I know it's not supposed to be Iron Skin but enemy AI as dumb as it currently is should not be what saves the player. Especially if people want to see smarter enemies. It would be real nice if there was a way to directly influence whether or not you or something else is targeted. Nyx is in a really strange spot right now I feel. I do feel she's trying to be forced into the same nich Glass Cannon character as Banshee. No invisibility, but has CC and damage potential. Except, Banshee isn't a very good frame to emulate on their own. Banshee's strengths largely come from her really really strong augments. Banshee on her own is kind of weak. Nyx doesn't have any of that. No meaningful synergy, and clunky mechanics. She functionally radiates targets, but without the radiation proc. Radiation is really strong with Disarm. Not just any disarm. Single target disarming is kind of weak. We need enmasse disarm on demand. It would be great if there was a way for Nyx to force all enemies affected by her abilities to be Disarmed. Not with a passive. Give her that control. Same thing with Mind Control. Let me pick what the Mind Control target guns down or focuses on. So to tl;dr: Abilities Clunky, streamline it so it all flows really well. Take advantage of Disarm+Friendly Fire grouping enemies up for AoE attacks by adding a way to disarm lots of enemies, something you can do with radiation+disarm and indirectly is a form of damage multiplication. Give her control over the enemies more. Such as ordering the Mind Control Target around, or having Chaos'd targets focus on the Mind Control target. Making it less clunky would let her be less vulnerable, given her paper thin defenses. Giving her more control would justify the restrictions on Psychic Bolts, and grouping enemies up is a form of damage multiplication anyhow. Absorb even is an AoE. The recipe for a strong and unique frame is there. Just add the spice. EDIT: Ways to go about it would include a Charge Mechanic for Chaos that lets you cast a Disarming Chaos. Without an Augment. Can you imagine enemies literally losing their minds, screaming, throwing their guns around, drawing their melee weapons and wailing on eachother? Because that's what I think about when I think of a warframe like Nyx. Casting Mind Control on an enemy Affected by Chaos should also draw all aggro of nearby affected enemies to the Mind Control target. This should feed into the damage multiplier too. If there's enough enemies, and strong ones, you don't even need to shoot at the MC target yourself. That's how you could get the ability to scale safely too. Since MC enemies are immune to damage until after the duration ends this is a fantastic way to get the MC target killed once the duration runs out and ensure its damage increases. Uncasting Mind Control remains by holding it, but tapping to recast should still let you command the MC to attack a marked enemy. Also manual uncasting should always disarm the MC target. There's a lot of sitautons where one could manually uncast it and a bombard just rockets you immediately in the face despite it being the last enemy alive. Psychic Bolts should be able to spread if we can't recast it freely. Perhaps nearby enemies affected by Chaos can suffer the effects of Psychic bolts if the current duration is in effect and one of the old afflicted enemies die.
  7. Mecha Overdrive is still not listed as working in the UI. Mecha Mods do not seem to work with Helminth Charger. Can't even tell when the Mod Set is working, if at all, because I'm not seeing any marked enemies. Look into this mod set please.
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