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  1. This above post needs more attention, there's a lot of really logical stuff here. I'm half asleep and can only really give the math here a cursory glance but the premise is solid enough I can understand it. My own hot take; expected range of damage from players is smart. If you want to encourage build diversity and build depth you should be encouraging interplay between weapons (primary, secondary, melee), frames, your focus and amp stuff, and literally everything you add to the game that could conceivably impact proficiency at any task. For example, it's a little strange that the only interplay guns and melee have is status proccing and condition overload. Very often I find myself just picking a primary and secondary solely for the damage types covered and only in missions where that's relevant. I never have to vary up the choice. I can just pick bullet hose one or bullet hose two and any will do. Once you tried the ideal build for one gun, you've found and enjoyed the ideal build for all guns. This would chance if a single weapon wouldn't trivialize a mission. Sword Alone (or gun alone) should still be possible, but not what you go for if you're trying to do high level missions or endless survival outside of bragging rights. I really like the changes so far, that said. I think what interests me the most is the headshot bypass for corpus shield gating. I want to see more things like this, and it's not for the reason one would expect: Could you take this in a direction that involves damage types? i know body part weaknesses have been suggested before, but a 1 size fits all build wouldn't work anymore if you took a glance at the way the damage type meta currently is and create alternative avenues to exploit the system. Making an omlette out of broken eggs. There will always be broken eggs. Players will always find them. However, you can make more eggs to break and create more ways to break them. I'm not sure where I was going with this analogy. Sleep deprivation isn't healthy. What I'm getting at is, right now Viral-Heat is meta. Corrosive Heat was the meta before. All the adjustment did was change what was meta. Much the same way all levels and scaling changes, at the end of the day, just change when things become a problem. However, depth would be "Viral Heat is great if you're going for headshots. Viral has multipliers on headshots and its melts things" much how it is right now but also going "Corrosive Cold is pretty good for limbs in situations where you're having a hard time getting the most out of Viral Heat out of your weapon, or that particular enemy unit." rather than "the new hotness is literal hotness with Heat". This can go even further beyond. Gas being weak might not be intentional, I'm assuming, but considering it pairs with Electric, that's two damage types that can easily be useful in situations where enemies are crowding around and thus worth looking into as you check what's intentional and what's not. Imagine if you might need multiple procs, just a couple on some enemies. Perhaps even have statuses stack faster, or slower, depending on if it hits a weakspot or not. This would even change what damage types are meta on melee with short range, or long range, or melee that can headshot with heavy attacks or not (Now that heavy attacks are viable, thanks for that too, that's appreciated.) This nuance multiplies with enemy unit diversity and enemy behavior complexity, when you inevitably address AI and enemy behaviors. Overall, I think these are steps in the right direction taken thus far. The shift in attention to damage and status at all, along with disparity between units like Corpus Shields vs Grineer armor is absolutely loved from me. It has insane potential too, to take this game to places we might not even have imagined before. Imagine integrating Impact Procs into stealth? Putting enemies back into unaware state with concussive force, especially if you hit the head? Or disarm if it hits the... arms. Uhm. Moving on. I love this stuff you're doing. Warframe is still my favorite game, even tho I can barely play it with my nearly nonexistent and obsolete hardware. Passin out, good night. Much love.
  2. They're not that great. Melee 3.0 from what I've observed has been absolutely fantastic. The only thing not quite jamming are Lifted Status, Midair Melee, and Slide Attacks being mostly unviable. This is largely because Lifted Status leaves enemies flying everywhere, Slide Attacks have no real niche outside of Coptering 2: Electric Boogaloo and Midair Melee not having any real function. The build variety is incredible with Melee 3.0 from various warframe partners and their videos. Lifting just needs to be functional to be viable, since right now it seems mostly redundant with knockdowns with how unwieldy it is. There's very little reason to go for Heavy Slams for that reason too. Midair Melee seems kind of pointless, perhaps mods for it could fix it. Same with Slide Attacks. Mercy Finisher is by far the most interesting thing with untapped potential. It has mod support that could add actual new variety to gameplay in the same vein as Focus and Operators do. Let's do more with it via Melee and Gunplay. Let's give it more functionality and make it part of regular gameplay, let it flow. Something I haven't seen done or suggested is Midair Finishers. Lifted Status and Knockdowns seem redundant. Why not allow Midair Finishers to be done? Grounded Finishers do a lot of damage, and deal slash procs a lot of the time, but not all weapons deal slash procs on ground finishers to make it worth it. However, grounded finishers leave you relatively immobile. While the damage is great, it kind of slows you down to deal that damage. I think that kind of breaks the flow of Warframe, in fact, it always felt like it did unless you had a way to bunch enemies together and gas proc them. Why not add a much more mobile, flexible, midair finisher option? Part of the problem with Lifted Status is that you have no control over where the enemy flies and how. Making it more controllable from the start is good, but why not go even further? Why not allow another way to control Lifted Enemies beyond just fixing Lifted Status and allow for Midair Finishers that perserve your midair momentum. The enemy would be killed as you move in your desired midair direction. If they survive, they keep going in the direction you were. Being able to chain midair finishers on lifted enemies could provide a much faster alternative to chain finishing enemies. Imagine for a moment you blind enemies with Inaros or Excalbur when they're lifted by a Heavy Slam, and you can chain bullet jumps to each one as they're suspended by Lifted Status to mercy finisher/aerial finisher. At the moment, finishers and ground finishes involve killing them 1 by 1, usually with overkill damage. I feel like this break in pace should only ever be relevant on heavy units, not butchers and lancers. Even without blinds, the damage should be enough to make up for the combo lost via Heavy Slams. Cancelling Lift Attacks in Combos into bullet jumps should let you easily single out an enemy midcombo to finisher while getting to a new position. Midair Attacks would even have a use if you could proc some status and immediately bullet jump into a finisher from the air. Aside from that, I'm not sure what else to say. I just want a primary lotus to live out my weeb ninja fantasy. I dunno, do anything with Lifted Status, Slide Attacks, Parazon Finisher, and Midair Attacks aside from leave them as is.
  3. After recent changes I'm happy to report that most of the problems with melee before the rework has been fixed. Great work. Build diversity is up. Condition Overload has had its capped removed seemingly too. All that's missing is the issue with buffering inputs and Lifted Status needing some tweaks. Otherwise I declare this phase of Melee a resounding success.
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