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  1. Nidus, Nova, Vauban. Any CC really with enough energy pads can solo most content.
  2. Did this disable Host Migration/Instancing? Many people are unable to join Orb Vallis Sessions and get auto dropped from groups! DE Needs to Look Into This its affecting players being able to finish the Thermia Fractures Event! There's supposed to be 5d+ left on it But No One Can Join Groups, The Map has NO Zone Information.
  3. Im honestly really upset by this, I was immensely looking forward to finishing this event as Saturdays are really the only day I have to game. I was really looking forward to trying that new Vandel Opticor. I've tried soloing since I cant join games and people auto drop when they join me but I cant even find the giant drone around The Temple of Profit now, The map doesn't show Zone Names, Fractures seem to be missing as well. Not to mention trying to join Fortune doesn't even give me a list of Instance's to join. As far as therapy goes I feel like I need to drink because I just got pissed off by this and ranting, raving, or cursing doesn't seem to do any good if DE isn't even listening. I Get they have lives as do I, But they should have some kind of tech support or atleast revert what ever change they've made after this patch that seems to have ruined this event. Here's hoping they extend the event.
  4. YEAH NO BRO That doesn't Work At All. It literally doesn't matter what you do everyone instantly drops from group. I've tried to solo the remaining Fractures but I cannot find the giant bot, not to mention that the map doesn't have any zone information anymore. This is really not cool on DE's part I was looking forward to finishing this event looks like its been #*!%ed up.
  5. Every time I try to join a game it just drops and Im standing there by my self. If Others try to join me it shows Player Name Has Joined but they never join the game. I am now unable to complete the current event! This was working less then a week ago what did you break DE?
  6. Can anyone tell me what the hell this is and how to fix this!?
  7. Can we please Remove or Reduce the size the "Zone x Completed" message during ESO, This is obscenely intrusive and is cause headaches among light sensitive people and is obstructing the view of the action in the actual game.
  8. So we can get riven stats saved but not user created logins? How about simplifying the Riven stats by opening a Dialog Box when you Double Click on a riven that lets you input riven stats and polarity? Im sure its been requested a bunch as well but please add AKJagara Prime
  9. Dear Creator of Warframe Builder, Please For the love of god fix the login and register for the site! You Have given us Two Text Fields without ANY INFORMATION AS TO WHAT TO PUT INTO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every Time I look at this site I am utterly confused as to what to put into these fields! So I cant recover my account without my secret Key? Ok Fine, Let me create a new account for the 129489time. Whats the First Field, Is it The secret Key that was just randomly generated and then the second field is the secret captia NOPE that doesn't work So what the F***** Do I Put In These God D***** Text Fields!? How about making your site flow better with; UserName: [TEXT FIELD] Email Address: [TEXT FIELD] or UserName: [TEXT FIELD] Password: [TEXT FIELD] And Literally Show what it is we are supposed to input into these fields! Like every other Website across the Entirety of the Internet that you login to? You have said you dont want to store usernames and/or passwords if I am not mistaken but why is that any different then storing all these Builds?
  10. Dear OP and Warframe Builder, Can you please fix the recover account and forgot password opitions: I cannot even tell what this thing is asking you get 2 blank fields with no text as to what to put in each and a Key. Can you please fix this to allow the first field to accept recoverable email address and the second field to accept secret key
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