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  1. Wildcardgsx

    Bugged Paracesis

    Its not bugged, put another forma into it, gain another 2ranks on and repeat till 40, It doesn't Max Until you put 5forma into. The weapon was just poorly coded! It Will continue to gain XP and it will never move beyond its cappable rank until 5forma have been put into it. Rank 1-30 Not max will continue to gain xp Add 1 forma at 30 Rank 1-32 Not max will continue to gain xp Add 1 forma at 32 Rank 1-34 Not max will continue to gain xp Add 1 forma at 34 Not max will continue to gain xp Rank 1-36 Not max will continue to gain xp Add 1 forma at 36 Rank 1-38 Not max will continue to gain xp Add 1 forma at 38 Rank 1-40 Will then reach "Max" I had the same thing happen, pretty sure everyone did. https://imgur.com/a/NGTWJ3e
  2. Wildcardgsx

    Mod order UI bug?

  3. Wildcardgsx

    Paracesis at rank 32?

    Not a bug, working as intended; https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Paracesis Max Rank is 40 = 5forma. 2ranks per forma
  4. So while using the Arca Plasmor with Nekros I have noticed that killing with the gun prevents targets from being Desecrated Is this intentional / working as intended or is this a bug? As this Is Extremely annoying while doing a Survival - Arbitration, or really any Survival rather the only time I use Nekros. Video available upon request
  5. So this is weird, I was in trying to mod some weapons and I keep searching for a specific max rank mod like "Berserker", when i go to search for it; B ... Be ... Ber ... "Berserker's" start showing up but not my max rank! If I find the mod manually, insert it into the weapon, and then unequip that mod. The search function then finds it!? This was also happening while not specifically organizing by V-Madurai I simply selected V to illustrate.
  6. Wildcardgsx

    Support frame as starting frame

    Honestly I agree with Infirito. The problem is mods, you start off from what i can remember with "Broken Mods" so regardless of what frame you use if its not a set it and forget it your pretty much SOL. I can remember this from what I started out, Picking Excal because his abilities sounded cool AF but here's what I didn't know Everything You Do Costs Energy. Early on when you start the game you have a very limited energy pool, your energy doesn't regenerate and to top that all off Energy Orbs never seemed to drop. This Personally left me feeling extremely pissed off and Dead ALOT, my immediate reaction was "#*!% This" and I quit playing Warframe right there and Didn't play again for a number of Years! DE needs to understand this, that even in a tutorial not explaining base mechanics like energy through Space Mom or even through Ordis "Your Out Of Energy Operator, There's an Orb Pick It Up!" would have gone ALONG way. How ever a tank frame like Rhino would have been a much better choice early on Pressing Iron Skin and your good for the remainder of a mission, how ever they need to fix mod drops and endo drops Especially Early On to keep new players not only Engaged but keep them from doing the same thing I did Getting frustrated and saying f**** this game and not picking it up again until seeing it was in the top 10 on steam charts.
  7. Wildcardgsx

    Warframe Builder

    Dear Creator of Warframe Builder, Please For the love of god fix the login and register for the site! You Have given us Two Text Fields without ANY INFORMATION AS TO WHAT TO PUT INTO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every Time I look at this site I am utterly confused as to what to put into these fields! So I cant recover my account without my secret Key? Ok Fine, Let me create a new account for the 129489time. Whats the First Field, Is it The secret Key that was just randomly generated and then the second field is the secret captia NOPE that doesn't work So what the F***** Do I Put In These God D***** Text Fields!? How about making your site flow better with; UserName: [TEXT FIELD] Email Address: [TEXT FIELD] or UserName: [TEXT FIELD] Password: [TEXT FIELD] And Literally Show what it is we are supposed to input into these fields! Like every other Website across the Entirety of the Internet that you login to? You have said you dont want to store usernames and/or passwords if I am not mistaken but why is that any different then storing all these Builds?
  8. I keep getting this Something has gone wrong. Please try again later Message when I try to claim Twitch Prime Drops
  9. Wildcardgsx

    Memory Leak!?

    So recently Warframe x64 for some unknown reason has started encountering a massive memory leak, Encountering multiple times in excess of 11Gb to a point where my OS has less then 200Mb to work with causing multiple programs and the OS its self to crash. Having 16Gb DDR4 running OC at 3400Hz+ I have never encountered memory issues, especially with Warframe to date. Can Someone please investigate this memory leak
  10. Wildcardgsx

    Sortie Mission2 10/1/2018 Bugged

    Mission two in todays sortie is bugged out, npc's stop showing up after 2nd wave. Should be done uploading by 3:20pm CST (-5GMT)
  11. Wildcardgsx

    Mag Magnetize not condusive to Play

    So Mag is one of my favorite frames but there's some issues that really should be looked at. Playing with max range because why wouldn't you means any projectiles introduced into Magnetize pools in the center. Magnetize reads as: Creates a magnetic field around a target, ensnaring nearby enemies and dealing damage over time .... Wouldn't this damage over time be buffed by bullets that enter the bubble? then why isn't it uniform to the whole of the bubble?
  12. Wildcardgsx

    Warframe Builder

    Dear OP and Warframe Builder, Can you please fix the recover account and forgot password opitions: I cannot even tell what this thing is asking you get 2 blank fields with no text as to what to put in each and a Key. Can you please fix this to allow the first field to accept recoverable email address and the second field to accept secret key
  13. Wildcardgsx

    Elite Onslaught is Pointless Boredom Because of Saryn

    You are all insane if you Think Saryn needs a Nerf, Instead of complaining Either Make your own group, Go Solo, Or just go get a Saryn and have that Same Amount of Fun. Saryn is a Great frame With the current rework (nerf/buff) that has already been done to her which has already made her worse at some things and better at others; as it happens going up against already high level enemies with increasingly stupid levels of armor scaling like Kuva missions. Further more The players that enjoy Saryn have already spent an enormous amount of time, effort and resources into those builds to make Saryn shine, your complaints that Saryn is making Kuva missions Easier!? Is invalid not only that its illogical. We are Space Ninja's ffs a little OP is what We Need at that Level when we have spent ongodly amounts of time getting there Or have you all forgotten that journey?
  14. Wildcardgsx

    Mag and Mag Prime need an EHP Boost

    Something NEEDS to be done with Mag. Mag is an amazing Frame but is so seriously squish. This can only be compounded for new players that dont have augments or tenno schools to help them to keep doing damage. I can remember Very well when I started playing this game getting frustrated and giving up on the game back in 2013 because I couldn't get or find energy, this coupled with a already squish frame resulted in me walking away from the game for several years. Again I love Mag, she can be incredibly strong in the right circumstances but out side of those few times when you would take her specificly her potential is for a lack of a better word Lack Luster.
  15. Wildcardgsx

    Developer Workshop: Saryn Revisited 2.0

    I see one thing wrong with this Saryn Rework, Spore is no longer castable on Molt! This is just wrong why would you remove that?!