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  1. Wildcardgsx

    WARNING! Baruuk - Causes Epileptic attacks!

    If the Dev's were worried about this or gave a flying Crap about people with this issue they wouldn't have done what they did with Simaris in Relays and in Sanctuary Onslaught !!! These Giant Face Smacking Screens that take up 50-90% of the Frickin Screen! The combination of Red and Orange hue triggers actual Physical Pain induces headaches and makes aspect of the game not only not playable but the majority of it painful to do so
  2. Wildcardgsx

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    Can we please Remove or Reduce the size the "Zone x Completed" message during ESO, This is obscenely intrusive and is cause headaches among light sensitive people and is obstructing the view of the action in the actual game.
  3. Wildcardgsx

    Staticor Nerf???

    Im at the End of my rope with DE, this is bullS#&$! Did you guys seriously Nerf the Staticor because it was being used in ESO!? Why dont you Nerf Saryn while your at it then Hell Nerf Equinox and Volt too why not just nerf everything, get that yellow bat out and just start swinging like some poor soul with down syndrome
  4. First off let me say Thank You! to the devs that finally made the decision to take my advice and implement Breaking Emotes by Moving instead having to Retoggle said Emote; Huge Improvement though it may seem small, changes like this improve the game. Here's my next idea; Adding More Gear Hotkey and Button Selection to be used for binding. As In currently we have 1 - 12 Bindable Hot Keys When we can potentially have double or perhaps Triple that. My Suggestion is to allow Modifiers to be used with Binding. So Shift, Alt, Ctrl and separate the Left Side and Right Side. So Lshift, Lctrl, Lalt, Ralt, Rctrl, Rshift. This would open up potentially a great many bindable keys to be used with Not Just Gear Wheel HotKeys but specifically it would help to be able to quickly access things.
  5. Wildcardgsx

    Tennogen listed at 0.00 Euro.

    What specifically is listed at 0$ ???
  6. Wildcardgsx

    Warframe Builder

    So we can get riven stats saved but not user created logins? How about simplifying the Riven stats by opening a Dialog Box when you Double Click on a riven that lets you input riven stats and polarity? Im sure its been requested a bunch as well but please add AKJagara Prime
  7. Recently I have put more of an investment into Nekro's thus playing with old builds and testing new ones and I have discovered that Equilibrium (atleast at Max Rank) Does Not Work. I will attempt to explain; As I have seen Multiple Times energy donations with that weird "Equals Symbol" I dont know what else to call it. Saying something like 1100 Energy+, 2200 Energy+ or even 27,108 Energy, sometimes higher (Most recently 81,000+) yet my while my energy pool sits at and will remain at 0 - 40 Energy. Now I understand that these Energy Gains received from health are not affected by the Zenurik Tenno School, This is not what I am referring to. I am talking about seeing a Supposed Energy Gain that Should for all intents and purposes have Topped my energy pool off to full yet it has Not. It is extremely easy to test and show this, Simply enter Any Defense mission (Akkad) Spam Terrify until your out of energy and start killing things with any rank of Equilibrium equipped.
  8. Objective Markers and Waypoint Markers need to be displayed on a Room by Room Basis indicating the doorways need to proceed through to get to the next room and NOT Its Current Implementation of AI PATHING that takes into account things like Stairs or multiple hallways which all lead to the same point! This issue is most noticable when you are in the Kuva Fortress which will have you going one way and then turn you back around the other direction! As well as vaious other Tile Sets which are not limited to any single Faction. Mostly It happens with multiple pathways. This needs to be changed and Fixed to illustrate DoorWays leading to the next Room set! I honestly dont care how they do it; If they retile the tilesets in a grid pattern and lay overlays for Markers to correspond to entrances and exits for the next connecting Grid or if they just Tie the Markers to the Doors tiles themself. Either way would be better then forcing Us and our Space Ninjas to use this AI Pathing.
  9. Wildcardgsx

    Objective marker woes

  10. This bug happens regardless of Range, but there is a specific Spy Tileset where Loki's Decoy cannot be cast over without getting stuck in the laser grid placed on the floor. Most recently I noticed this on Sao Neptune during a Corpus Spy mission which was an Alert. I will work on getting video up for it.
  11. Wildcardgsx

    Boosters Need To Be Logged In Time

    No I meant what I typed, Its not backwards or reverse at all. Its relating in terms of Cost in Plat per Hour comparing the differences in the packs. Thus showing that the "Cheaper" and "Shorter Packs" are the most expensive. I fully meant what I typed in terms of how these packs should be looked at.
  12. Wildcardgsx

    Boosters Need To Be Logged In Time

    @Ker-Blammo That is my exact point and reasoning. Also I am sorry for your loss.
  13. Wildcardgsx

    Boosters Need To Be Logged In Time

    As it currently sits there is no 90day booster theres a 30day for 200p and we both know if a 90day booster were to be added it wouldn't be 600p 3day (72h) - 40p = 1.8p/H 7day (168h) - 80p = 2.1p/H 30day (720h) - 200p = 3.6p/H Its not like the price scheme is exactly uniform
  14. Wildcardgsx

    Boosters Need To Be Logged In Time

    Why would length of Time reduce? We are essentially paying for something half the time you do get to use, And I dont Have Internet Issues. The only time I have issues is when they do sitting at loading screens or "Please Wait" screens for hours when I paid my hard earned money for a booster that is continuing to Count Time Even though I cant Do anything!? How is that Fair!? But even adding a 3hour booster for 5-10p alone would be amazing Having these Long Boosters isnt that appealing as thats a literal waste of money because no one is going to play the game for that long of a period of time to make that be worth it, I can see people buying 30day and 90day boosters and I dare to use the term catering to whales as every game has them. I on the other hand am a much mroe realistic person and my life does not revolve around playing this game 24/7 where these lenghty boosters would be a boon instead of a disposable income sink. https://imgur.com/9AZanTv https://i.imgur.com/9AZanTv.png