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  1. And nothing about melee? Come on DE, it's not funny. How much more will you avoid this topic? Oh, sorry! Steve spoke about this! Now I am calm and I will just wait for new changes! Thank you!
  2. I think it makes no sense to say anything else. It seems the DE have decided to sacrifice some of the orthodox swordsmen's to simplify the game for everyone else. Well, that's their right and their game. It is a pity that it happened, but nothing can be done. Thank you DE for the years I spent in the game. Warframe is a special game (at least it was). But I feel that such a Warframe is not for me. Now I just hang my katana on the wall and go play to TESO or something else.
  3. After I was once again killed, "thanks" to the autoblock, I decided to write here again. I've realized that you dont care about melee, but give at least some hint of what you plan to fix it somehow. A few more such "improvements" and Warframe can be released in the version for Adroid. If this is your goal then you perfect deal! But maybe in the PC version it’s worth keeping the normal control. You know we have enough buttons on the keyboard. Thanks for ignoring, DE!
  4. I give up. I do not know what else to say. The best part of this game is just dead. And I can't do anything about it. Now I just have to complete the daily missions and hope that DE will hear us.
  5. A month has passed since this nightmare began. Dozens of feedback pages. And no reaction. What happened to you DE? Are you have been kidnapped by aliens? Disconnected from the Internet? Or you forgot how to respond to email? We do not want to fight with you. We just want to know what's going on. Is it really so hard to tell us anything?
  6. The melee is still broken. But everything is fine. Just keep ignoring us DE.
  7. I still can not understand why it was necessary to combine the two functional systems into one half non-working. You can get used to limp, but you can hardly get pleasure from it (I know what I'm talking about). The new system feels awful. I hear a lot of negative feedback from my friends. And not all those who are dissatisfied with the new system, melee players. As I said earlier, getting used and having fun are different things. I don't know if you read all this DE. I hope that yes and I hope that you will do something about this.
  8. Funny. I recently played a Destiny and found an interesting point. When you equip a sword, it is possible to block by pressing a separate button. In the game which is a shooter, it is possible to block attacks manually. And no one finds this strange or annoying. But what is really annoying is that an update that should have improved the melee system has simplified melee control to two buttons. Two buttons for melee. (Before the update was five) Five buttons for shooting. It supposed to be melee rework, not gunplay rework!
  9. Same thing. Melee combat against high-level mobs is now almost impossible for me. People who do not understand this simply never used the melee of real.
  10. Calm down. Nobody asks to roll back the changes. Players who prefer the melee just want to get the opportunity to play in a familiar way. For this it is not necessary to burn everything to the ground. Just add one or two options.
  11. Or they can just get everything back to normal and allow us to play again (like last 6 years) and do not waste your time on the forum.
  12. DE ignoring the problem is the worst option of all. We want to know your opinion. Tell us something!
  13. It would be nice. everyone happy and we get our melee again.
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