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  1. For mouse users, too, actually. For some reason, DE very is sensitive to any criticism of the new "brilliant" melee system. So don't wait for quick fixes.
  2. This problem concerns not only consoles. Any build dependent on the combo counter (crit, status) now suffers from this problem. This has been discussed many times in different topics, but there is no answer from DE yet. For myself, I found a temporary solution to this problem by slowing down the melee weapons. Not perfect, but for now better than nothing.
  3. This is exactly what I was thinking. The new system only makes confusion. I honestly tried to adapt to this nightmare. As a result, often I have to throw out all ranged weapons and play only with melee weapons. And as I see it in the feedback, I'm not the only person with such problems.
  4. Please don't kill my optimism. Let's see what happens in the end.
  5. So, autoblock in "gun mode" is gone or not? I mean not in "full melee" mode
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