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  1. If I had to quantify it, I'd say that what happened was a rendering bug that made my Railjack fall out of the level. I rushed the remainder of the mission just to see what would happen when I tried to extract, and the Tactical menus wouldn't open, the Omni wouldn't teleport me, and even Abandon Mission wouldn't work so I was forced to close the game. Edit: Forgot the mention that this was my fifth consecutive Railjack mission.
  2. I just ran a Grineer Spy on Sedna, and Yareli is indeed being targeted by the Arc Traps while riding Merulina, but she can still coast right through the magnetic doors without losing energy.
  3. I hope Red Text didn't drink too much Sister Soul Punch.
  4. Just throwing it out there, since it seems like a lot of people don't know. The Warframe International stream comes on in about five minutes and it counts for drops. So if the Forma drop hasn't been disabled yet, you can still get up to two that way.
  5. I've noticed that the frame rate drops when doing a Void Storm Spy on Neptune, from mission start until the actual Spy part begins. I've run a Void Storm Exterminate on the same planet, no dropped frames at all. So either it's the Spy mission in and of itself for some reason, or it's that the Spy has a required side objective and the Exterminate does not. I also get dropped frames inside my Railjack when parked in the Dojo, but it disappears as soon as I step into the Dojo proper. I don't suppose it could be a side effect of using the Tempestarii skin? I need to check that next. Also, this has all been solo missions on PS4. Probably should have led with that.
  6. You don't go to a separate mission. Get Rank 1 or better with a Zenith Crown spent and then hang in the same mission until one spawns.
  7. Or Lich vs Sister crossfire missions where they fight over you for ownership?
  8. My only concern with moving the Galvanized mods to Arbitrations is that getting the rarest loot drops is a bit annoying to me already (I still haven't finished those Arcane sets) and diluting the reward pool further, to me, would make it worse. Perhaps make them drop from Arbitration Drones instead?
  9. I'd like it to work on the Synapse, since that already looks like I'm shooting enemies with a firehose, but it doesn't fit on any beam weapons so I kinda understand.
  10. If you're looking for an element for all factions, you can't do better than Radiation: It does neutral damage to all Grineer types except Alloy Armor which it's effective against. Corpus shields resist it, but it does bonus damage to Robotics, which is 90% of the Corpus faction to begin with. Infested and Fossilized resist it, but its status proc can remove Ancient Disruptor and Ancient Healer auras.
  11. Yeah, it doesn't say that I own the Zikha skin, and I have only one open weapon slot when the bundle should have granted two. Everything else, I either have in such quantity that I can't identify how many I had before vs after, or I already had since I bought the original Starter Bundle. So either the issue is that I redeemed it on the browser version of the PS Store, or it's because I purchased the original run of this Starter Pack.
  12. Now I'm wondering if I didn't get the whole thing since I also claimed through the browser store. For some reason I never thought to check, and I'm not in a position right now to look.
  13. I can't speak for DE, but I believe that the refusal without refund is just there to discourage any copyrighted material or vulgar images being submitted.
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