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  1. I think Ember's Immolation meter is kinda vague as far as how much of it will be increased/consumed by casting her abilities. Maybe change it to a thermostat (tie in the UI option for meters/feet into this as far as whether the meter will show Celsius or Fahrenheit?) that gives an actual temperature for her overheating as well as a casting cost/addition for each ability measured in degrees?
  2. Any word on Kubrow/Kavats/Helminth Chargers getting melee weapons, as Sentinels have guns?
  3. Alliances don't really do much right now. You'll have a separate Alliance Chat, so if your new clan were allied with the old one, you'd still be able to talk to them. Also, the Treasury has some 'Donate to Alliance' options, so if they were inclined to help you out with some resources they could. As far as the Ignis Wraith is concerned, you won't have it in your new clan, but you could buy 100 copies on your way out.
  4. Question. If Arlo is the ball and his tongue is the chain, would that make him the Infested variant of the Wuush skin?
  5. Atlas. Tekko. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first time that a Prime is coming with the Primed variant of the same weapon they were launched with?
  6. In the Market, the Daeira Kavat Skin has it's own listing outside of the bundle, but the Heino Kubrow Skin does not. Not certain if that's intentional, but it seems off to me.
  7. It wasn't the antlers, was it? Please tell me it wasn't the antlers.
  8. I'm over 4350 hours. If there's any games I've played more, they are very far and few between, and I still have goals in Warframe. So yeah.
  9. @[DE]Bear Could the sparkle/gem/wet stone aspect be turned into an Ephemera? Then the people who like that look could have it (and apply it to other Warframes besides Wukong), and the ones who don't could use the skin without it and pretend it doesn't exist. Best of both worlds, yeah?
  10. I don't know if it'd meet the requirements and limitations of Tennogen, but I'd love to have an Infested Limbo helmet where instead of removing his hat, he'd instead pop off his entire head to reveal a Nidus maggot (or somesuch) sitting in the neckhole.
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