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  1. Since Jovian Concord? That fix to Magus Anomaly was made back in January. You're five months late.
  2. Intensity, Stretch, Streamline, and Steel Fiber should hold you for most of the Star Chart. If you can get a Rejuvenation aura from the Nightwave shop, you could probably fit one more mod on top of those four. I'm confused. What do you mean by "running out"? You only need one of each.
  3. That sounds like drop chance not drop multiplier, and if so wouldn't affect Kuva at all. Assuming I'm right, I don't think it would be a problem at all. If you're going to go into a mission and kill yourself three times to try to get a buff that may not even roll for that mission (you could proc the invisibility all three times, for instance); you may as well just play Nekros, not have to kill yourself at all, and have increased drops for as long as you wish instead of for only 60 seconds.
  4. Is the mod that Domestiks can drop in our build? Neither the mod nor the Domestiks are visible in the codex at the moment, and I'd rather not grind for something that isn't there yet. Edit: Just had it drop. It's in there.
  5. How do you know they aren't doing it out of order? Wukong Prime to go with the Deluxe Skin and rework.
  6. So we're getting an Operation, Nightwave:Intermission, and Plague Star all starting within a day or two of each other. Pretending for a moment that the Content Drought exists, would this qualify as a Content Deluge?
  7. Why do I get the feeling that everyone would choose to host rather than scroll down a list 10k lobbies long looking for the one with settings that match their desires?
  8. While I do wish Series 2 started as soon as Series 1 ended, without any sort of break from Nightwave I know I'd be burned out by the time Series 4 came out. I believe that's their intention, regardless of how it's received. Though I do agree that the issue of Auras and Nitain does need to be addressed by more than a single Gift of the Lotus alert. Nothing else from the Nightwave shop is anywhere near as essential as those.
  9. They also said that they want to release it on all platforms simultaneously. The earliest that can possibly happen is after Jovian Concord goes live for everyone else.
  10. When I first started playing, I saw Credits and Endo as limited resources that were hard to get back, so I rarely if ever upgraded my mods. Don't do that. It makes the game harder than I needs to be, and you'll get more than enough over time.
  11. Oh. I don't know about all that then. The only time I care about kills is when I'm trying to build stacks on Nidus.
  12. Combo high enough? You mean he was trying to unlock a Riven?
  13. 41st Warframe? I'm going to need more Prime Pedestals in my Orbiter for Frame Noggles. Also, more Frame Noggles.
  14. Io, Jupiter. Every five waves you'll either get 2 random Bursas or 2 Scrambus.
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