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  1. I kinda like not having enough capacity to do everything and being forced to min-max. The bigger concern to me is that most of the highest cost Avionics don't seem to be worth the increase. Take Last Stand for instance. For 5 Capacity I can deal 115% more damage at low hull. For twice the cost (10), I can equip the stronger variant for a whopping 128%. Is an extra 5 capacity really worth 13% more damage?
  2. Vapor Nidus. He uses his 1, 3, and 4. The 1 scales it's damage as he builds stacks and he doesn't seem to consume them, so the damage just keeps going up, the 3 gives you more survivability by taking some damage off of you and gives you extra power strength, and the 4 proves health regen (even for Defense targets and the like) in an area and the accompanying maggots are further distraction for the enemy. And I think (I THINK) his Undying passive carries over as well. At least it seems he sticks around for a good while (unless he falls off the map). Haven't found a good weapon yet though. All the ones I've tried really need mods to put in work.
  3. I liked using Ash in the Arena nodes. His Shuriken Augment can fully strip armor from enemies, making them easier to kill; and smoke bomb turns you invisible so you can fight them on your terms.
  4. Saryn is one of the harder Frames to grind, mostly because you need Judgment Points from the Arenas just to fight Kela on top of the usual RNG for the parts. The number of points has been reduced since I farmed her, so it's easier now than it used to be, but it could still be a slog if your luck is bad.
  5. For the record, while I can't hear colors, I can taste the rainbow.
  6. Perhaps I did take that out of context, but it seemed to be a strange thing to say given the rest of your post. The thing is, I'm fine with things in the game being exclusive badges of honor. For instance the Invati Sekhara that was handed out to anyone who beat one of the Trials before they were removed. That's special and should never be handed out again. You know the difference between that Emblem and Primed Chamber? It is account specific and can neither be traded nor sold. If you pursued PC as a long term goal, grinded things to sell for Plat and finally worked your way towards it, good job. You earned it. You set out to achieve a goal and you succeeded. But just because others are given the same item for a comparable pittance doesn't invalidate the work you put in. It doesn't cheapen your accomplishment, it just means they don't get to experience it for themselves. However, if you actually spent $4500 on Plat to buy it outright? I consult the wisdom of one Harry Dresden: “And from the perspective of those in need, that extra quarter of a million bucks your material person spent on the prestige addition for his house looks like an awful lot of lifesaving food and medicine that could have existed if the jerk with the big house in the suburbs hadn't blown it all to artificially inflate his sociogeographic ***.”
  7. *Mod comes out in 2013* *Started playing in 2016* *Has over 4900 hours in mission, and 21k missions completed* Well. Guess I'm not dedicated enough.
  8. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Nova_Lamia_Helmet
  9. North and South America - February 11 Europe - February 12 Asia - February 12 Japan - February 13
  10. I don't know if I like this idea or not. On the one hand, I understand where you're coming from. On the other I, for instance, see no point in going above Rank 8 in Gunnery. So if someone who's Rank 10 in Gunnery can just kick me out of my seat in my own Railjack repeatedly just to be a troll … Kinda inverts the problem, you know? And taking time out to vote on roles in mission while the Railjack is under fire would slow down the gameplay.. But I understand where you're coming from.
  11. Banshee, Nyx, Trinity, Trinity Prime, Volt, and Zephyr all have 15 armor, so they could use the inverse. But even then, with that low of armor, no matter how much Health they got from the trade they'd be taken down by a strong sneeze.
  12. You see on the second pic where the "Ability Menu" command is on swipe right? You don't have that command bound to anything on your Railjack Controller Map at all. Holding that command is what brings up the menu for your abilities, including Battle Avionics. Without it, you can't access them.
  13. I'm not certain what you mean by cycling power left and right. I use default mappings, and all I have to do is hold R1 and press Circle, Square, or Triangle depending on the power I want to use.
  14. Tried to do a thing. Couldn't do thing. Inspiration struck in the meantime.
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