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  1. That's going to be this week, right? Could have sworn I heard someone say so. 😏
  2. Oh. Sorry. Missed it. This is bothering me now. Why am I at 126k and you're at 120K? The only possibility I can think of right now is that Venari is at fault, but you clearly maxed Khora out. I guess try running a mission as Khora and see if it updates? If that doesn't work, I've got nothing.
  3. That's the Robotic list. Companions is one more to the right. Should say 15/15.
  4. Comparing my list to yours, I believe that you are missing a Companion. I have 126k, you have 120k.
  5. My initial guess would be the Necramech.
  6. What I did was look at the stats of other weapons in the same class and build something that didn't exist at the time. If there was a class that was crit heavy, I built a status weapon. Ect.
  7. But if you cover his hat like that, where do you put the nachos?
  8. Not a Noggle, but there was a Teshin ... They call it a stauette, but it's more a bust really. Incidentally, it's making a return this week as a Drop on Tuesday's stream.
  9. Weird. All four worked for me, my Gaze with Catalyst/Forma and the other three without. I wonder what the difference is. Doesn't make sense to me.
  10. You already have the mastery. Just equip a Primary Kitgun, run a single mission, and it'll fix that entry for you. I suggest going into an open area, walk back into town, and switch weapons. It's a bit faster.
  11. There's two instances of both Necramech Intensify and Necramech Pressure Point in the codex. One of each is listed as dropping from Necraloids and the other has no location (presumably the ones sold by Loid). Bought each of the mods and maxed them out. My Codex now displays both instances of each mod as maxed out. So it's just a duplicate entry in the Codex and shouldn't have an effect on drop rates.
  12. I haven't played much with the Komorex, but could they be using the reduced Accuracy from Heavy Caliber to spread their Multishot around for a larger affected area? Also, I'm wondering if Operator Mode isn't being used to trigger Catalyzer Link. Off the top of my head, I'm not certain what that build would even look like, or if it would be effective enough to be the culprit.
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