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  1. Mire has been a placeholder image for the Foundry for as long as I can remember.
  2. I'd rather see Plague Star get a pre-event Railjack mini-event where you can see the Infested Meteor travelling through space and it infects the Proximas as it goes turning them into Infested missions where you attempt to chip away at the meteor before impact.
  3. You can't sacrifice Prime Frames or add an ability to a Prime Frame. That's because Prime Frames are the ones that used to be ... Mortal. The standard Frames are just mass produced copies. Those are the ones being sacrificed and augmented. They're just Infestation forced into a humanoid shape. Thus, no moral quandary.
  4. If Helminth eats Khora, what happens to Venari?
  5. It'll come to PC eventually, most likely through Baro. Kinda like the reverse of the Fae Path Ephemera.
  6. Still holding out hope for a movie theater room in the Dojo where our characters can sit down and watch the streams in-game.
  7. At least I'm assuming it's a bug that she gets sucked into her own bubble when she's Irradiated. It didn't do that before to my knowledge.
  8. The only thing they fear ... Is Floofs.
  9. I don't think this is a scam either. I think DE made an honest mistake and put the armor set into the quest pool to pad the number of drops, thinking they could remove the armor set from Baro's offerings before he brought it, not realizing that the code for the items had slipped in with the Tennocon Relay. However, I think you're making parallels where there are none; comparing items from events that don't exist anymore that were added to Baro's stock so that everyone who wasn't here for them can have them. Baro has brought plenty of items that were previously available, it's true. But how many times has he brought something, sold it for Ducats, and then another means of acquiring that same item cheaper elsewhere? There's literally no precedent for this. This is more like the Mutagen Sample cost of the Hema. That cost was never reduced because "people had already put in the work to research the weapon, so it wouldn't be fair to them to lower the cost for everyone else." 900 Ducats is more than 500 Ducats solo, and far more than 100 Ducats apiece with keysharing. I personally don't care about a refund, but I struggle to think of another way to make this "right".
  10. This is the Feedback section of the forums. It exists so we can give DE feedback on their game. Posting here isn't about petitioning random players, like yourself, who can do nothing. It's about utilizing a resource DE has granted us to let them know about issues we've encountered with the game.
  11. Not that I've gotten my hands on Steel Path yet, but I don't see why my original strategy of using Excalibur's Radial Blind and spamming melee finishers wouldn't still work. I even have the augment this time around.
  12. One of my medallions spawned outside the map, and while it was too far away for me to grab, I was able to clip the camera through the wall enough to see it.
  13. My bet is that since the Elixis Latron armor set hasn't been officially released through Baro, someone figured they'd shift them from his stock to the special mission and remove them from his stock later, not realizing that their code had already snuck into the Tennocon Baro. But yeah, I could buy a whole two more boosters if I had those Ducats back.
  14. Inaros Prime throws spare change. It does double damage to Corpus.
  15. @[DE]Danielle I hate to be that guy that points something out right after a Hotfix, but the right Kuva Stragh Leg Plate is connecting to the back of the leg instead of the front (on all Frames, as far as I can tell).
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