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  1. I can't speak for DE, but I believe that the refusal without refund is just there to discourage any copyrighted material or vulgar images being submitted.
  2. It is. Same frame and size as the one of Teshin.
  3. Further question about the Plexus: Will we be able to purchase additional loadout slots, or nah?
  4. Changes to what specific Avionics do wasn't brought up, but I'd like to mention that the "Form Up" Tactical ability needs to be changed. With the Avionics being tied to the RJ as it is now, the host can simply not equip that one for public groups; but if everyone can equip their own, the host and other players have no control over a random person who does equip it for themselves. The ability to sabotage a mission by dragging the entire crew back to the Railjack at will (cooldown aside) is just too strong of a trolling tool, even though I do understand its tactical value.
  5. Finally. But I see nothing about NPCs, let alone giving them dancing animations. How can I have a proper dojo if I can't turn a pile of NPCs into my very own Gallop Gang?
  6. I suppose that makes sense of the sake of the Riven market and such, but yeah. I want to be able to buy more for my Dojo as well.
  7. Is it one of each per account? I haven't bought them yet.
  8. It occurs to me that, passive abilities aside, there is a lack of choice concerning the Engines for Railjacks. As it stands, the three options are: 1. Zetki. The middle of the road engines in terms of speed a boost multiplier. Here, middle of the road just means worst. While not the slowest at normal speed, they are the slowest while boosting. 2. Lavan. The highest boost multiplier type. They are the slowest at normal speed, but while they are the fastest while boosting, with the recent changes to the boost gauge, they barely get to move at that higher top speed. 3. Vidar
  9. Two things I've noticed in my compulsive checking of new cosmetics: 1. Is the glass bubble on the back of the Vitam syandana supposed to appear empty? It was thinking it was supposed to be like Lavos where you could tint the glass and the liquid, but in previewing it on different Frames with different colors, both the glass and the potential liquid appear clear. 2. The darkest shade of black (top right color in the PSIV palette) when applied to metallics is so dark that it almost looks like a matte rather than a metal.
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