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  1. I managed to get Lynx Turrets to spawn, got 19/20 in one mission, and unfortunately killed the Lynx before getting the final one.  Here is the deal:  They don't spawn in regular sabotage missions, at least not currently till DE fixes it.  They reliably spawn in the very first mission of The Archwing quest (  http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/The_Archwing#The_Archive:_Tessera.2C_Venus ).  They should probably get categorized next to Arcain Boilers as far as codex scanning goes then.

  2. 23 minutes ago, (PS4)Valyrious said:

    Oberon Prime
    BP - Meso N4 (Uncommon)
    Neuroptics - Meso O1 (Rare)
    Chassis - Axi H2 (Common)
    Systems - Axi O1 (Rare)

    Sybaris Prime
    Stock - Lith N3 (Common)
    Barrel - Meso S5 (Rare)

    Silva & Aegis
    BP - Meso V5 (Uncommon)
    Guard - Neo S6 (Rare)

    This is all I know so far.

    Can you please post what the other rewards are in these new relics?  Just trying to figure out if any ducat exchange rates may have changed.

    Lith N3

    Meso N4

    Meso O1

    Meso V5

    Neo S6

    Axi H2

    Axi O1

  3. For the host vs client cipher use: I saw it more as a friendship cipher use feature than a bug.  If you have joined a match and are not the host, please kindly help and open the door.  If no one is willing to help, the host steps in and uses his/her key resulting in consumption of all keys, punishing all clients that didn't want to chip in.

  4. 7 hours ago, dbzocchi said:

    2) got invited to a bazaar, team of 4, got there first and got treasure first, finished - no treasure

    The Maroo's mission does not give the ayatan to everyone.  I believe only the person that has the mission will end up with the ayatan at the end of the mission instead of the entire squad.  That ayatan is different than sculptures that randomly spawn in regular maps.  This is  more of feature design than a bug.

  5. Damaged mods are the starter mods that you get during the very early part of the game, and have a "cracked" surface.  These mods are not tradable by design.  Later on in the game you will run into the undamaged versions of these mods which will be tradable regardless of if you ranked them or not.


    To give you an example, Intensify, is supposed to go to max rank of 5 and have a +30% impact for the warframe. while its damaged starter mod goes only to rank 3 and can only impact power strength by +12% max.

  6. On 4/7/2017 at 1:50 PM, [DE]Saske said:

    Hey Tenno! This is a tricky issue we're looking into. We don't have a timeline on a fix but we're investigating. If you have anymore information feel free to post them in this thread or pm me.

    Any updates on when this is going to be prioritized?

  7. On 3/29/2017 at 11:49 AM, YasharF said:

    I had this problem with Lesion right when U20 got released.  Changed the stance mod (even though the polarity of the replacement I used didn't match) and the problem got resolved.  Now at U20.05, I switched the stance mod to the original one that I had which matched the polarity and the going backward problem was no longer there.  May be it is the new update, or may be swapping the stance mod, but something fixed it in my case with Lesion.

    Confirming that is not fixed.

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