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  1. Tenno 'Un Lobito (Guitar Chord!)' revolver “A weapon for Tenno outriders on planets, moons, and orbital habitats that were all but lost to the Orokin empire. Does guaranteed heat procs on headshots.” Special Traits: Hotheaded: Deals guaranteed heat procs on headshots, and adds bonus heat damage to subsequent shots fired after headshots. Heat explosions on headshot kills. Lore “Haruka Lorne really liked revolvers for some reason. I’m partial to machine pistols or semiautos so I have a fast, fire-and-forget sidearm with a lot of bullets as a backup.
  2. The Orokin saw form as being just as important as function. (if not moreso!) So yeah, that sounds absolutely like them. ...There's a reason so many lore entries I make are so willing to take the piss out of them. It would be a cool idea to do that. It's probably for the best if DE doesn't give us stuff like grenade launchers to mount to guns, but I'd be lying if that wasn't intriguing! It would be nice to have a "tap altfire for extra zoom" function on stuff like the Latron or some pistols. That's a lot of what I do, too! Except when I just really want to import some
  3. so remember how the CURSED MOON came about solely because I thought the sentence "I don't know how, but he says it's from the Cursed Moon" sounded cool? Well, now I have another idea. Possibly one for a Leverian.
  4. Entrati 'Ossuaire' Pistol “Entrati weapons were designed for the strongest, most resilient physiques that could be sculpted by Lorists and haemoturges. The Ossuaire is a notable departure from that, being built for Tenno acolytes that had received comparatively few augmentations. Compared to its big brother, the Sepulcrum, it has a lower magazine size and lower damage, but better velocity, reload, and to some extent fire rate. Since it fires a short burst from one barrel instead of two, it’s also a little more accurate. Tap altfire to fire a continuously exploding overcharged bu
  5. Corpus ‘Phantomic Projector’ Burst Pistol “A burst fire pistol firing Specter Particles, designed by elite cadres of engineers and scientists selected by Parvos Granum himself. Pace your shots for saturating bursts of Specter Particles. Keep the shot trained on enemies for bursts of saturating death, and kill enemies with it to summon allied Specters to your side.” --Codex Special traits: Target Analysis: Does 25% more damage for each round that hits an enemy. Zooming in reduces recoil after a short period time. Spawns Spectres of en
  6. I mean more in the sense that the Orokin had complexity addiction. I get the feeling that a lot of the "simple" designs they were using were just them bruteforcing their way into having a functioning firearm with high tech as opposed to going for simplicity first. Like... have you ever seen a conversion from bolt-action to full-auto or semiauto? (example: The HUOT) I get the feeling a lot of Orokin engineering is like that, with some overengineering for the sake of blinging out the design. Meanwhile as opposed to doing this, the Grineer just make a space AK or Space M4. Even the
  7. UPDATED DEPEZADOR PRIME (sort of) Well... sort of. All I really did was stretch it in some places. The next two revolvers have extremely long cylinders, and they're not even shotgun pistols, so it felt silly to give this thing such a short, normal-looking cylinder. This isn't going to go on the front page of the thread, and I already have feedback from @Unus (thanks, Unus!) so it doesn't quite need more attention. If you want stats, they're in this quoteblock below. This is less of an update and more like when that podcast you follow posts a minisode, and like... one that lasts
  8. IDK man. It's hard to say. I added it cause it was the only thing that seemed to apply, and then I couldn't remove it.
  9. It's kind like the Necromonger guns from Ridd1ck... Just with more curves and some influence from a battle pass R99 skin I have. The only question is how I do the next one without making it look too much like something from that movie...
  10. CURSED MOON 'Ulfberhite'... uh... shotgun? Cursed Moon ‘Ulthberite’ Graviton Shotgun “This might yet be a weapon with high usefulness against Tenno… if only we could replicate the technologies, let alone understand the principles behind it. Like the Dhoul, this weapon melds exotic Sentient and Orokin tech, propulsion modules, and what I can only assume are technologies native to the Cursed Moon to fire a gravitational wave or small singularity that hammers into the target and anything near it with pure gravitational force.” --Hedron Ico, Corpus Archeologist -
  11. Progress updort: I've actually got a couple of pistols in the pipeline, along with one more CURSED MOON gun and a writing-only update. And that nanomachine gun. I've just been a bit... busy with Outriders lately. In fact, I went and built this thing from a blue as a joke and DAMN (jam). I think I may export this into my Warframe thread. It is... so good.
  12. That was intentional. :P They both shoot nanomachines, and the general idea I had in mind was "outbreak perfected with hexagons."
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