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  1. If anyone was gonna make a revolver flaregun, it was.... actually, I had the Tenno do it at one point, but if anyone was going to make a design like this, it was gonna be the Grineer.
  2. Honestly, we're lucky I've managed to get this far making unique revolver silhouettes. And we're also lucky I'm schooled on revolvers with unique silhouettes, like the LeMat, the Chiappa Rhino, and BFR. There's also one inspired more by the Mateba than the Rhino. The Magnus and Pandero lapse into this problem of which you speak. Like... the Magnus is sort of recognizably a revolver, but the proportions are so weeeeeird. The thing that saves the Vasto's design is that it always makes me think of the Savage revolver. Just with a fatter cylinder. Oh God. The Zip Gun. I've seen things that look like they were hammered together in boxes of scraps that I'd rather use. That is not a joke. There's also stuff like the Kel-Tec P50, which is... special. Still not sure if I'm making that Grineer or Tenno. Thanks again! It is... very difficult. Sometimes it annoys me that so much of my gimmicks for revolvers specialize on headshots, but what can ya dae. As for what an Enmitic weapon does.... honestly? I have no damn idea. I just worked from the silhouette cause I like it, it looks like a combination between a plasma pistol and a revolver but made by Necrons. 1d4chan describes it as "Enmitic Weapons creates pulses which when hit causes the victims atoms to be repelled from each other violently. Functionally the same as Necron Gauss weapons (both are disintegration rays) but more violent. Imagine something akin to the District 9 microwave gun." There's a lot of unknowns about why it's called enmitic, how this works, what any of this means. ...I never did make that Entrati revolver I wanted to. Might not do that here, but there's an Infested gun idea I had awhile back that I still haven't done anything with. That would work well there. True that. I'm willing to give a pass to earlier Prime guns like the (ak)vasto prime or Soma because they have such good stats and they're so fun to use, but after stuff like the Corinth, Ballistica, and Pyrana, I look at the Pandero and Tenora Prime and... ...that's it?
  3. And I love doing weird stuff! It's like a tradition to try and come up with my own ideas for factions or groups in the Origin System and just throw out some weird, out-of-context thing like this and be all like "HAHA! This is not Grineer, Corpus, Tenno, or Sentient! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT"
  4. Also, at least 2 of the next 3-4 guns will be Really Weird. There's one really bizarre, alien gun I have (not literally alien.) I've made a lot of progress on, the one after that will be a Grineer sniper rifle, and after that? Probably another alien gun. Weirdly enough, I'm intending for most of them to be burstfire.
  5. Course you have! This thread is fueled by support... and without feedback from people like you, I would've given up a looooooong time ago. ...Wait. Does it?! That was actually kind of an accident lol. On all counts. Honestly, I just didn't want to do wooden orangey-brown and silver (again) and picked the Tiberon at random to use as the base for the color. Thanks again there =D That's a relief! Originally, I was just gonna have this on the front, but I thought it'd look cool if I added it to both. I struggle (a lot) with coming up with distinct silhouettes for weaponry, especially revolvers - you can see some of this happening about a week ago. Thankfully, I have 4-6 more revolver ideas for the near future. There's a full-auto one inspired by The Last Wrod, one that's basically a full-auto pocket opticor, (I'm saving that for later) one that's basically also a pocket opticor except it's a railgun instead of a laser, there's that thing in that picture from about a week ago inspired by the Enmitic Pistol (not sure what it does - might be baby charge rifle from Apex?) and one that reduces armor and shields on headshots. As inspired by how much trouble we have on Steel Path. Next post will actually be a sniper rifle or some bizarre near-alien thing. Probably the latter. That's great! I'm also hoping it's balanced a bit by how unforgiving it is if you miss. It was tempting not to, but it took all of ten seconds to figure that at Maximum Potential this thing is basically an Amprex (or, for more current WF players, pre-nerf Kuva Nukor) in revolver form. Probably best that isn't easy to keep up lol. Sounds like uhhh.... super Pandero. Perhaps even what Pandero prime should have been when you consider how normal that feels compared to regular Pandero. I'm thinking that it this was to happen, it'd need to be a pistol (possibly semiauto?) that looks like a weird revolver. Something like this but with a much fatter mag. Right?! Where does the time go
  6. Revolvers that yee your haws are like.... *checks notes* Okay, I don't know how much it happens here, but there's about 9 revolvers on this thread (counting that one) that should probably produce that same effect. There's one that does guaranteed heat procs on headshots, a shotgun revolver, a shotgun pistol that looks like a revolver but isn't and is basically just a beehive grenade on a stick, there's one that releases explosions on headshots, there's one that's scoped and silenced, there's one that increases critical damage for each headshot you land and has an underbarrel shotgun, and there's one that's basically the Wingman Elite from Titanfall 2. (I like those last 3 =D ) There's also a flaregun revolver but I'm not sure if that yees on your haws
  7. Thanks so much, and glad to see you here! I've done it twice before! Once with this oooold shotgun called the Oribi, and the other time with a slightly more recent rifle called the Jubal. Except that was automatic. That was a fun one. (I might need to buff or prime the Oribi. If we're priming the Strun, it might be a good idea.) ...I knew I was forgetting something. SOSH!TE, ARIGATOU While we're talking, this is what I sawed it down from:
  8. Tenno ‘Adjudicas” revolver “This trick shot revolver - more of a sawed-down rifle - overpenetrates on body shots and ricochets to nearby targets on headshots. If you don’t hit more than one target with this, you’re using it wrong.” Another one of Haruka Lorne’s well-known revolvers, the Adjudicas was built on a long-forgotten pattern of chain rifle. Using a combination of advanced possibility-mining technology and Entrati Siphon technology, the Adjudicas somehow ricochets rounds fired on headshots towards nearby enemies. For each successive hit on an enemy, rounds that land headshots will hit more enemies, up to a total of five. On the first shot (assuming it’s a headshot) it ricochets to one enemy, and after two shots it ricochets to two enemies on headshots. Or, from a more OOC perspective: Imagine a Jakobs revolver from Borderlands 3 and how on headshots they ricochet to nearby enemies. Now imagine that for landing one shot on an enemy, the next shot fired will ricochet to another enemy on headshots.* And yes, this IS affected by the number of enemies hit by punch-through. However, the connection to alternate possibilities is fragile. The more you hit enemies, the more likely it could be that you hit others. But the revolver will “think” it’s unlikely if you miss a shot, so it loses all the “stacks” of ricochets at once if you miss. The Depezador was designed for power and accuracy; the Estampida was designed for overwhelming power at the cost of almost all else; the Naga was built for stealth…. and the Adjudicus was built mostly as a laugh on Haruka Lorne’s part, meant to set up increasingly strange trickshots and weaponize them. Unlike other similar weapons, it’s hitscan, so it’s much easier to use. Out of all of Lorne’s revolvers, the closest comparison is likely the Makina. Both have a crowd-control effect on headshots, and both are revolvers. The difference is that the Makina is much more predictable with its crowd control, does more damage on headshots and is (surprisingly) better against single enemies, and requires less investment for maximum performance. Meanwhile, the Adjudicus truly shines as a crowd control weapon, functioning as an Amprex in revolver form. Or, in Father’s parlance, a Yahrzeit** in revolver form. While hitscan is easy to use, there exists one other option. Flip-cocking the revolver’s lever action can “overcharge” it, firing a slow-moving explosive projectile for 33% bonus damage. It deals incredible crowd control damage, but it's far less forgiving than hitscan mode. It was a favored sidearm of several of Haruka Lorne’s Tenno compatriots such as Ginebra, Thane, and Yassin, along with her favored Dax and “squires,” Valentina and Jubal the Smiler. During those times, it became a nightmare for human insurgents that the Tenno, punching through entire squads with one magazine. Due to how often the Tenno were deployed against Sentients and Infested, it never developed quite the same infamy as other Tenno firearms. But with the sheer number of relatively human enemies the Tenno face in the present-day Origin System, the nightmare slowly grows for Corpus and Grineer who find themselves at the business end of this powerful revolver. Stats Magazine: 8 Reload: 2.6s Semi Trigger: Semi Fire rate: 2.4 Damage: 108 63 Impact 36 Slash 9 Puncture Status Chance: 42 Critical chance: 20% Critical multiplier: 2.5x Overcharge Trigger: Auto Charge Charge Time: 0.64 Projectile On Impact: Damage: 63 36 Impact 27 Slash Status Chance: 42 Critical chance: 20% Critical multiplier: 2.5x Headshot Multiplier: 2.1x Radial: Damage: 81 18 Puncture 36 Impact 27 Slash Status Chance: 42 Critical chance: 20% Critical multiplier: 2.5x *In fact, this was actually a Borderlands 3 idea at first. More on that later. ** Think of it like an Entrati Amprex. We'll get to that at some point. Artist Notes: It’s my FOURTH ANNIVERSARY OF DOING WF CONCEPTS and good lord man it has been a time. I'd just like to thank everyone who's been there on this thread and made it what it is - @Almighty_Jado, @Teoarrk, @Neo3602, @Unus, @Teridax68, @keikogi,@KaffeRausch, modernmercenary (who redesigned the Fuselok. I wonder why this was so popular sometimes) @HugintheCrow (even if he probably won't respond to this tag) stellarseeker, @BlackDiamondAce, and especially @Unus. You might be wondering why I mentioned Unus twice, and the answer is simple - I like that part =D And hell, I'll even thank Sean Bigham for approving of the Meridian autoshotgun that one time, along with whoever it is that probably looked at the Meridian when they made the Cedo. Thanks, everyone. It wouldn't have been the same without you. So I decided to spend it by doing what the thread has always been about on some level: More revolver. This weapon is… weird. Coming up with revolver silhouettes is a strange thing for me to do, cause I’m not quite as willing as DE is to embrace the bizarre and do stuff like the Pandero, so this time - instead of looking at pistols - I worked from a revolver rifle silhouette. Specifically, a cap and ball rifle revolver. As a result, there’s some… peculiarities here. For one thing, there’s the cylinder. It loads from the front, not the back. And, solely because it looks cool, you flip-@#&$ it while reloading, but it can easily be fired in double-action. There’s also the handguard, the lanyard, and… I probably would have drawn bayonet lugs at some point, but I got bored. This also originally had a much more complicated muzzle device, but I also got tired while trying to make that. As with many things I’ve done, the explosive altfire was sort of an accident, but this makes it more fun and lets you use the lever. Oh, btw, to explain the Borderlands 3 thing - originally, I had an idea for a Jakobs revolver that increased ricochets just on body shots, but I thought about it and I had to ask myself “Do I really want to make a gun where you have to play badly to have the most fun from it?” So I changed it to successive hits. To balance that out now, all the stacks are gone if you miss. The name is also a Bleach reference. We have a gun called the Vasto, why not one with a name that sounds like “Adjuchas” ?
  9. The very quick sketch I made admittedly has a little more Akbolto Prime influence, but I can work with that.....
  10. ... Huh. that's a good idea, actually. There's a lot of ways this thing feels a little outdated. The thing was meant for a meta before melee dominated, when I didn't think we needed a Prime Zarr, and shotgun status chance ran on bringing it up to a hundred. (I forgot to edit this one's status. It is very old.) And as it happens, I like... totally forgot to talk about the reload time and pellet count. I'll consider that. Only question is what to do (besides, obviously, improved damage). Maybe... something that turns it into the Zarr on direct hits like Doomguy's shotgun in Doom 2016, a couple extra rounds... Something to smooth out reload time... What do you think?
  11. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE I have two revolver models to work from in the near future! Also, there's all this necron-ish stuff in this picture and I'm not a hundred percent sure what I was going for.
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