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  1. AFTER TEN THOUSAND YEARS HE'S FREE TIME TO F*CK UP EARTH LET'S GO B****** JOSE CONSECO Good old Salad V. He's got the Spore Touch. Everything he touches has a tendency to turn into a bizarre crime against nature. I like this new format for updates! ...Gas and heat damage? I love gas damage! I like having AoE for every bullet, but I just... well, 9/10 times I find building for corrosive, viral, or even magnetic (now that shields actually protect Corpus!) much more useful. And having the opportunity to add heat damage! Wonderful,
  2. UMBRAL AYATAN QUEST! Chapter 2: Reb Akira Scene 2-1 After 12 hours of playing, you’ll get an invitation from someone named Reb Akira Thorissen- they're in the Tenno concourse at the base of Chitorrh Tower. The Invitation is as follows: The fields around A Bao A Qu boast a massive Orokin installation on the coast, connected to the city by a rail line which actually crosses the ocean. The ocean, by the way, is explorable through SHARKWING, and you can see Sentient and Orokin wrecks at the bottom. As you travel there, this exchange plays with BODE: You can
  3. Your what now? Also... a Corpus levergun? Not what I was thinking, but that is interesting. That's very interesting. I bet if I did that, it'd look like some of the Peacekeeper's concept art :P. One of the odder versions, that is.
  4. SOON™ (and by soon I mean later today! It won't be a fully-fledged concept, more of a prop that will get statted later.)
  5. It's been a busy day over here lmao. Also, uh... sorry I wasn't able to upload the THING. Definitely, definitely sent by tomorrow.
  6. Just for all this positive attention all y'alls have been sending out, keep an eye on the thread by the end of the day...
  7. The criteria is to have 300 followers on your platform of choice, and I have... 310 on deviantart? I think.
  8. Well, damn. I probably should've started signing up for the Creator Program by now XD. Even went and changed up my deviantart account for it!
  9. Note: Have changed the Naga's (unscoped) headshot multiplier from 2.08x to 2.1x, in preparation for an upcoming pistol. I was hoping to have the Duviri gun out, but for some reason... no sparks. It's been very slow going, and I've been kinda out of it. If it takes too long, I'll just post that new pistol soon.
  10. Been slow going on the Duviri gun lately - the Trumna and Sepulcrum grind is REAL, yo. Also, I've been trying to get a new level 63 Seventh Sense in Borderlands 3, which means redoing the entirety of Guns Love And Tentacles. And playing Apex. In the meantime, here's some stuff I've been doodling. 1. An Infested flintlock! I'm thinking it's basically an Infested Euphona, made by Son in an attempt to connect with his father. 2. A... Seer shotgun? Not really sure what it does yet. All I know is the magazine is above the tube, and it's probably made by Vor. Time was, that'd be enou
  11. Definitely, definitely Infested. We've already got a Grineer flintlock, why not an Infested one? :P
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