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  1. @Unus if you need gun references or ideas, you know you can always drop me a line.
  2. It's a boring mission. It's long as the average story mission without any LORE bombs, we never get to the fireworks factory, there's no boss fight, no unique rewards, no fun mechanic that I'm going to try for the challenge or the sheer hell of it, and no Kuva. That takes me back! This reminds me of a story. A long time ago, a young fluffy bought Destiny 1 and was annoyed at Vault of Glass not having matchmaking. And he wished he could just go find some randoms. Of course, he later did at one point, just blundering into one team's attempt to do it. This team was full of kontgesigs, but that's all beside the point. One day... one day... he got the Thorn bounty. He finally caved, did some work after many disastrous solo attempts (they weren't as fun as they sound) and just went and used an LFG function to get the thing. And it turned out that working with non-randoms who had a common goal beyond "succeed at mission" and coordinating to keep Phogoth alive long enough to kill the unique enemy that you needed to kill to drop Thorn was a great experience. Then - coincidentally at the same time Destiny added the reforging system and guns like the Matador 64 and Party Crasher started ruling the close-range meta, which was awesome - he had some of the best times of his life thanks to the two randoms who helped him get Thorn. He even got 41 kills in a single match thanks to Thorn. That was awesome. The lesson here is that sometimes, you have to put the players in a situation where they have to come together for a challenge.
  3. ...that's an idea. I wonder what could be done with a hardlight-based frame.
  4. I'm begging you, please keep these backed up. This happens spookily often to you.
  5. ...I swear, I didn't look at this when I was making the Spectacor XD All that said, I love the idea of a shotgun where you can control spread sizes. That would have a lot of utility in this game! That's absolutely worth considering.
  6. I do hope this doesn't mean you found the really questionable stuff! The thing I love about that game is that I have literally never seen anything quite like how its guns work. There's so many weapons that are nigh-inseparable from how characters' abilities work, and are basically second or even third abilities. There's a lot that honestly feel less like guns and more like they fill the roles of special moves in fighting games, (I'm not including some of Valeria's guns in the stuff I inevitably export here) and a lot of surprisingly versatile ideas that feel like they'd totally work here. Like, the Pepper Pot (Incredible crit, encourages moving? That is so Warframe!) or the KLT-13 pistol (...pace your shots to silence them? That's genius).
  7. Tenno ‘Makina’ Revolver "This sleek, streamlined Tenno revolver cuts through crowds with ease, causing massive explosions on headshots.” The Makina was created during a strange transitional period for the Orokin. It was as the Orokin were at something close to the height of their power… but there were some things fraying, all the same. The Archimedean who created it had the time and resources to stylize it so, and to give this revolver its unique powers, but they were never able to make a Primed version. As was common. They saw the pressure to create a weapon without the gold accents and stylization as a unique challenge, never really questioning it. That would change eventually. Using an electroencephalographic process similar to the Tollen marksman carbine, the Makina causes deadly explosions on headshots, which can cause up to two status effects per shot. While not possessing the one-shot devastation of the Depezador, the burst damage of the Pandero, the subtlety of the Naga, or the raw power of the Estampida, the Makina’s ability to control crowds and rip through Infested hordes allowed it to stand on near-equal ground with each of those weapons. It uses a unique barrel that magnetically accelerates (and irradiates) its bullets, giving it considerable amounts of radiation damage. In fact, it’s possible - not likely, but possible - to turn crowds of enemies against each other with a single headshot from the Makina. The cylinder springs out at a 45 degree angle to the main frame of the revolver, much like a Russian OTS-38. stats Trigger: Semi Magazine: 7 Damage: 73 26 Radiation 22 Impact 16 Puncture 9 Slash Fire Rate: 9.2 Critical Chance: 19% Critical Multiplier: 2.2x Status Chance: 28% Blast Radius: 3.2m Reload Time: 2s Special Traits: +40% headshot damage Releases bonus damage equal to 80% of total headshot damage in a 3.2m radius as radiation damage. This does not mean headshots do quadruple damage against directly impacted enemies thanks to the explosion. That would be silly. Artist Notes: Alright. Full disclosure, Warframe’s numbers are so… odd… that I genuinely wouldn’t have much of an idea of what to do here. This… probably does less damage than the Pandero, taking into account the Pandero’s extra crit, but this has better status. It has crit capabilities slightly below the regular Vasto, below the Depezador, The original idea for this was a regular explosive revolver, but Spacelords happened. And I found that they have this one semi auto rifle that causes explosive damage on headshots. That was perfect as a revolver. The design here is inspired mostly by classic rayguns! There’s some incidental similarities to Jakobs revolvers from Borderlands 3, but there’s a reason for that - I was taking some inspiration from percussion-cap revolvers, and I tried to smooth it over and found a raygun-like silhouette. I just decided to roll with it.
  8. Dood, I have seen American english speakers that didn't type in english nearly as well. You, you're perfectly fine. Just believe in yourself. Believe in all of us who believe in you! Will there be any dual-tube shotguns? I feel lonely being the only dood on the forums that goes into such esoteric shotgun territory.
  9. It's weird, isn't it? Like, originally you just want to supplement the arsenal. So you start adding in things that fill niches, add cool gimmicks from other games, or just import fun design features from real life, like the AN-94's hyperburst or a LeMat's shotgun barrel, or literally everything about the Neostead. It will never not be funny how little work I had to do to import it here. And then before you know it, you've got enough weaponry that it could maybe be the arsenal of a completely separate game in the vein of Warframe, though it has a few gaps here and there. And then you start feeling like you have to add in some more "Normal" stuff to fill in its gaps, which is ironically the exact opposite of the path that DE took. Anyway, mentioning the Neophytou reminded me of something. Did you know my original concept for the Neophytou was a Grineer gun? I'd seriously recommend taking some inspiration from the Neostead for Strength to Everyone. Or, well, if you want to keep it distinct, look at stuff like the Kel-tec KSG, the UTAS-15, or the Winter SWATriplex. There is rich ground in dual-toob shotgun designs in Warframe, and I think I am the only one that's gone there so far.
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