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  1. Huh. I guess it is a melta pistol. Never thought of it that way! Wouldn't define it as a consumer product - it's meant to be commemorative. Like this stuff! While I was making the Bellatrix, I was struck by how some of the boxier pistols I found (like the Artemis Golden Pistol from Prey 2017) could look Corpus, and thought it'd be a fun idea. Yup! In this case, it's to try and break some new ground when it comes to beam pistols. Originally, this was meant to be a status machine because that just works really well with beams, but - while I was mulling over trying to balance it, well... My thought process was sort of like this: I was considering giving it a similar damage profile to the Synapse, but, well, with how pistol crit is, it just didn't seem like a good idea. Which is funny cause I'm never actually sure what to do with fire rate on beams XD. Normally I just use the values from some other beam and roll with it. Since it has such high crit, and it's also an explosive weapon, it seemed like a good idea to add a limit or two or three. Like... well, the ammo limit. It's the amount of reserve ammo. Since I was going for "A Thousand Voices from Destiny, but in pistol form" it felt like a good idea to give it less reserve ammo than usual. Huh. I can see the similarities! Don't even trip, dawg! Life is like that sometimes. I'm just glad to hear from you again. I also kinda hope to see what you think of some of the other weapons I've released recently!
  2. Grineer 'Straug' Auto-Burst rifle “Hammer into enemies with this high-status Grineer rifle.” Trigger: Auto-Burst Burst Count: 3 Magazine: 66 Fire Rate: 9.5 Damage: 37 Impact - 17 Slash - 14 Puncture - 6 Status Chance: 30% Critical Chance: 16% Critical Multiplier: 2.0x Reload: 2s Noise Level: Alarming Special Traits Targeting Scope: Aim down sights to highlight enemies… and tap alt fire to use a scope. Which actually highlights enemies! (NOTE: This does not actually affect crit or damage. At all.) Lore: A rifle that automatically fires three-round bursts from a 66-round magazine. The high volume of fire allows it to stagger targets, easily hammering into them with status. The Straug was by the Earth-based Tavar Production Zone, as a commission from Grineer invasion forces deployed planetside and into Corpus gas cities - they needed something reliable, portable, and capable of high volume of fire. Something that could knock the wind out of Corpus proxies - or, indeed, even Tenno. That last one was derided as nigh-impossible for a simple assault rifle, but Tavar gave it their best attempt. While searching through fragmented Uranus archives, Tavar’s agents happened on the Somin - a rifle that used an auto-burst system to fling as many rounds as possible into the same area. After stripping out many of the more complicated mechanisms, such as the spooling, (This was, however, at the cost of lower fire rate) the Straug was the end result. Grineer have reported that results against Tenno were “very satisfying,” and at least one regiment credits this weapon with blocking a Tenno from stealing important data. As the rounds are much slower and heavier than those of other weapons, it does not have punch-through. It takes until the second burst fired for the recoil to really start acting up, so a slow, measured trigger finger can work wonders. It’s good at all ranges! Artist Notes: As heavily inspired by both the Steyr AUG… (of course) and the Versia Tavor prototype. And probably the ABR from Black Ops 4. Honestly? The auto burst gimmick was sort of incidental here. I just wanted to make a Grineer Steyr AUG, because… well, I like the Steyr AUG. And I was looking at this one Tavor prototype, and I thought “Well, hell, why not?” I didn’t even know this was going to be status-focused at first. But, well, I’d made the Somin already, and that was already my requisite crit auto-burst gun, so this just made sense. I felt like auto burst was a great way to apply status, so… auto-burst it was! That said? I still gave it… okayish crit. Nothing to build for, mind, but nothing that’s not worth building. I’ve noticed that with a lot of Warframe’s recent status guns - the Exergis, Phantasma, Cyanex - there’s sort of an “all or nothing” feel when it comes to how much crit compared to status they have. As in, so little crit that even rivens probably can’t save it. So, I’m trying to do something a little different there. Maybe this isn’t as off-the-wall as a lot of other things I’ve done, but… well, maybe sometimes an assault rifle can just… be an assault rifle. And I feel like since this is a Grineer weapon, that just works.
  3. Do you need any writing help then? Or help backing it up? Because I can do both of those. ...I mean, I won't be able to recover it (probably) but I can find ways to make it easier to back up.
  4. Coming soon! Since the Somin was so crit-focused, the Straug will be much more status-focused. You'll be able to apply status like crazy! It'll have just okayish crit, though. Nothing to specifically build for, but you can. Y'know. If you want.
  5. I said your texturing work had improved before, but damn everything of the version 2 Ferrolyst is an astounding leap in quality. You're awesome at this.
  6. I have a small art dump with some Arca weapons coming up soon. The sniper rifle is very hard to name...
  7. ...ah BALLS I kept getting them confused! MY BAD Thanks for catching that, dood. But anyway what'd you think of this?
  8. “Ornate laser fusion pistol was given to Corpus industrialists as a reward for service to the Orokin Empire. Hold down the trigger to release a beam that uses radiation to superheat targets.” --Codex Trigger: Charge-continuous Charge Time: 0.2s Critical Chance: 28% Critical Multiplier: 2.3x Status Chance: 20% Fire Rate: 8 Damage: 25 Radiation: 13 Heat: 4 Slash 8 Magazine Size: 50 Ammo Limit: 125 Reload: 1.5s Range Limit - 40m NOTE: Damage ramps up from 40% to 100% over 0.5 seconds when firing. Special Traits: Fusion Blast: Chance to cause 2.5m explosions at point of impact once per ammo unit expended. Explosion chance (and damage) increases the longer you hold down the trigger. This also sets a small patch of ground on fire for 2 seconds. Superhot: (MOST INNOVATIVE SHOOTER) Enemies explode on death, dealing heat damage in a 3m radius. Lore Despite how the Temple of Profit and traditional Corpus oral history revere the Orokin, the truth of the matter is: The Orokin and the industrialists that would soon become the Corpus were at each other’s throats more often than not. Corpus who couldn’t fight the Orokin militarily instead resorted to slighting them economically, overcharging them for necessities and flaunting their wealth to show themselves as competition. In return, Orokin would send Tenno to cull the ranks of Industrialists who became too comfortable with their new status. Yet, there were some relationships that were not antagonistic. Some Industrialists gave their all to the preservation of the Orokin Empire, churning out design after design for Tenno and Zero-Techs. The Fidelias honestly could have been a product of either of these. On the one hand: It’s a pistol that blends Corpus energy weapon technology with Orokin sensibilities, a stunning ornamental piece that commands attention. On the other hand, it is an energy weapon - exactly the kind of high-tech device the Sentients could trivially subvert. However, records found in an ancient cache on Himalia claim that the Fidelias is designed based on Tower-spec Orokin defenses, made specifically for use against Sentients. Indeed, the Fidelias has been observed to show a number of similarities to Orokin Death Orbs, such as radiation damage. Of course, as it’s hooked up to a much smaller power source, it very much trades power for portability. It reloads by placing a battery against the rear of the receiver, similar to the Grineer ‘Scrabba’ EMP pistol. Notably, Adren Moyotl - one of the oldest members of the Corpus Board, old enough to remember the Bad Old Days after the Orokin fell - has one in his possession. Acquisition: Can only be acquired from rare Axi relics only obtained on Ganymede. Artist Notes: Originally, I planned for the trigger to be some horrible burst-continuous-charge thing. But it was hard for me to describe as a single trigger type, and harder to truly imagine. And if I couldn’t imagine it being easy to describe, then I couldn’t imagine using it. Thus, it failed my own metrics. As such, I cut that down, and the result was something that’s basically Whisper Of The Worm One Thousand Voices in pistol form. Originally, this was intended as a commemorative gift for Corpus industrialists - and maybe it still, in fact, is - but as it is an energy weapon, it was hard not to wonder if there was some hidden slight towards the Corpus in there.
  9. Since I'm here (and being tagged), I just have one question - is there a way I can work in the Tarvoss as a reward in here somewhere? (EDIT: in hindsight, sorry if that was too forward. )
  10. Veneine: How It Works 2 Electric Boogaloo Here's an animated version of how the Veneine's reload works! Neat, huh? Also, I totally forgot that the barrel of the Johnson Rifle recoils (I forgot to mention that...) and the Veneine.... well, if it does, I never thought of it and I don't think we'd be able to tell. I'm not making the muzzle brake recoil. That's not a good idea. I guess that's just something we'll have to live with. Oh well, it was never exactly going to be a 1:1 recreation. Besides, I already have two assault rifles with recoiling barrels. (Did you know the Somin and Avakan series have those? Fun stuff)
  11. Also, I removed the combo mechanics from the Ostium and Zenban. I didn't think they needed it anymore, with how much I buffed the damage recently.
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