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  1. It's how I met my first girlfriend. If that doesn't prove the answer can be yes, I don't know what does. Don't even trip, dawg. Hope you're doing okay.
  2. Huh. I've never seen that before. It's actually got more in common with this thing, the PLASMA BURNER! I'm not sure what'd make it feel that different from a flamethrower if you used it, but... it's a flamethrower! That uses plasma! And that's cool.
  3. Entrati 'Sati' Plasma Flamethrower Pistol “When you’re dealing with Infested, you kill it with fire. When that doesn’t work, use more fire. Of course, sometimes your longarm just isn’t built that way. And who heard of carrying two flamethrowers at once? So this thing should be an ideal backup for when you’re carrying an assault rifle and just really need to burn something down to the molecular level. Use the Siphon launcher, and you’ll barely need to refuel it.” Father Special Traits: Heat Wave - on impact with hard surfaces (including revamped Grineer shields) it releases a 3m
  4. So that's what the difference is! I had wondered. I knew it was made by dragon cultists, but I didn't know that's how it worked. Huh. I bet they worshiped the Void Dragon. Maybe they were some kind of Admech "cousin" cult or offshoot. Don't even trip, dawg, it happens. I've been getting into Remnant From the Ashes, Killing Floor, and a lot of other stuff lately. Oh, and lots of Remedy games. Love Alan Wake. So much. While we're on it though, if there is any 40k weapon you want me to import here... let me know. I will be happy to do so. In hindsight that onl
  5. mood. Doesn't help how many guns have very similar names. Like there's three guns called the Blast Pistol. Two of which are human energy weapons that look vaguely like revolvers. (this is the only good picture I could find of the second one) There's also a couple weapons called Calivers, a bunch of vaguely general terms like "blaster" thrown around, I'm not really sure what the difference is between an infernus pistol and inferno pistol is, and there's a surprising amount of "x but not really" weapons in there. And there's also stuff like Mortarion's pistol and the Imm
  6. Nah, it's definitely an Inferno pistol. At least according to lexicanum and the 40k wiki. And a dark heresy sourcebook I semilegally read once. And the witch hunter models I found while googling. It even says so in the lower right corner! Unless someone writing that codex drastically made a mistake. Though ironically, the pistol I'm making also takes more inspiration from both plasma pistols (cause, well. Plasma Burner) and Mortarion's gun. This will not be the first or last time Mortarion's gun appears (I took some inspiration while making the Depezador's 2020 rework)
  7. Is it? Huh. I would've thought it was more similar to something that did hybrid damage from Dust 514. Then again, I never actually played Dust 514 so that's probably not a good example. ...That's a cool gimmick. I always thought of that as the devs trying to imitate Tediore =D. I figure, well... Throwing your gun and getting a new one is so identifiable as a Borderlands thing that they didn't feel comfortable just... doing it, so they decided to make a gun that caters to that playstyle.
  8. True that. There's also the Infernus Pistol. And the Blast Pistol - 40k has three weapons called the Blast Pistol, two of which are archeotech that looks noticeably like a revolver. Except one of them is a laser, the other shoots Super White Phosphorus. And the Inferno meltapistol. Is it this thing? Or does it just look like a regular old meltapistol? I'unno. Thankfully, the Plasma Burner is actually very easy to explain! Instead of an area-of-effect explosive weapon tahat shoots spheres of burning death, (I think?) it's kind of like flamer because it has a canister of fuel
  9. Eh, the Cenotaph already has that covered. Plus, it'll behave more like a plasma weapon.
  10. Update: I have made a very, very early mockup of the plasma flamethrower pistol. The proportions are, not to put too fine a point on it, screwed. it's inspired by the Plasma Burner from 40k (which, again, is a plasma flamethrower) and the Van Saar melta-laspistol. The gauges on the Plasma Burner were just angled slightly because... well, this way they'll be easier to see. It'll be bulkier, but then this thing will already be so bulky it doesn't matter that much lol The siphon altfire will incorporate some way to regain ammo on hits and kills. Cause when I think about it
  11. some of you may be wondering how I come up with all this stuff. The answer is simple: I drank too much corona while underage and it did unthinkable things to my mind and body.
  12. Not quite lol. It's more.... it shoots a plasmor projectile in an arc that has nigh-unlimited enemy punch-through. Then when it hits the floor, it explodes. Also aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen to that brotha. To this day I'm not actually sure how a meltagun fires. To quote 1d4chan on this one: Funnily enough, the one from Space Marine videogame actually has a lot in common with a Plasmor. But they make it sort of a Power Weapon in the vein of picking up a Boomshot from a Boomer in Gears of War for a bit. Honestly, I'm guessing there's two reasons they did it this way:
  13. Hol up. A thought occurs. What would be an interesting siphon effect to you in that case? I ask cause I have... one or two more Entrati guns planned. One of them is... a flamethrower that's essentially a Volkite weapon, the siphon altfire is like a combination of a Plasmor blast and a grenade (it'll be a huge headache to explain). The other one is a plasma flamethrower pistol. And I just wonder how to make siphon on that interesting.
  14. I'm glad you think it's cool! Admittedly, you could also build it for viral and fire, meaning it's a little more predictable... but really, where's the fun in that? Thanks so much =D It was... extremely taxing to draw, but so much fun. I just had fun making something so huge and brutal. Glad you like the story, and glad you like that the siphon effect. There's not as much focus on the relationship between Father and Haruka as last time, and not as much focus on character, so I'm... happy. I'm very happy and thankful. Also, it's worth mentioning that the Sepulcrum'
  15. “Cenotaph” Semiautomatic Cannon Entrati semiautomatic cannon that fires cryobaric micromissiles. Radial explosion does guaranteed cold damage.” --Codex Special Traits: Frostbite Rounds - radial attack has guaranteed cold damage. Charge Trigger - hold down the trigger of primary fire to increase blast radius, damage, and speed of projectiles. Lore “We built it as an anti-Infested gun, but it works well enough as anti-everything. This baby can fit so many damage types in it.” --Father, when buying the blueprint Probably the closest thing to an anti-Infested sniper ri
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