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  1. Are you sure about that? What if I put heat damage on a Zakti? Though all honesty, having gas on impact wasn't that important, the original plan was "heat on impact, gas radially" And yes, it was very inspired by alien guns from Borderlands 3! The basic idea was just "add alien barrel to Death Guard plasma gun."
  2. Tenno 'Vulkan' Incendiary Heavy Pistol “A overcomplicated, oversized, overbuilt pistol built after an ancient Mars design, chambered for large-caliber incendiary rounds that always ignite on impact. Its high weight and complexity make recoil negligible, but gives it a slightly slower reload and fire rate.” Codex Lore "There's perks to being friends with the Tenno who makes big revolvers. But sometimes, you just gotta knock things to the floor and set them on fire." --Tenno Ginebra Historians among the Corpus, Vorii, Ganymedeans, and SIF differ on the origins of this heavy semiautomatic pistol. Either it’s a relic of an ancient Martian civilization looted from bunkers in the deepest caverns of Mars. Or the pistol was called the Mars. Either or. It’s a relic from the early days of Orokin firearms engineering, when they were attempting to rediscover the lost science of firearms engineering, long since dismissed by the Orokin as something for primitives who they could just use as raw materials. As a result, pretty much everything about it tends towards the words “huge,” “over,” and “massive.” It’s a mess of mechanical complexity, built with a mechanism perhaps a bit more suited to a rifle, chambered for rounds that would fit better in a revolver, with a barrel that makes it as long as (if not longer than!) some of the revolvers created by Haruka Lorne. And it’s heavy. Really, really heavy. Despite its weight, it has noticeable recoil. At least one Orokin firearms expert once compared it to firing a cinderblock. Experience bears out this opinion. According to legend, the Tenno Ginebra once used it as a club in a melee with Sentients, keeping pace with her fellow Tenno… only to realize that she’d forgotten to unsheathe her Nikana and had just been using a pistol as a mace. It did surprisingly well. At one point, it was the most powerful pistol in the Orokin arsenal, firing rounds outstripping even some revolvers of the time. Then the Lex series - which was simpler in operation, better against armor, and more powerful - was rediscovered by the Orokin from ancient designs predating them, used by colonists. Then it was rebuilt into the Lex Prime. And then Haruka Lorne managed to fit ammo that rivaled if not outright beat it for raw power into revolvers such as the Naga, Depezador, and Estampida. And Father built the Sepulcrum. And the Largo was invented, serving as a lighter, faster weapon with truly breathtaking crit. And at some point in the distant future, the Ganymedeans invented the Hiro, which - while firing slower rounds - could carry a larger payload. The Vulkan is, to put it lightly, past its prime. However: it has one advantage. And that’s the fact that its rounds always deal heat damage on direct hits. In addition, Its ammo can be switched from “penetrator” rounds to explosives. As with the Elysium assault cannon, which uses a similar mechanism, penetrator rounds travel faster while explosives are slower but do slightly more damage. As a result, the Vulkan is a favorite among both collectors and Tenno who really, really like setting things on fire and beating them to death with cinderblocks, such as Haruka Lorne’s friend Ginebra. Unlike most weapons with a guaranteed status effect, the Vulkan has surprisingly good status… and since it has no base heat damage on impact in penetration and explosive mode, only procs, it’s possible to fire corrosive freezing burning rounds. In explosive mode, you can do shenanigans with status. STATS Trigger: Semi Magazine: 10 Reload: 3.1s Fire Rate: 1.4 Non-hitscan Recoil: Medium Primary Fire (Penetrator) Damage: 80 36 Impact 16 Puncture 28 Slash Guaranteed Heat Proc Non-Hitscan Status Chance: 20% Critical Chance: 24% Critical Multiplier: 2.2x Punch-Through: 0.5m Secondary Fire Total Damage: 92 On Impact: Damage: 40 18 Impact 8 Puncture 14 Slash Guaranteed Heat Proc Non-Hitscan Status Chance: 24% Critical Chance: 20% Critical Multiplier: 2.2x On Impact: Radial: Damage: 52 24 Heat 16 Impact 12 Slash Non-Hitscan Status Chance: 24% Critical Chance: 20% Critical Multiplier: 2.2x Blast Radius: 2m Artist Notes: Buried somewhere in one of my sketchpads or somewhere was an idea for some kind of pirate pistol that fired incendiary rounds, built for my (rarely used) faction idea, the Scum. The plan was that they were a network of criminals, drug addicts, sadists, and outcasts too repulsive even for Grineer society, who used stealth technology, along with homemade inventions. They’d be not unlike the Angel Cartel from EVE Online, using bootlegged ancient technology and arming it with modern-built grineer-made slugthrowers. The Elysium from awhile back was something they commonly used (I like improvised guns. They’re funny) and the original idea for the Vulkan was that it would be a homemade gun built by the Scum inspired by the Gabbett Fairfax Mars. That was a #*!%ing mistake. Because the more I learned about the Gabbett Fairfax Mars, the… okay, just go watch this animation of how it works. Or go watch the forgottenweapons video. You follow a guy whose output on deviantart is like 81% gun, I’m guessing you watch forgottenweapons. But if you don’t know, the Gabbett Fairfax Mars is a baroque, hilariously overcomplicated, oversized, over-everything semiauto pistol that is essentially an artillery piece scaled down to the point that it can fire a round not unlike .45 Winchester Magnum. If these dirt-poor pirates I was coming up with were making a homemade pistol, it’d probably look more like a glock, or a 1911, but hideous. I’ve got a workable drawing along those lines somewhere. So naturally I gave it to the Tenno. I also took a little inspiration from the Automag from The Outer Worlds - the slide and barrel and the wooden not-quite-handguard are references to that. I also planned on giving it the not-quite-a-gas tube from that pistol, but I just… I don’t know, I wasn’t feeling it. I liked the dramatic, top-heavy curve of its silhouette, so that had to go. The Automag is, I am convinced, someone translating the Volcanic Repeater pistol into a “modern” semiauto, So the name ‘vulkan’ is sort of a joke on that, as is the fact that its rounds basically double as minirockets. Part of me wants to give this thing damage rivaling the (Ak)lex Prime, but if I was doing that, I’d have to remove the guaranteed heat proc, and it’s for the best if I keep the Lex Prime, Sepulcrum, and Estampida as the ceiling of pistol damage. Warframe has… pretty bad powercreep. Did you know that at one point, a single Vasto was “a good pistol” ? And now I have an AkVasto Prime with a bullS#&$ riven that gave it 97% status and 8.2x crit, secondary deadhead, and Galvanized Diffusion. Fun times.
  3. It's like the perfect ranged weapon for the Sentient A E S T H E T I C. Speaking of the A E S T H E T I C, I also went and screencapped a lot of the concept art. Especially War. The idea of Sentients that can assimilate frames is pretty unsettling, I will admit.
  4. At some point, there may be some more vaulter art. As for Tennocon art... well, I'm really looking forward to more Sentient stuff. I KNEW there'd be a Sentient bow at some point!
  5. Infested 'Emesis' Bioplasma Launcher “This Infested launcher weapon was imperfectly reconstructed by the Entrati, using debris and computer data found in the Vaulter ruins. It launches three bioplasma spheres that explode on impact, releasing deadly gas damage radially. The more enemies caught in the blast radius, the more damage it does!” Lore Special Traits: Concentrator - aiming down sights for one second will increase the damage and blast radius of the next burst fired. Codex: Precious few relics survive from the days before the Orokin, and even less knowledge survives from that era. The Emesis is one such relic… in a sense. It is a three-round burst bioplasma launcher that explodes on impact, releasing deadly superheated gas upon impact. Due to peculiarities with how gas damage works, this weapon can do more damage for each enemy caught in the blast radius. With heat and gas, it’s capable of slowly disintegrating and burning crowds of Infested all at once. Its high crit gives it massive damage potential. It’s worth mentioning that it’s probably best if it’s not built with three elemental mods - the best option here is a standard crit/viral build. Possibly with Firestorm for blast radius, or Hammer Shot for extra crit and status. Zooming in for a short period of time will increase damage and blast radius by a small amount. Those unfamiliar with the Emesis assume it’s a relic warped by the Infestation on Deimos like the Enferon shotgun. That’s not… entirely true. Father Entrati acquired this weapon from ruins belonging to a people that the Orokin referred to as the Vaulters. It had been dumped, soon to be consumed and reconstituted by the technocyte Maws for raw materials. It was against Orokin law to work with Vaulter science or knowledge, but then…. It was Father. Few would go against his authority. The sheer level of naked contempt the Orokin had for the Vaulters remains one of the most puzzling facets of the Orokin Empire. While they hated the Bidanians, the unyielding hatred they had for the Vaulters goes above and beyond their aggression towards any other group. They lived a primitive existence in ancient catacombs beneath the surfaces of moons and asteroids, maintaining ancient banks of computers and books, clone wombs, and stockpiling ancient weapons of their own design. Not unlike the Esha, Oeizu, and Bidanian Theists, they claimed knowledge of the world before the Orokin. But where these three ethnic groups had a heavily mythologized understanding, with the Bidanians filtering this knowledge through millennia of religious tradition that held their God (or Gods) as being above the Orokin, the Vaulters had actual records and histories. And so as bad as the Bidanians had it, the Vaulters had it worse. Their culture was so thoroughly murdered by the Orokin that even their name even goes unremembered. Their technologies, their culture, their art and literature, all was destroyed by the Orokin with extreme prejudice. Vaulter children were forcibly inducted into residential schools where their culture was physically and mentally beaten out of them, and then they were presented back to their parents seemingly to rub salt in the wound. Vaulters were often impaled or tied to sculpture they’d built and then liquefied, or used in dread experiments forgotten by history. Some fringe scientists among the Corpus say that various animals, such as the Desert Skates or perhaps Kubrow, were created from Vaulter bodies. Some of them even say the Vaulters were alive and conscious as it happened. (Author’s note: This is easily one of the most horrible things I’ve written in my fanlore. Good Lord. I may need to pray.) Then, one day, Father Entrati managed to get his hands on some ancient Vaulter computers, acquired... extremely legally and without any bribery or shotgun-measuring. In his words: “What we did was plug a Vaulter computer and an Orokin one into a Grimnebulin flesh adapter - gross little thing, just a ball of red, with weeping green sores with a little outlet poking out. You have to keep it in a refrigerator. So what we did with this monstrosity was feed designs from Vaulters into a modified Helminth unit we'd attached to a forge. This thing came out. It's some kind of bioplasma launcher. I don't know everything about how it works. Not yet anyway. But my guess is, it's some kind of anti-synthetic weapon that the Infestation attempted to reconstruct. Since it doesn't have the plasma cells the Vaulters did, it created an organ that synthesizes bioplasma and mimics the functionality of the original one. If I could rebuild the original version, if I had some intact versions that weren’t eaten by the Infested, I'd have a near-perfect anti-Sentient weapon. Almost makes you wonder why the Orokin Empire is so keen on burying its past. The more you learn, the more lessons you wish they'd take from it." --Father Entrati STATS On Impact: Radial: Artist Notes As heavily inspired by Warhammer 40k! The general shape of this is basically the alien barrel from Borderlands 3, grafted onto a Death Guard plasma gun model, which... I mean... come on. look. We all see it, right? It's not just me? Course it's not. The "Concentrator" function was inspired by the Concentrator from necromunda hired gun. This charges up a plasma gun, graviton gun, or lasgun For Massive Damage and adds a blast radius. I have... issues with Hired Gun. The movement feels more jank than Titanfall 2, and we don't get a grav pistol. Or meltagun. Or flamethrower, or rivet gun. BUT ...I will admit, that was a pretty fun addition. Especially for the grav gun.
  6. Thank you! I figured what I needed was not more assault rifle, or something normal.... but to go make something Infested. Something truly bizarre. It's inspired by Death Guard plasma guns, which... you see it too, right? It's not just me? So because of that, I'm planning on this being a high-explosive, slow, powerful crowd-control machine. Any thoughts on some of the more recent stuff I've made?
  7. I know I said the next thing I did would be an assault rifle. That was a lie. (Except not really because I said one of the next two.)
  8. SIF ‘Killjoy’ grenade launcher “A concealable, hip-holstered grenade launcher common to rebels in Corpus and Grineer space. Explosions fling superheated shrapnel in all directions.” Lore The most concealable explosive launcher in the Origin System… Which isn’t saying much, when you consider that it is almost, but not quite the size of an Angstrum. And when you consider how little the Tenno care about concealment. But across the Origin System, for the SIF, Solaris United, and Level Dawn fighters who use it, many of whom predate the Tenno awakening, this is nonetheless an important characteristic. With its short, stubby profile and folding stock, it can easily be concealed under standard Solaris coats. It comes with an aiming module that accurately predicts the arc of the projectile, using a laser connected to an augmented human’s target overlays. It reloads through a system not unlike the Grineer Zarr, using superimposed loads forced down the barrel, activated through a small electrical shock and eliminating the need for things like a complex firing mechanism, a magazine, or extra barrels. As is typical for SIF weapons, it’s designed to blow people up from the inside, cause massive internal bleeding, or both. It fires ‘frak’ shells which explode into a spray of superheated shrapnel, punching through enemies. While this version’s grenades are of limited use against Corpus, Sentients, and less-common targets, other munitions such as EMP grenades are commonly sold in SIF territory, on Ganymede, and for Solaris United black markets. You can visit NPCs such as the SIF Gunsmith, or Rude Zuud to do so! Stats Artist Notes Hoo bwoy, I just lost energy midway through making this. I don’t know why, but I just… felt like I had to keep forcing myself through it. It’s not like I don’t enjoy making firearms, but maybe I just feel like I’m getting samey? Maybe I’m doing too much crowd control? I don’t know. Next thing I do here (or one of the next two) is gonna be something more normal, or maybe a Warframe, I don’t know. If it’s a gun, it won’t have guaranteed status procs, area of effect, or anything like that. It might have some kind of headshot gimmick, because I need to encourage precision for high damage somehow and just adding Big Damage isn’t that interesting. I’m also never really sure how to do Big Damage? Or maybe I’ll just post a normal assault rifle. Who knows. This was also heavily inspired by the shotgun from Half-Life: Alyx.
  9. Huh. I managed to predict the Kuva Hek's functionality. That's funny. Even the falloff stats aren't that far off.
  10. I went and looked over the Harpitrixes and... that is spookily accurate. Always weird when that happens, huh? Makes a dood wonder if they could get hired by DE if we're on the same wave as them so often... (I may have accidentally predicted the Cedo lol. Among other things.)
  11. Minor Somesha Stat Rework: As I came up with yet another Tenno autoshotgun idea this morning, I went and reworked the Somesha to make the new shotgun's niche more clear. I changed up the secondary ammo type so it could still be the only auto-spool shotgun, and I also added some falloff stats. And changed the status. It now does a nice (haha meme number) amount of status when combining all pellets. Fun fact: A Somesha Prime would just trade some puncture and impact for extra heat damage for That Build you wanted, and have an extended 32-round mag. And probably some perk maintaining accuracy after kills or sustained damage, I don't know. Might color that in at some point. I suppose I should give the Grineer a new shotgun at some point.
  12. UPDORT: this special trait has been changed from "heat explosions on headshot kills" to "heat explosions on kill within 3 seconds of headshotting an enemy." I mean, what if you headshot someone, it deals heat procs, and they die from the heat procs, not the headshot? What if I'm playing Saryn and nuke the room?
  13. Tenno 'Jubal' Assault Rifle “This caseless assault rifle, a distant relative of the Avakan rifle, was made as a gift for one of Haruka Lorne’s human lovers, Jubal the Smiler. It acts as, essentially, a larger, automatic version of the [DATA CORRUPTED] revolver, using successive hits to build up ricochets on headshots. It doesn’t have the sheer stopping power of the [DATA CORRUPTED], but it more than makes up for it with volume of fire.” Codex Special Traits +20% Bonus Headshot Damage Smart Choke: Pausing in between shots for up to 0.5 seconds (this is not affected by fire rate mods) while aimed gives the next shot 50% more damage and 20% more headshot damage, for a total of 40% bonus headshot damage Ricochet: Successive hits with this weapon (yes, this includes hitting multiple enemies with punch-through) cause bullets to ricochet to nearby enemies on headshots. The more successive shots you land with this weapon, the more enemies a bullet ricochets towards, for a total of five ricochets. Missing a shot resets the counter. Lore This is essentially a mid-road between assault rifle, LMG, and battle rifle, marrying full auto fire with the precision of a battle rifle. It’s chambered for larger-caliber rounds than the Euston, but it’s caseless so it has a slightly lower rate of fire. Its heavy barrel helps cool it. Using Entrati siphon technology graciously given by the Entrati and an advanced Orokin quantum something-or-other, headshots cause bullets to ricochet to nearby enemies. The more successive shots you land with this weapon, the more enemies a bullet ricochets towards, for a total of five ricochets. Pausing in between shots for up to 0.5 seconds (this is not affected by fire rate mods) while aimed, however, will make the next shot fired deal 50% more damage and 20% more headshot damage, in addition to its already high headshot multiplier. Despite being an automatic weapon, it has deceptively high one-shot potential. Status and crit are equally important on this weapon’s build. While the Jubal has decent crit, it is very good at spreading out status. There’s a number of interesting ways to build it - you can add hunter munitions for a standard crit build, use Primed Shred to build up ricochet charges quickly, or just go for a >100% status build to ensure every enemy in the immediate area is suffering from a deadly virus and also on fire. There’s also the sheer utility and fun-factor of adding on a less-meta damage type like electric and spreading that all over a battlefield. And Dax Jubal used every single one of these combinations to great effect. It became something of a trademark of his during the desperate Ganymede Blitz, an atrocity in which the Sentients wanted nothing so much as the starvation of the entire population of the outer planets. During this atrocity, a surprise offensive so terrible the Orokin seriously considered the concept of “war crimes” once more, the Sentients unleashed a modified Technoyte Infection known as the Melding Plague on the moon, in addition to crop blights and psychotropic warheads. This killed, injured, and mentally destroyed almost four tenths of the moon’s population. During the valiant defense of Ganymede alongside Mad Dax Ori, █████████ and the Tenno Haruka Lorne, Ginebra, Thane, and Yassin, Jubal sustained grievous wounds. He was later taken for “medical examination” by Executor Vondas and never seen again. Vondas was later pinholed to death when a stray shot from a Velocitus punched through a bulkhead while his ship’s shields were inactive. He was then dragged through the bulkhead hole by his butt, being shredded by the edges of the hole. A slurry of blood and bone, starting with his butt, then sprayed outward from the ship. It was a tragic loss… ...to absolutely nobody. He was not missed. Stats Trigger: Auto Magazine: 50 Fire rate: 9.6 Reload: 2.6s Damage: 32 Impact: 16 Slash: 10 Puncture: 6 Critical Chance: 24% Critical Multiplier: 2.4x Status Chance: 32% Punch-Through: 0.8m Artist Notes: Originally, this had a much longer gas tube, but I turned that down for one reason: It just looked too… normal. It looked like by adding glowing lights, it's was like I was just taping greebles to some forgotten WW2-era firearm. Originally this was a companion piece to the last weapon I made, but I changed the gimmick up from "Ricochets on headshots" to "guaranteed heat procs on headshots" because I just... I keep coming up with crowd control gimmicks, and I needed to come up with something better for single-target damage, if only to shake things up. This is inspired heavily by Malcolm Reynolds' pistol (except not made of brass, it's not a Prime weapon) and the heavy Assault Rifle from Outer Worlds. Which reminds me - by moving the gas block back, this looks vaguely like an overstretched and oversized pistol. Neat, huh?
  14. Tenno 'Un Lobito (Guitar Chord!)' revolver “A weapon for Tenno outriders on planets, moons, and orbital habitats that were all but lost to the Orokin empire. Does guaranteed heat procs on headshots.” Special Traits: Hotheaded: Deals guaranteed heat procs on headshots, and adds bonus heat damage to subsequent shots fired after headshots. Releases heat explosions on kills within 3 seconds of headshotting an enemy. Adds 20% bonus heat damage for 4 seconds after a kill. Lore “Haruka Lorne really liked revolvers for some reason. I’m partial to machine pistols or semiautos so I have a fast, fire-and-forget sidearm with a lot of bullets as a backup. But it’s hard not to get curious when your fellow Tenno practically throws revolvers at you.” --Tenno Yassin R______ It’s a Haruka Lorne weapon, and as such it bears the hallmarks of any sidearm she created - lower magazine capacity, and a tendency to encourage both precision and nigh on psychopathic levels of aggression. Unlike many of her weapons, this pistol is much more suited to single-target damage. It only requires one headshot for maximum damage, and body shots aren’t discouraged. Typically, it was used against human targets such as Buyan Alliance, Oeizu, and Esha… and, in the chaos leading up to the Collapse and the Red Orbit, they found their way into the hands of anti-Orokin guerrillas emboldened in the surge of land-grabbing in the immediate aftermath of the Sentient War. It continues to this day. Un Lobito (guitar chord!) revolvers recovered from Tenno stasis caches have been used against Grineer and Infested to great effect. Despite Sentient resistance to status effects, it has surprising utility against them. It is well-loved among Tenno for its accuracy, its comparative ease of use compared to other Hauka Lorne sidearms such as the Depezador and Estampida, its stopping power, its accuracy, and its build flexibility. There’s a lot of status shenanigans a creative Tenno you can pull with this weapon (the first headshot does not have heat damage, only a heat proc, and the heat procs are guaranteed regardless of what you built it for, so you can deal 7 status effects with this gun. Maybe not in the same shot. But you can!) and you can manage the rare viral-heat-radiation unicorn build found on my Kuva Karak. And if you get a riven, you’re not pigeonholed into not adding a second element onto this. You can just have a riven, viral, and leave it at that. It loads with the cylinder pivoting horizontally from the frame at a 45 degree angle, like a Makina or the ancient OTS-38 revolver. Stats: Trigger: Semi Magazine: 8 Fire Rate: 2.6 Reload: 2.2s Damage: 90 42 Puncture 30 Slash 18 Impact Status chance: 18% Critical chance: 33% Critical multiplier: 2.4x ARTIST NOTES: Much like the Makina, this is kind of a nightmare to balance in that there’s such a huge gap between body shot and headshot damage. I needed to make it a little weak by revolver standards on body shots, otherwise the headshot damage would be too high… Originally, this had a totally different effect that was… basically a Jakobs revolver from Borderlands 3 taken to such an illogical extent that it basically became an Amprex in revolver form. I have that written out somewhere, I’m still planning on making that at some point, but I went with this gimmick for one simple reason: ….Coming up with weapons in Warframe meant (mostly) to damage single targets is hard. In Warframe, we’re less focused on how to take down one enemy than, say, Borderlands or Destiny 2. Enemies in warfarme are more horde mode. More fragile. So if I tried to make a weapon for Spacelords (I’m not as big a fan of that one anymore. Sadly. But I still worship Ginebra’s booty) where it practically doubled as a minigame all its own, it’d lead to the question of “why not just pick up an [INSERT GUN HERE] and shoot ‘em?” So I made this thing. I was considering sitting on it for longer but then I was all like "Ehhhhh." Also, the cylinder is based on an Irish flintlock revolver.
  15. The Orokin saw form as being just as important as function. (if not moreso!) So yeah, that sounds absolutely like them. ...There's a reason so many lore entries I make are so willing to take the piss out of them. It would be a cool idea to do that. It's probably for the best if DE doesn't give us stuff like grenade launchers to mount to guns, but I'd be lying if that wasn't intriguing! It would be nice to have a "tap altfire for extra zoom" function on stuff like the Latron or some pistols. That's a lot of what I do, too! Except when I just really want to import something from another game or a real-life design that seems cool. I'd say go with age over popularity. If a frame isn't popular, that means something needs to be seen to. While you're here, any thoughts on some of the most recent stuff?
  16. so remember how the CURSED MOON came about solely because I thought the sentence "I don't know how, but he says it's from the Cursed Moon" sounded cool? Well, now I have another idea. Possibly one for a Leverian.
  17. Entrati 'Ossuaire' Pistol “Entrati weapons were designed for the strongest, most resilient physiques that could be sculpted by Lorists and haemoturges. The Ossuaire is a notable departure from that, being built for Tenno acolytes that had received comparatively few augmentations. Compared to its big brother, the Sepulcrum, it has a lower magazine size and lower damage, but better velocity, reload, and to some extent fire rate. Since it fires a short burst from one barrel instead of two, it’s also a little more accurate. Tap altfire to fire a continuously exploding overcharged burst.” --codex Lore Designed by the three-man team of Haruka Lorne, Father Entrati, and an Orokin by the name of Valdor Aulay, the Ossuaire is as close as the Entrati got to “small” and “portable” and “not large enough to serve as Necramech weaponry.” Which probably says a lot about the It is almost (but not quite) the size of a small SMG or sawed-off shotgun. Almost (but not quite) as powerful. In addition, it’s surprisingly concealable within Orokin robes, and rumor has it that Father used one as his equivalent to a pocket pistol. It’s easy to consider it a custom build of the Sepulcrum, and while it acts like that, it’s design is anything but. Too many features bear little resemblance to that weapon. Which brings us to one question: Is it a good pistol? Yes. Extremely. Despite its lower caliber and magazine size, the speed of its burst and its high overall stats allow it to punch above its weight. It fires a smaller, lower-caliber round than the Sepulcrum, but compensates for this with a higher rate of fire and an extra round in the burst, and greater accuracy. If the Ganymedean ‘Hiro’ pistol is a .51 caliber pistol, the Largo is a 10mm, then this is a 9mm. It has lower velocity than the Largo, but lower recoil… and better armor penetration. The Ossuaire punches into enemies and works better against armor, with more slash than the Sepulcrum. It also has better status. Instead of being loaded with pyrotic explosives, the Ossuaire launches a wave of flaming nano-shrapnel that lacerates unprotected flesh. In Siphon mode, it fires an overcharged burst that explodes every meter it’s traveled, in addition to exploding on impact with enemies. It also has some punch-through, exploding on contact with enemies as it overpenetrates them… but it finally comes to a rest on hard surfaces in an even larger explosion. This made it well-loved among some of the stronger members of the squires of Haruka Lorne’s clan. And even Aulay himself. Aulay would later use it to commit a crime so horrific that the Orokin had no name for it. He was then executed. Hopefully. It was not the first slight the Orokin had delivered to Haruka Lorne. It would not be the last. Father quotes “Haruka, Aulay, and I built this together. Haruka’s squires wanted something that could drop charging Infested or a Noctilyst in a few shots, and her favorite squire Jubal just…. He couldn’t lift a Sepulcrum for the life of him. So the three of this built this pistol for her squires, but mostly him. Haruka made the basic framework, I did most of the legwork, and Aulay did the engraving.” Stats Primary Fire On impact: Radial: Secondary Fire On impact: Radial: Artist Notes: This is… the second time I homaged Gregor Eisenhorn’s pistol. Sort of. I don’t know if the Largo counts, as that is basically a Laugo Arms Alien that shoots explosive rounds because I got bored. Originally it was just going to be a scoped Lex. So, I’ve been reading a lot of Dan Abnett lately, starting with Pariah, finding out some… things. And that’s put me in more of a 40k mood than usual. And I got to thinking about some stuff. Like Eisenhorn’s bolt pistol. And the fact that the Sepulcrum is essentially a bolt pistol. And the fact that if Warframes didn’t have beyond-superhuman strength, they wouldn’t be able to use the Sepulcrum. In fact, in the hands of a Tenno, it’d be ludicrously oversized. So then I got to thinking about Eisenhorn’s bolt pistol. How it has such a unique silhouette. It looks like your typical fun-size assault rifle styled Bolter, but apparently it loads through the pistol grip. And that got me thinking about the idea of a smaller Sepulcrum built for the kind of people that worked alongside Tenno during the Orokin era - something not unlike a Tenno equivalent to chapter serfs. I’m not entirely sure if ‘Haemoturge’ makes sense - but I was looking for something like “bio-thaumaturge,” and including the word ‘thaum’ seemed too outright magical for Warframe. Think of them like an equivalent to Drukhari Haemonculi, except tasked with manipulating the human form.
  18. Corpus ‘Phantomic Projector’ Burst Pistol “A burst fire pistol firing Specter Particles, designed by elite cadres of engineers and scientists selected by Parvos Granum himself. Pace your shots for saturating bursts of Specter Particles. Keep the shot trained on enemies for bursts of saturating death, and kill enemies with it to summon allied Specters to your side.” --Codex Special traits: Target Analysis: Does 25% more damage for each round that hits an enemy. Zooming in reduces recoil after a short period time. Spawns Spectres of enemies killed Lore It’s a simple fact of life in the Origin System - some technology simply cannot be reproduced. Sometimes it can, but the more advanced it is, the more direct ties to the archeotech of the Orokin or Sentients, or even other civilizations, the less likely it is to have a complete understanding of it. Examples include the biomechanical custodial drones found on Deimos and Venus, Fresnels, Kesslers, and other such resources, along with various Prime parts. (This can be circumvented by working with Alad V, but that requires working with Alad V.) This fact of life was upended with the return of Parvos Granum, who soon instituted what he called the Granum New Deal. He started by coming to Corpus academies personally, selecting fringe scientists and young hotheads who hadn’t been taken in by the near-cultlike behaviors of Corpus research teams. The goal of this massive shake-up was to reintroduce a number of lost technologies to the Corpus, some of them so forgotten and arcane that they were barely even concepts to the Corpus, and even create new devices by synthesizing Corpus and Orokin tech. The Phantomic Projector particle pistol is one such device. Originally ‘just’ a particle pistol, it was reworked to fire Spectre Particles. This gives the weapon a number of peculiarities, such as an (alleged) ability to kill or copy Oro projections used by the Sentients and Orokin alike, and spawning Spectres on kills. And, strangely, it has noticeable recoil. Due to a target analysis computer similar to that used on the Arca Scisco, the weapon also increases its damage for each successive hit on enemies by 25%, which resets at the end of each burst. Zooming in and pausing between shots will automatically lower the recoil of the next burst fired, giving this weapon the possibility to outdamage even the Sicarus Prime if you manage to level every round with someone’s head. The Sicarus, however, has better fire rate and more consistent crit. For the most possible damage with this weapon, aim for center of mass to “walk” the burst up towards the head. Or just aim for the head, pause, and then do lots of damage. Corpus trusted with this weapon are capable of completely changing the flow of a battle, using it to copy their compatriots… or turn Tenno against Spectres of themselves. However, there’s one price when it comes to being Corpus and using this weapon… and that is being more hated by the Tenno than even nullifiers. As such, Corpus “Ectoplasmatist” troops armed with Spectre weaponry hang back towards the rear of a fight, often flanked by escorts or armed with short-ranged teleports and invisibility, along with a back-mounted Nullifier Grenade launcher. Stats Artist Notes: I… am beginning to think I have a problem on this one. This can rival some of my more powerful revolvers for headshot damage if you zoom in, the Depezador can now outdamage the Estampida after 4-5 headshots (I think?) and I had to scrap a headshot damage bonus on this because it’s… a burst pistol, it’s good for 12 trigger pulls. I’m in a weird mental space with all these powerful pistols. I may need to make some machine pistols to get out of this headspace I’m in XD. This was an old idea - I struggle to come up with weapon ideas for the Corpus for some reason, especially pistols, and a Parvos Granum-inspired gun that somehow uses spectre particles as part of its utility seemed like a cool idea. The charge functionality, by the way, is inspired by the 30-30 repeater from Apex - it increases in power the longer you aim it, this decreases recoil the longer you aim it. Then again, the 30-30 has a questionable rep and people in WF have a tendency to fall back on old standbys that have consistently worked (I mean, I still use Frost Prime and Soma Prime or Strun Wraith) so maybe this wouldn’t be an issue. I think I’m overreacting. ….Only now do I wonder if that would be an interesting idea for a burstfire rifle in Apex. I bet Unus has a pistol design I can use to balance out my lopsided sandbox.
  19. I mean more in the sense that the Orokin had complexity addiction. I get the feeling that a lot of the "simple" designs they were using were just them bruteforcing their way into having a functioning firearm with high tech as opposed to going for simplicity first. Like... have you ever seen a conversion from bolt-action to full-auto or semiauto? (example: The HUOT) I get the feeling a lot of Orokin engineering is like that, with some overengineering for the sake of blinging out the design. Meanwhile as opposed to doing this, the Grineer just make a space AK or Space M4. Even the Orokin Kalashnikov I made awhile back is hilariously overcomplicated! (google AN94 diagram for a look at what the internals probably are XD) It would be a fun addition to some of our shotguns that don't already come with altfires (like, say, the Corinth or Cedo)... Also, the mention of it being hard for non-Grineer to use is a holdover from when I drew this without a stock :P Originally this had no stock, but I just... have such a hard time drawing stockless shotguns. Shotguns have a lot of recoil, and I need to imagine myself believably shouldering and firing this stuff. Really, the fire rate is the core of what this design is about - I wanted something a bit more spammy than most of my semiauto shotguns, but a bit less powerful to compensate. Think of it like a mid-road between something like the Strun Wraith and the Sobek. Was a bit leery of making it seemingly so much more powerful than the Strun Wraith (with a better mag) but I figure the Strun's more consistent crit and status will help with that. Aaaand that's why I have a lot of art and other fics I keep going in the background =D And why I've been playing a lot of Outriders. Speaking of which there's at least two guns I've got planned in the future that are heavily inspired by how Outriders perks work, one of which is an homage to a Double Gun, the other is... more of a hypothetical revolver build than anything. I think I may do that after the next pistol I post. I've already got a revolver lined up and I feel weird about putting it off too much after this.
  20. UPDATED DEPEZADOR PRIME (sort of) Well... sort of. All I really did was stretch it in some places. The next two revolvers have extremely long cylinders, and they're not even shotgun pistols, so it felt silly to give this thing such a short, normal-looking cylinder. This isn't going to go on the front page of the thread, and I already have feedback from @Unus (thanks, Unus!) so it doesn't quite need more attention. If you want stats, they're in this quoteblock below. This is less of an update and more like when that podcast you follow posts a minisode, and like... one that lasts less than five minutes and is mostly just a phone call from one of the characters. The rest of the lore is here. Also, apparently I went against my ethos of keeping the Estampida the most powerful handgun because now the Depezador can outdamage it after five successive headshots. But hey, I figure that so much is going on in WF at any given time that nobody is just going to hit five headshots in a row and never miss ever again. Gonna post another pistol tomorrow!
  21. IDK man. It's hard to say. I added it cause it was the only thing that seemed to apply, and then I couldn't remove it.
  22. It's kind like the Necromonger guns from Ridd1ck... Just with more curves and some influence from a battle pass R99 skin I have. The only question is how I do the next one without making it look too much like something from that movie...
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