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  1. you say "Amalgam" Frames and all I can envision in my head is the hunchback of Notre dame flailing into the battlefield, A butter-faced only a mother could love ungodly creation of flailing death and destruction, which sure. why the hell not right? we need ourselves some truly unfashionable frames for that ugly-Betty build we know you've been dreaming of, melting the faces of the enemy like in raiders of the lost ark.
  2. better yet /wefkedup command a full snapshot of everything that's going on and how things got so jacked up in the first place just had to endure the worst railjack mission to date as a client, ~1,780ms ping spikes. massive desync issues going in and out of ships, ended up at a death screen devoid of ui and no responce from any input. no chat no voice it was a horrible mess that really needed /wefkedup connection and performance testing needed for people to even be able to host any railjack would be a close second if not first
  3. melee fix for arch-gun as client? To clarify. when running as client, popping out arch-gun and removing it has frequently caused melee to outright stop responding to melee inputs if you were to sprint or after like 15 seconds not sure as to why though.
  4. this has always been my go-to for that riven, kuva fortress exterminate or cap. really anything works. and just wack an inactive turret for a bit easy peasy
  5. til you have a rock solid 100+ game hours of grind and effort invested into your railjack, that damned thing is bloody well useless once you've left earth I've just parked it some 20km awak and gone solo in archwing. then you have some idiot pop into the pilotseat and yolo the bloodything into mission failure. being aware of who's doing what is key to not having a bad time, this isn't your GTA game, don't just pop your arse into the seat and drive off into the wild blue yonder. there needs to be a vote flag system for letting the captain know what the crew wishes to do, I hate feeling like a bloody dictator being able to select any node all willy nilly with no input from the crew. and it make you feel like a Richard (suk on that you censoring twits) when you're apart of someone elses crew and they don't even give you time to grab missed resources, just hup ho time to go, up and at'em and away we blow!
  6. 2nd skill is for when you just want the mission overwith with the least bit of hassle 4th ability, is really strong, even more-so with irradiating disarm augment, if energy is managed then you can win most missions with a spam range build around this ability no sweat 3rd ability is for, trolling OR go fast escort missions on Cetus, although some would claim that nova holes are faster now, back in the days of U7-U8 Loki's first ability had forced aggro pull of all enemies on the level no matter where they were, it was one hell of a broken ability back then, put decoy in a crack or under stairs and the enemy would just freeze and do nothing, but now the kit around Loki's first is pretty good with survival using the augment, or when you pair decoy with banish it's very effective, you just need to expand your mind to ways of using these abilities. Loki has been by far the most well balanced and rounded, any changes would be hard to justify, though not ruling the possibility out. just don't be a twit and suggest things you want just because you want them. decoy could gain a percentage of damage reflect +damage% increase shots fired at Loki's decoy have a 80% capped chance of rebounding and doing 2x-?x the damage 3rd ability change would be interesting if you could hold and charge it up into a sort of scramble teleport AOE or group swap with +2-5 energy per additional enemy? radial disarm getting a similar ult akin to nova's MP or mag's magnetize would, maybe be a better change, or it might not. but it's a difficult argument to justify doing any sort of change, changing just for the sake of change, a flashy new paint job and spiffy altered powers, won't change Loki and what the frame is themed around amounts to wasting dev-time trying to fix what's not broken. torn between choices, let the developers do their thing, wait and see, whatever happens, happens.
  7. so, zero noggles for we poor tennos? a noggle of a broke limbo hobo with the typical hobo w/stick handkerchief ratty tophat, torn pants ect. for some of us it's pay rent, buy food and put gas in the car. vs spending ~50 dollars on a single prime wf. we can't all be jeff bezos, no matter how much we wish we could be.
  8. while this is annoying. something in the back of my mind views this as exploitable, just think. grind out enough sorties that you'll inevitably have like 8+ rivens stolen, then while at the riven slot cap. terminate mr. lich and get far beyond your typical allotted riven cap might die of old age by the time you'd manage that though xD
  9. fixes? Main fixes I wish to see are codex scans, being able to link RJ content and a means to get out of UI lockups (especially for captains of the squad, whom need to pick the next mission node, a stuck captain means a mission of nothing for everyone) a 52 minute Railjack mission was borked at the last second when I tried to bored a crewed ship just as they de-spawned and it locked controls and unstuck was worthless. couldn't even press X to hop into own ship after a squad-mate positioned it right in front of me, so yeah. that needs a contingency.
  10. why? why not fix heavy melee going off at random when pulling button combos the first release of the melee 3 update worked wonders. alt fire for heavy melee, and quick attacks, hold F to fully equip, should have stopped there this dual purpose melee has been nothing but annoying pulling heavy attacks at random consuming stacks when you hit nothing. (fix this, if nothing is hit. then don't consume a stack) it'd be more acceptable if you actually killed something but with how that hold button is so damn touchy it goes off with no real consistency, some times after a .25 second delay sometimes a .5 second delay when held. AND sometimes when you try pulling sliding combos into a bullet jump it goes off, I'm more than tired of all the melee buildup just to lose it on a random BS swing that I cannot even disable. how many have misaligned their finger wanting to go forward but end up doing a heavy attack? for the love of all that is holy PLEASE allow that damn key to be rebound or disabled altogether as it is also causing trouble for exploiter orb fights. alt fire throwing containers no-longer worked right and you had to fully equip melee in order to toss the canisters. having said that, do please pace yourselves and keep up the good job,haste causes more troubles then fixes. take time and think things through and play the devils advocate, what might go wrong, will go wrong, given the numbers in the player-base.
  11. You appear to have a narrow asinine understanding of what people are talking about given your "suggestion" by this logic we should also scrap having a Bounty mission for hunts as well, because solo and the like. no, My suggestion is merely in scale in prior issues and how those were handled for the betterment of both sides. keeping in mind that I have no issues with how others play as I'm fully able to disregard or outright leave missions if the desire should arise, this is not about personal choice but is a quality of life for most parties that have loaded into a mission then promptly left squad because things didn't match their interests it wastes time and opportunity for those interested in mutual goals. people go to Cetus to hunt or fish and that led to people griping about people having conflicting goals, and the immediate response was in kind with yours, BUT look at where we are now, there is a bounty alert for something that is subjectively optional, where is your objection to this? so before spouting off nonsense, shut up and think things over for a second or two and weight what is really being said. Being less snarky and more constructive help everyone, yourself included.
  12. FIXES!!!! Edit:: 1.Just went fishing on vallis, that's a new way to hold a fishing spear. 2.might want to think about doing the same thing for vallis fissures as is done for cetus hunts, it's quite annoying to have kids spamming their waypoint markers trying to bully others into doing their thing during free-roam. 3.Guardsman/Prosecutor becoming thralls, one is okish, but when faced with 3-4 they cannot be killed a hard limit of 1 or none would be welcomed.
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