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  1. waiting for more fixes ALSO I really love how ya'll just up and change things about players ships without giving them an option to opt in for them. a great way to spring a couple hours of rearranging decorations that now are all misaligned and floating really feeling the love here. have you fixed ivaras dashwire bug where any globe ally or enemy intersects it, you get tossed off from wire running, even just sitting put and an frost eximus wonders near it'll kick you off A++ go on keep adding more content while neglecting pre-existing long awaiting bugs from
  2. I know ivara's dead sexy but for kavat to break its own neck to check me out, big OOF!
  3. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_Index Before entering the Index, the player initiating the mission must select an Investment amount in Credits that each squad member must pay in order to enter. There are three different investments: Risk Wager Return Profit (at one round) Point Target Low ‍30,000 ‍105,000 ‍75,000 50 Points Medium ‍40,000 ‍175,000 ‍135,000 75 Points High ‍50,000
  4. not many fixes this round eh? I donno maybe review some bugs/glitches?
  5. Glitch/Bug setup- Me as client - Ivara w/ Empowered Quiver augment, placing Dashwire just above ground clearance Host/other player - Nekros with Shadows of the Dead, if there is an -Arctic Eximus- summoned the globe it casts will dislodge you from dashwire when you make contact with it and it's only the globe, have not tested this with frost or an enemy Arctic Eximus. It is highly doubtful that this is intended and is (with effort and luck) reproducible. (EDIT) - Have now confirmed that being dislodged from dashwire also happens with both f
  6. words shapes symbols are created by the mind of mankind. you give purpose reason/intent behind them. take that away from any word and it just becomes nothing, words without intent behind them amount to rambling gibberish. it's a far more effective method of handling that which is no longer relevant than trying to emphasize the disallowing of a single word or symbol. the history of words and their evolution has long left many a word in the dust of time, meanings change or are lost altogether. what I would hope that the whole of society would wake up to is that trying to control others be
  7. I for one do not believe in offensive words. as words are the manifest of people to further sharing of ideas,ect. if a word is unimportant I disregard it and strike any importance or meaning and label it a sound or string of incoherent symbols. the reaction people give to words of taboo only enforce their use, take away any and all impact and they vanish just like MC Hammer pants. but my faith in humanity and those to have more power over themselves has waned into near none existence sooo, *shrugs*
  8. Drone's come down with ptsd induced dementia. poor lil thing has seen some ****
  9. not only does it steal your appearance. but also your fashion sense, just be grateful the cheeky bass-tard didn't show up in the buff. would be even more fun to have random changes to your liset environment and not just a hollow clone of oneself like a decoration moved or missing then you turn away and look back and it's there again. or a random pet that's in stasis showing up saying something to you then fading away.
  10. the counter argument has been using boosters and working as a team which is all fine and good. but it does not serve as a baseline since no one member can force others into working as a hive-mind, this combined with portions of members being gone for weeks if not months and the exceeding hassle of clan/clan-size(tier) alterations especially over the overpricing of a single resource. and if you don't think it's a legit concern. run a series of solo missions and gauge how much time it takes to get each resource 10,000 plastids - 45,000 nanospores - 50 neurodes then compare that
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