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  1. I fondly remember this happening on a rad mobile defense having gone as irradiating disarm loki, you get rad procc'ed and then use disarm and the terminal would just go bonkers, fun times.
  2. I did love how on Ceres they added like worker drones, really fleshes out the atmosphere, the little roomba's on Jupiter gas tiles are an interesting distraction, AND would be cute as hell if you could mind control them (insert crazed roomba attacking the face of enemies)"MUST CLEAN THE HERETICS!" since shipping things from place to place isn't free from the random hitch-hiker you might even encounter random critters near crate stockpiles perhaps.
  3. chat bans need to be a tad more "constructive" an outright kick/ban with nothing in the way of first drawing attention to the offending matter and making sure that the message was received is downright moronic on the part of developers and administration no two people share 100% perspective on life values, so do not assume that people share views on what is/isn't offensive. a proper automatic moderation would entail - #1 - You draw attention right as the behavior in question happens. for example, lock activity and present a pop-up with a stern message into what was the problem and why making sure to have a confirmation of understanding. bi-polar passive aggressive enforcement won't do anything in terms of making for a better social environment, as it mostly breeds resentment #2 - knee-jerk kick/bans or announcements should be tempered, nobody's perfect and with those that like to troll and lure innocent players into getting themselves kicked/banned it's rife with malicious abuse removal of offensive messages from chat is already in place, why then not use that for the first offense(depending on context and severity of offense) and just blank out the text. 2nd time gets a warning pop-up. 3rd a kick/ban, better gauging of intent when dealing out punishment is what should have been focused on outright, this is not unreasonable. #3 - when matter of posting in the wrong tab, just relay it to the proper tab. hell this could even be made to happen client side, trigger words open corresponding tab and post, if there isn't a time restriction all the effort made to control the behavior of others, while putting far less effort into aiding them just comes across as two-faced sometimes (like the American criminal justice system) #4 - chat, chat tabs needs some form of an addition that allows for a single temp room that can be made via (for example) #Neo m2 radshare# makes a room that is in a room list, people can go there and wait for others who would like to talk about or run same missions this would greatly GREATLY cut back on spam. make a room for trading one item. empty rooms vanish, you exit rooms to join others, it's an idea but something definatly needs to be done.
  4. words shapes symbols are created by the mind of mankind. you give purpose reason/intent behind them. take that away from any word and it just becomes nothing, words without intent behind them amount to rambling gibberish. it's a far more effective method of handling that which is no longer relevant than trying to emphasize the disallowing of a single word or symbol. the history of words and their evolution has long left many a word in the dust of time, meanings change or are lost altogether. what I would hope that the whole of society would wake up to is that trying to control others beyond your means is a dead end. instead enforce control of the self to take all power/influence away from what is presented to you. do not react, do not acknowledge, disregard and further continue your own outlook. and those that whom are labeled offensive will alter their behavior to become relevant or acknowledged. need more?
  5. I for one do not believe in offensive words. as words are the manifest of people to further sharing of ideas,ect. if a word is unimportant I disregard it and strike any importance or meaning and label it a sound or string of incoherent symbols. the reaction people give to words of taboo only enforce their use, take away any and all impact and they vanish just like MC Hammer pants. but my faith in humanity and those to have more power over themselves has waned into near none existence sooo, *shrugs*
  6. chaos? Am I the only wukong player that builds around cloud walker using blue energy colors looking to become the blue blur. CLOUDS OF DOOM!! could swear that cloud sprouts bunny ears every time it's used. also, april 1st would be awsome if you could for only that day replace wukongs ult's ground pound sound with that of a squeaky dog toy >;D
  7. fixes? How much further down the road are we going to go before Old hiatus content (dark-sector rails, pvp clan rails, dark sector nodes) finally gets addressed. it would do a world of good to take a couple months to sort out what to keep and cut because atm there is partial implemented content and hush hush things like. taking anti-toxin to toxin injectors on earth void vault rooms (major updates needed since these are WAY back before bullet jump update) cetus and earth mission day/night cycle disconnect (you could make the earth map sprite change brightness to better signify day/night maybe? glare or sparkles perhaps) fixes are welcomed, railjack, ok. but please for bloody sakes tell me you've got something in the works to address the half dead content in the game that's been stuck in limbo years have gone by and you can see the holes of cut content. like moths to a quilt (space moths! NOM NOM NOM!)
  8. FIXES Now how about fixing the auto melee switching hot mess? when you're fishing, mining, using a tranq to hunt and melee you don't switch back to your gear, this is sooo damn annoying you're fishing, an enemy spots you. runs up. you wack'em dead and now you have to "q" back to your rod,drill,tranq gun. that'd be fine an all for like one or two enemies but all the bloody damned time is rage inducing. this was not a problem before the fudging of melee auto switching, in fact it worked wonderfully but now, it's 100% hot mess same goes for scanner. it used to have the same problems as mining fishing ect. but now you chose that one to actually fix, WHY? why just that one and not the others? ------------ ok. so melee auto switch back works for the tranq gun and fishing rod, not the mining drill (hot damn we're getting there) and when you equip a fishing rod. throw it and melee when it returns you get locked in pose unable to melee swap weapons on rare occasions
  9. how about some more fixes? #1 Fix auto switching when you are mining and use melee, it doesn't go back to mining tool, annoying pain the the *** #2 Loki invisibility bugs out after going invisible then switching to operator, thus making you visible for the remainder of the duration (smart move) {Edit} Turns out to not to only effect loki but most invisible abilities, octiva Metronome where you squat to become invisible also bugs out when you go into operator mode unsure about ivara but I'm gonna assume any invisibility is borked in a simular method #3 Quick melee when? no seriously. quick melee WHEN, not everyone likes the fru-fru BS stick dancing, swing weapon kill enemy simple and sweet. not this stuttering movement ****. #4 Joining an unstable host leaving you without mods on gear, has happened twice {edit} 4 times now, twice on the open world once on survival and anouther on exterminate #5 Cetus Dargyn's able to target invisible tenno, hushed invisibility on loki, not attacking just using invisibility and running about they still actively target the player as if you're not invisible at all (very smart move) #6 If host is in extraction on cetus or vallis DO NOT allow more players to friggin join the squad, the hell is wrong with ya'll logic on this. if you're trying to leave the last thing ya need os more people joining, it's a ****move for them to join then either host migration/fail and have to go through the whole thing again or be forced to extract once they load (knock-it off and fix) joining sessions mid load that are full resulting in getting kicked out (why does this not just default you into starting up your own session as host?) vallis bounties that have you going into the base (spy) to hack data without getting caught bug out into a softlock after multiple runs of the same bounty without leaving vallis (does do not open after being hacked, and even going the roundabout way through vents and hacking the data terminal doesn't progress the mission) needs more fixing with these fixes. Fixing fixes! STOP! HAMMER TIME!
  10. there needs to be a timeline of all things changed added, maybe on the 10 year mark "A Decade of Warframe" year one. closed beta the skill tree switch to mod cards, fusion cores, addition of stalker and sentinels. introduction of alt helmets so on an so-forth. even downers like blessing nerf or iron skin/decoy losing forced aggro pull due to cheese antics, implemented tile-sets and ones that have been removed the adding of the dojo and subsequent dojo changes/additions the addition of friendship doors to negate level rushing, the implementation of host migration, improved netcode. an overall account of DE for those of us that have been around from the very beginning, taking a moment to sit back and remember all that has been, from good times to bad, and to the OMG ftw is going on crazyness will be hard pressed to find anything that remains the same, it really boggles the mind. there was a time without aura's without energy drops, no pets or sentinels, even a time before stalker. a time before stagger proof bosses, invincibility phases, bullet jump, wall running used a stamina bar... on and on and on you could go
  11. rebby's such a silly goober at the beginning, loved it
  12. Has umbral sacrifical steel and pressure been fixed for exaulted melee abilities, currently they do not give their pair bonus when equiped also moa link health is bugged when exiting archwing, with inaros moa goes from 8k+ hp to ~1-200 Looks like MOA health link is addressed, nice. thank you
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