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  1. Would there be room for stationary soldier type frame : bulky male frame skill 1: deploys inflated bulwarks (similar to grineer units do) skill 2: spawns mounted machine gun turret (high fire rate, periodically cools down, targets nearest enemy, low-medium-okeysih-relatively high puncture and impact dmg) skill 3: spawns device that cloacks nearby units or heals nearby units or replenish nearby units shields skill 4: spawns rocket launcher turret (targets biggest amount of mobs at range that fit in explosion radius, blast dmg, fire rate dng damage and radius increases with ranks) kind of something that compliments vauban with more offence than defence.
  2. Can I get these rated: Sample 1: Sunika Sample 2: Sahasa Sample 3:Raksa with lotus pattern Sample 4:Sunika Sample 5:Sunika Sample 6:Huras with lotus pattern
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