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  1. Yes, very annoying. I like the skeletal original more than the now-weirldy-buff prime, and the butt flap and ugly arm knives don't fit, and aren't colored properly. Why can't we just have the prime details toggle be a general thing?
  2. Hit 5 while falling and the switch came about right with the black screen reset. My screen stayed black and could not be restored until I was downed. Very annoying.
  3. The arsenal UI will reliably screw up if you have an analog stick off center while switching screens. The loadout display breaks (changes to None/None/None/etc) and everything is unresponsive except the change loadout button. Only way to fix it is to make sure sticks are not sending input and then switch loadouts.
  4. No, on recast you get an instant 20% loss. That was how they described it in the workshop but not what they were actually doing.
  5. No, you can spread spores by a lash hit, by shooting the spore, or by killing the spored enemy. Spores only don't spread by the spore itself getting the kill. So, you and your squad are competing against your spores for the kill, but any of you can definitely spread spores.
  6. The workshop stated recasting spores would screw our damage if done on an infested target. The changes here, and what you actually did, was to penalize any re-cast. Not that our feedback mattered, obviously, but that would have been nice to have told us.
  7. Still really think spore damage should increase on a spore infesting a target, outside the capped passive tick increase. Spore damage should go up more from our popping them than just from passive spore ticking. That was the whole point of what you were doing, but you made it more passive by taking out our contribution in spreading spores around.
  8. Please fix and give us a "None" and Oberon non-Prime in the attachments list, so the skins can look the way they are supposed to look.
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