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  1. Oh my god. @NightmareT12 You are my savoir. Figuring out how to 'sign out' instead of shut down or restart isn't straightforward, but once I did and logged back in the controller is now working again. I had all but given up. You are my MVP.
  2. To help the Devs Troubleshoot here are some thing I have tried so far: *Reset all in game options to default *Reinstalled Warframe *Reinstalled DS4 windows *disconnected and synced controller *disabled/re-enabled HID-compliant system controller in device manager *Uninstalled Avast Security *Uninstalled Nvidia Experience *Reinstalled 'Xbox 360 Controller for Windows' *Manually stopped Nv___ Services *Enabled exclusive mode *Ensured all controller options in steam optioned are unchecked (same settings I'ved used the last 5 years) The controller works as expected in all other steam games I use it in (Rocket League, Smite, etc) There is something that is a 'partial fix' but does not work enough to play the game..... Run Steam in Big Picture Mode Enable xbox controller support in steam controller options I can move, shoot and aim this way with my ps4 controller, however.... the 'B'/Circle button doesn't work after the first melee, so no melee Even when all sensitives are set to 1, the cursor flies all over the screen so I can't actually hit anything I hope this information is helpful
  3. Looks like this is still an issue. Any estimate on an estimated fix time? I'd like to participate in some of the events.
  4. Any idea of when this issue might be fixed? Still occurring today. Looks like a reoccurring issue from last year as well.
  5. Same issue here. As of yesterday my ps4 controller is not working to control my warframe movement either, but the game does recognize the controller as the UI updates when I press anything and the left analog sticks move the cursor on the screen like a mouse. test other games and the controller works as anticipated. Hoping for a quick fix here! Looks like a reoccuring issue that was big in March of last year as well.
  6. I'm surprised they haven't hot-fixed this yet - is there an estimated fix time for these kinds of issues?
  7. I have always used DS4 with a PS4 controller using Bluetooth with the same settings to Play warframe for many years. Today when logging in the UI acknowledges I have a controller by updating the inputs displayed, but no buttons work and the warframe does not move or look with the analog sticks. When going to arsenal and similar screens the left analog is able to move the aiming recticle, but no inputs work to select anything. I exited and tested other games, including Smite and the controller works as it always has. Looking forward to a fix.
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