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  1. Bought boards provide 6k affinity just fine, I know because 2 of my 3 boards were bought for plat, and I recorded all 3's difference in my mastery score to dispute the claim that the boards only provide 3k mastery. The only one i'm not sure of is if the bondi does or not.
  2. Gandergear

    Rival to Warframe?

    Warframe is a filler game i play inbtwn high production titles like CDPRs cyberpunk 2077 and titles i really want like Mechwarrior 5 and Outer Worlds It competes with rumescape for my time
  3. Hunts, fish, mining, and bonds are the 4 ways to get standing (no patrick, doing bounties is not a way to get standing) Hunting doesn't let you stock up Bonds aren't really worth it until you're old mate already and you can start stocking up on crimsa toroids and bonds fishing is limited because you have to buy bait (if you're rushing standing, you don't want to be spending it) mining is used for a lot of recipes over fishing but is still good cash from the noctrul and goblite
  4. I actually just finished all 3 boards now, took like an hour/board once you get the jump height and magnetism mods to make combo stacking bearable. Now my poor codex is stuck w/ the lvl 4 bondi because i dunno what happened to mine, did i sell it, did it dissapear, idk? but seeing how after this, and assuming the bondi doesn't give mastery, we're 5 weapons away from MR 27 (9 for me since i don't have sigma or zylok and bondi isn't maxxed out). So any argument to ignore them for players who are very high MR is just ridonk.
  5. Gandergear

    level 1 beginner looking for a sword

    Well actually it's almost useless w/o bloodrush, not so much maiming strike. The atterax is still capable of decimating the entire star chart and was my main weapon until i got my own acolyte mod sets.
  6. Gandergear

    Tellurium seemingly impossible to find...

    It's about on par w/ orokin cells for drop chance on any uranus mission that allows the use of sharkwing (I've never seen it show up on the asteroid tilesets), however take this as an opportunity to train your archgear on Salacia Neptune, as all archwing nodes also have tellerium as a droppable resource
  7. Gandergear

    Any warframe you feel attached to?

    Limbo because it promotes an alternative playstyle I find fun.
  8. Gandergear

    What happened to my post

    mods tend to get salty when they see things they don't personally like or agree with, just gotta wait for that "Independent 3rd party moderration service" - whatever that means - to kick in and probably make it worse
  9. Seriously, the xp rate is slow (even using the high efficiency methods), the fun you have using it is low, they control more finicky than the worst tony hawk pro skater game, their codex affinity is hidden, and they have 6000 mastery a pop (total of 18000 mastery between the 3 boards). However DE hasn't done a good job explaining how the mastery on these boards even work Questions about the boards: Does the bondi provide mastery or not? Why did it get removed from my inventory if it does, and why does it show up in my codex (forever at MR4 as a stain on my codex page) if it doesn't. How can I get it back to be able to complete it? Ways to 'improve' the experience of using kdrives: Remove the xp cap on tricks, that's it, if I want to stack up a 1m xp combo then let me, I don't want to skate board, if i did I'd play Tony Hawk's Underground and listen to Ska music, these boards are just MR fodder that are more obnoxious to use than old archwing. EDIT: The Bondi K-Drive does not seem to provide mastery, my current mastery is 1801627, the important part is the 627 'loose' change caused by the star chart missions, if the bondi provided mastery, i should have 627+800 = 427 loose mastery instead. This means that you don't have to worry about your bondi ruining your MR27 rush, but you do have to worry about it staining your codex worse than the login reward weapons
  10. Gandergear

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    No fix for the repeatable glitch where if you stay too long in orb vallis and die you bug out and lose all your items as I described in my bug report? Really ruins toroid farming.
  11. Gandergear

    Baruuk feedback

    This single ability ruins the entirety of Baruuk for me, the only ability he has that seemed interesting was an alternative to the sleepquinox meta on adaro, except that the LOS makes it absolutely unusable when compounded with not being able to recast until the slow down timer ends. I don't care if DE doesn't like adaro or people actually using the stealth kill mechanic, them stunting a warframes potential for narrow minded reasons like this are why the past few frames have all been boring
  12. What a way to dismiss poor game design If DE does this willingly it just shows how much they're money-grubbing when the community likes to spout endlessly that "Duh cosmetics r where da moni at" Hyprocrite please.
  13. Gandergear

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    Why the hate to people who play your game DE, whatd we do to deserve these nerfs again?
  14. because apparently DE staff look at the bot and can't differentiate that people can be mad at a dumb robot doing dumb robot things
  15. Gandergear

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.4