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  1. This update looks awesome, reviving content that's more or less dead (signature weapons and plains), awesome visual updates, creator updates, new gear, the only thing that'd make me happier is if raids were officially rereleased
  2. After doing it once (ran outta time and had to go sleep) I gotta say I really enjoyed it, the mechanics make sense and are fun, the orb is NOT a big dumb bullet sponge, you'd be able to take newbies in with you, almost any frame is viable, and the rewards are really good (too bad i'm already maxxed in Fortuna)
  3. I hope that exploiter is a fun boss that isn't just a giant health sink that only rewards a team of 4 chromas. I want some puzzles integrated into it like raids were...
  4. I'm very interested in these changes and I bet I'm going to love these additions. Except the new K-Drive, there's nothing fun about them, and grinding (literally) is a chore, can you please uncap the points to at least make them quick?
  5. No fix for the repeatable glitch where if you stay too long in orb vallis and die you bug out and lose all your items as I described in my bug report? Really ruins toroid farming.
  6. Why the hate to people who play your game DE, whatd we do to deserve these nerfs again?
  7. No fix for the Heist 1 phase 1 softlock? This has ruined more than 95% of my runs at this point.
  8. Can yall make it so that the archgun deployment doesn't take so long and forces you to stand still in the same location and just let enemies beat on you? Especially since the animation doesn't play 1/2 the time I didn't even realize that was what was freezing me in place for 5 seconds at a time or however long that forced animation is.
  9. It literally is just another meatbag to soak bullets again, there's no mechanics that make the fight unique besides that you need to cover as many elemental types in your arsenal as possible and bring anti-knockdown gear that still lets you get knocked down all the time but at least lets you recover somewhat hypothetically fast enough not to get stun locked. I was a raids fan, your 3rd point is entirely projection and doesn't adequately describe anyone you probably try to label this way.
  10. I was hoping heists would be an upgrade to spy missions, too bad for me I guess 😞 Also the fishing portion of bounty 1 is hopelessly buggy, non-stop softlocks at every portion of it Ugh just in general the entire heist system feels like a waste of time. The enemies are all knockdown spammers, the boss fight is trivial itself and relies on these mechanics to artificially lengthen it, and the rewards require more grind than anything the quills seemed to ask for on Cetus. DE why is it that an increase in grind isn't correlating to an increase in fun?
  11. Can't skip the dialogue, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Also softlocked after the rachnoids spawned on the first heist, still makes me question why raids got shafted so hard when they were so much more stable
  12. Oh boy we get to lock a warframe behind a syndicate that'll probably take an additional 30 hours of grinding beyond what was already necessary to get to old mate, I sure hope the new content is in a properly functioning state too that won't crash/softlock 90% of the time too as we have lots of experience with seeing that so far... + We get to have a bunch of new amps to gild, it's not like the gilding mechanic only exists to artificially double the amount of effort it takes to get mastery out of weapons that otherwise belong in Ticker's secondhand store, and I'm sure the artificial limits on syndicate standing won't make playing the heists a chore too. And this is assuming toroids will be easier to get during heists too, as the current way of farming them isn't consistent - even if it is the most fun currently available on fortuna.
  13. So when's raids coming back, y'all have proved that they weren't buggier than the content you're releasing now, and i can already tell railjack isn't going to be a suitable replacement just like how eidolons weren't, just fix the rewards to be relevant and make it so you can pub it
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