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  1. Not my point regardless, the point was that that the concept of the frame doesn't mesh well with the kit, not to say the kit's bad, but when I think of Gara it's hard to find what the point of her is, and part of this stems from Gara's archetype is already encroached on by Mirage thematically and Frost, vauban, atlas, etc mechanically, she feels like she mixes playstyles where it'd be preferable to facilitate new playstyles I never said they couldn't innovate with themes, however having a continuous string of subjectively lame warframes isn't innovative, there's nothing innovative abou
  2. that's not glass, it's typically a laminated plastic/polymer composite
  3. Prince Rupert's drop is quite strong, however you should also know that the reason why it's so strong is because it's so small (And the resulting crystal structure) it has almost no defects, the larger a single object is, the chance of it having a defect is exponentially increased, Just look at your windshield after a semi kicked up a small rock and now you've got a big ol' crack in it. Ergo it doesn't make sense to have a giant glass wall. The other problem with Gara that's more glaring is that she apparently defeated the eidolons. With her kit. That's useless against eidolons. Well N
  4. Almost all the prior frames are based on a clear archetype that allowed for a decisive kit that made the frame unique, you'll notice that some of the most recognizable and important frames to the game are based on D&D classes, which allowed the frames to fill various niches and explore new ones. There are also a good amount that rely solely on a gimmick. While some people might be against gimmicks for whatever reason, gimmicks allow for individuality once a game reaches the 37 characters that warframe allows you to play Strongly Established Archetypes Poorly Established Archety
  5. (Synoid) Gammacor's outer beams will at times become stuck to a point even when the weapon stops firing Ore Veins on fortuna can spawn on the undersides of rocks (becoming un-minable) or on a rock face too high up to be mined w/o gliding and instantly getting 0.5 stars
  6. Suspension times should shortened because of how bad support is. Support can take LONGER than the suspension itself to get back at you.
  7. Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series (for real this time)
  8. As @YUNoJump put it theyre gone and likely are never coming back. In the mean time you can amuse yourself with eidolon hunts, which have all the problems he just listed and more.
  9. Can someone explain to me briefly what PAU and POV are because I thought this thread was about increasing field-of-view but i've read it 3 times trying to find the proper context and still have no idea what they stand for besides a pay-to-avoid system.
  10. you don't even tell him what the 'downside of forma are', how on earth is he supposed to respond when you don't even make your idea clear to begin with? Not to mention the downside is putting ANOTHER forma into your gear, punishment enough.
  11. But you can only buy 1 at a time 😧
  12. He also needs a deluxe skin really bad, cmon de do it
  13. Idk DE references the reddit more than the forums which is lame
  14. I definitely don't want DE's... sticky hands, in my clan/alliance chat.
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