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  1. 😅this ability's infested texture is so ugly in some frames,why would DE ever put nidus's effect on this thing.
  2. The U30 update just fixed this bug,thanks de.😆
  3. that infested texture also appear on xaku itself,i think it is a feature.mirage's eclipse on mesa prime is a real bug.
  4. I mainly use mesa prime and this is really annoying.
  5. No,this issue only exist on mesa prime skin(or other skins with prime details) when using Eclipse transfered by helminth.And it has nothing to do with which mission you are in.Before i notice this thing i havent even use mirage once.
  6. this issue exist on mesa prime while using mesa prime skin or other skins(including presidio skin) with the prime details.when i turn off the prime details the texture became normal.the texture of some of mesa's helmets would glitch too(like origin mesa prime helmet,montesa helmet and presidio helmet)
  7. If you transfer mirage's eclipse to mesa prime and use it,the texturing will become very weird.
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