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  1. Agreeing with Prince_Ocean, a number of cosmetic items have bugged from certain patches. like maggor leg plates. can we have these addressed?
  2. i can understand that each crime scene is randomly generated thus no two are alike but i for the life of me cannot find the final evidence on act 3 and yeah it just came out. but once again i tried talking with people and everyone else is doing fine but i can't seem to find what i can only assume is a missing data pad i check every possible location people mentioned and to no avail so if anyone knows if the crime scene might be bugged (evidence not spawning correctly.) of if i'm just screwed over for finishing the act because of something that i had 0 control over. please DE do a scan over the crime scene to make sure none of the spawn locations are bugged. or perhaps make it so the scanner can give a manual "Ping" making evidence audit a sound when hit so players can at least get an idea of where the item is. such a small change, but even still i'm clearly having a technical issue here and i suppose a bug ticket is my only option. because more than likely this is a bug.
  3. "Operator, if the Corpus have so much money. . Why don't they just buy better weapons?"
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