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  1. I repeat because maybe you don't read well, I speak for myself but I also speak in general for the game, which is drifting a bit and I don't understand why lately I only see people who have blinders in front and do not see the game for what it is a sort of beta, because this cannot be considered a finished game
  2. An action RPG (acronym for action role-playing game), or action RPG, is a role-playing video game that requires quick actions or quick reflexes on the part of the player. The term is generally used to distinguish such games from the traditional turn-based role-playing video game, similar to the role-playing game done with paper and pencil. In a turn-based RPG when the player encounters an enemy or an obstacle, he can choose from a menu of options. After selecting the desired action, the chosen action takes place, and the player can perform a subsequent action. In an action RPG, the enemy attac
  3. There is big problem with our comunity, that i dismissed for to long, the cause of my opinion of DE loosing contact with us. The newest updeat is biggest example. I love how it turned out. I hadn't so much blast in the game with my pals since the original Railjack relese, and i think this updeat is great... But then... I go to the discord. On one discord server i hear that new railjack succ becose it feels more like taxi from normal mission to normal mission... Then on the other discord i hear that rhis updeat succ becose it is not connected enough with the rest of the game
  4. destiny 1 and 2 are also looter - shooter, but their label is from MMORPG as well as warframe
  5. technically warframe is an MMORPG
  6. I made my criticism, the video I linked serves for greater confirmation of what I said, then it must be said that the arena / rathuum mode could be done better as well as the other activities I mentioned, I am not regurgitating the words of a youtuber, I just add my opinion to what he said in the video, I do not know how long you have been playing but in the last few years I have not seen many improvements in the game
  7. What happened to the real railjack business we saw in the first trailer years ago. There is a lot of content that you have done halfway through or haven't fully developed, for example: arena / rathuum, sanctuary onslaught, raid and sortie and kuva, not to mention a continuous monotomy to carry out grinding tasks without a specific purpose. This game has great potential as a MMORPG, but we fail to see great results like in the open world maps, which lack content and we would like to see an improvement and we hope that in Duviri Paradox we will see an improvement of the open world, otherwise it
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