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  1. Hey, at least you noticed it was already resolved lol Waiting for about, 9 more notifications telling me the same thing. xD It does make me wonder though, if there was an issue with Defenses to begin with, or if it was just easier to remove them from the Nightwave challenge pool. Either way, DE should really stay away from absolute statements. They've put their foot down on a lot of things, saying they'll never happen, only to wind up adding them a few months to a few years later.
  2. Ah, a Bantha then. Wise choice. I would suggest a Tauntaun for cold weather though, they are multipurpose animals.
  3. We're in Series 2. They weren't going to change anything in Series 1.
  4. We should be able to accept the new Anniversary items via the app, specifically for instances like this.
  5. Wont help, DE made it so Magnetize doesn't work on him anymore. Check out his wikipage https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Stalker It lists his stats and damage type weaknesses/resistances.
  6. I'm willing to bet the MR lock was mainly aimed at preventing low MR players from getting, at the time, high end items and blowing through the game, never to return amidst cries "this game is too easy" and they simply didn't think about the otherside of it; low MR's earning the locked items specifically to trade them for plat. You might get further with your feedback if you post it in the Feedback subforum though, as this is Off Topic and it's where, well, Off Topic happens.
  7. You can message any mod with the link to your thread and find out who locked it, and then message that mod.
  8. Yeah no. It's a pretty annoying fight, even if you aren't running solo.
  9. Sure, just put it where it belongs; Off Topic.
  10. Ehhh, I like my weapons to fire when I hit the trigger, not wind up and then go off. I'll stick with my bullet hoses, thanks though.
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