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I see you've made the horrible choice to check the disaster that is my ever changing profile page.  If you're here because I was on your profile, there's a 90% chance I fat fingered while trying to look at a thread on my phone.

Lots of spoiler tabs, I know, but I wanted to condense the content of my profile so that it wasn't a wall of text. 


Clans and pet projects


Sibling Rivalry


I'm the co-Warlord of Sibling Rivalry, a laid back clan that's been around for a few years, mostly enjoy breaking the meta but also perfecting it.  Eidolon hunts and clan events are our jam, come join us!

If you'd like to join us on our Discord server, please feel free! ^_^  Our golden rule is simply "Don't Be A D!ck" - https://discord.gg/TdCUX5Q 

Sibling Rivalry offers both the Ignis Wraith BP free of charge, and temp. membership for anyone who wants the Hema BP or any other clan tech.  

There are no requirements to obtain temp. membership.

While I don't mind being sent a friend request to make meeting up in game easier, I do ask that you jump into our Discord server and let us know if you're wanting the Ignis and/or temp. membership.  This makes it easier and faster to get the results you're looking for as most of our higher ranking clan members are active in the Discord server and can get you taken care of faster than waiting for me to notice you're online. 

Magpies in Space


I picked up a PS4 not long ago and have decided to make a clan of my own over there, it's called Magpies in Space.  I liked the folklore of magpies being attracted to shiny things, and decided to use that due to my habit of looting while I play.  (love me those Orokin loot rooms)

Currently the only member, and I'm plugging away at the research (progress and dojo layout below) I plan on modeling it after my PC clan - laid back, help as you can.  Right now, MiS shares the Sibling Rivalry Discord server. https://discord.gg/TdCUX5Q 

Clan emblem in the works, will post when it's done.


  • Chem Lab 13/20 completed
  • Bio Lab 9/21 completed
  • Tenno Lab 30/62 completed
  • Energy Lab 14/30 completed






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