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  1. It has happened many times now, I click on a certain note with a for example a Arch-wing mission and when i load into the mission and its a excavation. And i have met a few players in these mission that have had the same thing happen to them my most recent example of this that i went to Defense mission on Gulliver and somehow ended up loading into Survival on Zuegma. I know this isnt what is supposed to happen. And i was wondering how this does happen and if others had similar experiences?
  2. conclave is dead because it doesnt really give you anything like PVE missions do and therefore people dont play it i think? Tenshin has some cool cosmetics locked behind a rank up that are impossible to get without waiting hours to get someone to join the lobby but the gamemodes conclave has are really fun IF you have someone to play with Its a shame really thats maybe if nightwave has mission that require you to play conclave people might start playing it again
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